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"The project is co-funded by the European Union, through the Safer Internet plus programme" - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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INHOPE The International Association of Internet Hotlines ITU Regional Workshop on Policy Advocacy & Child Online Protection in the Arab Region Muscat, Oman 30 th – 31 st October 2011 Derek Lee Database Systems Administrator.

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INHOPEThe International Association of Internet HotlinesITU Regional Workshop on Policy Advocacy & Child Online Protection in the Arab RegionMuscat, Oman30th – 31st October 2011Derek LeeDatabase Systems Administrator

"The project is co-funded by the European Union, through the Safer Internet plus programme"



By the

European Union

Our mission
Our Mission

The mission of the INHOPE Association is to support and enhance the performance of Internet Hotlines around the World, ensuring swift action is taken in responding to reports of illegal content to make the Internet a safer place


By the

European Union


  • INHOPE was founded in 1999 under the European Commission’s Safer Internet Action Plan to combat growing concerns

  • INHOPE represents and co-ordinates the global network of 40 Internet Hotlines in 35 Countries, supporting them in their fight against illegal content to make the Internet safer

Internet hotlines
Internet Hotlines

  • National contact point for the public to report illegal content on the Internet

  • Illegality of the reported sites is investigated by trained professional analysts

  • Origin of the illegal sites is traced

  • Information concerning the illegal site is passed to the member Hotline in the country of origin

  • Hotline in the country of origin informs the national law enforcement agency

  • Law enforcement procedures at national and international level

  • Internet Service Provider contacted by the Law Enforcement or the Hotline – depending on the national agreement

  • INHOPE best practice standards

Inhope goals

  • To expand the network of INHOPE members

  • Informing policy makersat National and international levels

  • To raise awareness of INHOPE and member Hotlines as a single point of contact for global reports if illegal content

  • Reduce duplication of reports passed to Law Enforcement

  • Provides a global view of the problem related to the images of child sexual abuse

  • More relevant information for developing strategies to tackle the problem To identify new trends in cyber crime and solutions

Strategic alliances
Strategic Alliances

  • Governments and Government Bodies

    • EC, National Governments, UN, OSCE, Council of Europe

  • Law Enforcement Agencies

    • Local law enforcement, INTERPOL, Europol, VGT, EFC, Circamp

  • Child Welfare and Rights Groups

    • ECPAT, Save the Children, Childnet

  • Industry

    • EuroISPA, Internet industry, financial industry

  • Safer Internet Projects

    • INSAFE, eNACSO, EU Kids Online

International cooperation
International Cooperation

  • Illegal activity on the Internet is a cross border problem

  • Often material reported to Hotlines is hosted beyond the borders of their own country

  • International Network of verified/nationally recognised Hotlines

  • Internet Hotlines have proven to be an effective first line of defence against illegal activity online

  • INHOPE is a single point of contact for global reports of illegal content

Inhope url database

  • Operational January 2010

  • Currently 34 Countries are entering data.

  • Over 24,000 confirmed CSAM reports

  • Extrapolating to + 50,000 by end 2011

Content by category
Content by Category

Commercial – Non Commercial URLs

Content by age
Content by Age

Commercial – Non Commercial URLs

Content by gender
Content by Gender

Commeral – Non Commercial URLs

Countries saying no to illegal content
Countries Saying No to Illegal Content


By the

European Union

Inhope members

Australia ACMA 1999

Austria Stopline 1999

Belgium Child Focus 2001

Bosnia & Herzegovina IFS-Emmaus 2010

Bulgaria ARC Fund 2006

Canada 2005

Chinese Taipei ECPAT Taiwan 2005

Cyprus CNTI 2008

Czech Republic Our Child Foundation 2007

Czech Republic CZI – Horka Linka

Denmark Red Barnet 2002

Finland STC Finland 2002

France AFA 1999

Germany ECO 1999

Germany FSM 1999

Germany 1999

Greece SafeNet 2004

Hungary MATISZ 2005

Iceland Barnaheill 2001

Ireland ISPAI 1999

Italy HOT 114 2006

Italy STC Italy 2003

Japan Internet Association Japan 2007

Latvia Secretarial of Special Assignments Minister for Electronic Government Affairs 2008

Lithuania Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania 2008

Luxembourg LISA Stopline 2008

Malta APOGG 2011

NetherlandsMeldpunt 1999

Poland NASK 2006

Portugal FCCN 2007

Russia Friendly RuNET Foundation 2009

Russia ROCIT 2009

Slovenia SpletnoOko 2007

South Africa Film Publication Board 2009

South Korea KISCOM 2003

Spain Protegeles 2002

Turkey ICTA 2011

United Kingdom Internet Watch Foundation 1999

United States ofCybertipline 1999


INHOPE Members

Contact Details

Derek Lee

Database Systems Administrator

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +31 (0) 20 570 0296

Mobile: +44 (0) 7584 134540