How can you be aware of the newest latest technology
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How can you be aware of the newest latest technology? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How can you be aware of the newest latest technology?. Brooke Navarro. Introduction: Not only for Socialization.

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How can you be aware of the newest latest technology?

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How can you be aware of the newest latest technology?

Brooke Navarro

Introduction: Not only for Socialization

  • Technology is a growing and fast pace tool, that everyone use all over the world. People not just use technology just for socializing, but also for work and education. Technology could be any type of electronic, people use it in their everyday life. But since technology keeps changing, people needs to get update with Technology.

Technology literacy

  • In order to be up to date with technology, one needs to be technology literate. According to Colorado Department of Education, Technology Literacy is, “the ability to responsibly use appropriate technology to: communicate, solve problems and acquire lifelong knowledge and skills in the 21st century.”

How can one be update with technology

  • 1. Determine your needs.2. Access the resources available to you.3. Rank the resources in order of usefulness to you.4. Make or allow the time to use the resources.

1. Determining your Needs

  • From the type of technology you want or need, one needs to know the knowledge of how the device works.

  • He or she needs to ask himself/herself, Why do they need to have this type of device?

  • What’s the purpose of this device for me?

  • One also needs to know the basics of the technology he or she needs

2. Access the resources available to you

  • Look for different resources to look for the type of electronics that you need:

    • Television and radio: In television, there always commercials that advertise the newest and latest technology such as the Samsung Galaxy note or Iphone 5

      -Internet-Find a good search engine to find the latest technology, this will allow you find the manufacturer’s site for the type of technology you need

Cont. Access the resources available to you; ex: Iphone 5-resource: Website

Galaxy note-picture shown in

3. Rank the resources in order of usefulness to you.

  • When you find the resources on the internet or from advertisements, choose the resources that has a small chance of working for you

  • Rank the latest technology in terms of subject matter or importance:

    • Learning Style –lifestyle

    • How does it benefit you or write down a pro and con list

    • Look for online reviews

4. Explore your options in Technology

Iphone 5

Galaxy S3

4. Explore and compare your optionsin Technology


Galaxy note

5. Make or allow the time to use the resource or technology

  • Making time to use the technology, could be a tricky thing, because you might not have time to use it

  • But what’s the purpose for buying this technology?

  • If you make time for your technology, you will be aware of the newest technology.

From what I learned..

In order to keep up with Technology, it’s unavoidable, there are advertisements in newspapers about the latest cell phones or electronics like the Iphone 5 and Samsung Galaxy, which are the two latest competition in the technology world. Also, commercials on TV, keeps you updated with the new technology trends. Technology could be a need or a want depending on the purpose you need the technology for.

From what I learned..

  • I ask my friends and family, people that you know could be sources to finding out the latest technology. Few of my family and friends has the Ipone 4 and 5 and also Galaxy S3. They told me it depends on personal preference.

  • I also choose the best technology when it comes to reviews on online.




  • Pic for Galaxy note-


  • Pic for the Iphone 5-

  • Pic for the Galaxy S3-

  • Pic for Ipad-

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