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Community analysis of frank porter graham elementary school
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Community Analysis of Frank Porter Graham Elementary School . by Brittany Newman. Beginning this year 2013-2014 FPG is a Magnet School What does this mean for FPG? Students chosen through a lottery Each homeroom will have 50% native English speakers and 50% native Spanish speakers

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Community Analysis of Frank Porter Graham Elementary School

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Community analysis of frank porter graham elementary school

Community Analysisof Frank Porter Graham Elementary School

by Brittany Newman

Magnet school

  • Beginning this year 2013-2014 FPG is a Magnet School

  • What does this mean for FPG?

    • Students chosen through a lottery

    • Each homeroom will have 50% native English speakers and 50% native Spanish speakers

    • Students apply when registering for district school for kindergarteners and for Grades 1-5 there is a separate application

  • Districting

    • Students selected for the Spanish program will attend either Frank Porter Graham or Carrboro Elementary, depending upon where they livebased on CHCCS districting.

Magnet School



  • Colegio Frank Porter Graham BilingüeDondeaseguramosquecadaestudiante sea bilingüe, alfabetizado en ambos idiomas, y desarrolleconciencia cultural.Frank Porter Graham Bilingüe SchoolWhere we ensure that all students are bilingual and biliterate and develop cultural awareness.



  • Eliminate the achievement gap for LEP students, Latino, African-American, and/or economically disadvantaged students

  • Provide the most effective and evidence-based practices to support Limited English Proficient (LEP) students

  • Advance student achievement for all Dual Language students

  • Create globally-minded and prepared students who work to solve real-world problems

  • Recognize, advocate and take action on issues for social justice.

  • Create a community comprised of students, staff, parents and community (and international) agencies and institutions that nurtures collaboration and each member feels ownership, valued and welcome.

Dual language program model

Dual Language Program Model:

  • Program is a two-way dual language model, with tracks of 90-10 and 50-50, meaning how much time is spent in Spanish-English instruction.   

  • Research supports two-way dual language models in that students tend to do better in academic achievement regardless of race, ethnicity or gender

  • Students provide language models for each other, thus raising the status of the minority language.

  • Instruction integrates all content and is delivered through a project-based learning approach.

  • Teachers plan and use intentional activities and strategies in the classroom that aid in comprehension of content while learning a language.

Global connections

Global Connections:

  • The school centers around its place in the world.  As with effective dual language pedagogy, the curriculum is integrated, providing students with experiences and connections among reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies and health.  

  • As part of a global focus, the school has international connections, such as buddy schools around the world, international teachers and social justice projects.  

  • FPG may pursue certification as an International Bacculaureate School with a PYP (Primary Years Program) Program-IB is internationally recognized for elementary, middle and high school programs.  

Family and community partnerships

Family and Community Partnerships:

  • Community is an essential belief at FPG Bilingue. We plan to build partnerships with timely and purposeful communication using tools such as our website and Friday folders, home visits, strength-based parent-teacher conferences, and cultural family oriented activities.  

  • We welcome collaboration with families and community groups to develop a core of parent and community volunteers, in which all talents are welcomed.  This type of community will help us ensure a deeper cultural awareness and understanding of social justice.

Carrboro statistics

Carrboro Statistics

  • 2010 Census:

    • 19,582 people; 8,625 households; and 4,020 families

      • Of the 8,625 households, 26.2% had children under the age of 18 living with them

    • 70.9% White, 13.8% Hispanic or Latino, 10.1% African American, 8.2% Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, and “some other race” categories compose of the rest

    • Median income for a household: $33,527; median income for a family: $47,330

      • 11% of families and 19% of population were below the poverty line

Carrboro surrounding community

Carrboro-Surrounding Community

  • UNC Chapel Hill

  • Orange County Public Library

  • Ackland Art Museum

  • OWASA Plant/Cogeneration Plant

  • Carrboro Farmer’s Market

  • Carrboro ArtsCenter

  • A plethora of local businesses

Testing scores

Performance of Students in Each Grade on the ABCs End-of-Grade Tests

Percentage of Students’ Scores At or Above Grade Level

Percentage of Students, Grouped by Gender, Ethnicity, and Other Factors, Who Passed BOTH

the Reading and Math Tests

Testing Scores

Teacher dynamics

*Latest statistics from 2012

  • Newprincipal and assistant principal as of 2013. Principal came from being principal at Carrboro Elementary.

  • New planning team implemented at the start of 13/14 school year to fully develop and maintain bilingual program.

Teacher dynamics

Opinions on fpg

Opinions on FPG

Opinions on fpg1

Opinions on FPG

Opinions on fpg2

Opinions on FPG









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