a famous cellist
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Yo-Yo Ma. A FAMOUS CELLIST. 製作人 : 一義 廖珮辰 31. birth.

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a famous cellist

Yo-Yo Ma


製作人:一義 廖珮辰 31



Yo-Yo Ma was born in 1955 to Chinese parents living in Paris. He began to study the cello withhis father at age 4 .He later studied with Janos Schols and in 1962 he began his studies with Leonard Rose at the Juilliard School. A graduate of Harvard University,from which he also received honorary doctorate in 1991, he was also the recipient of the prestigious Avery Fisher Prize in in 1978. Ma and his wife,Jill,have two children,Nicholas and Emily.

He currently plays a Montagnana cello from Venice made in 1733 and the Davidoff Stradivarius made in 1712


In early 1998 Yo-Yo Ma performed solo Bach in Cologne,Leipzig,Paris with Chen and later with Janowski,at the Salzburg Festival with Ashkenzan and at two BBC Proms in August.He will end 1998 with concerts with the Leipezig Gewandhaus Orchestra and Blomstedt and will then be joined by Kathryn Stott for recitals in Lisbon,Madrid and Andorra.


1999 will see him return to Europe in April for a tour with the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra followed by additional recitals with Kathryn Stott.

In Summer 1997 Yo-Yo Ma went to Hong Kong and China to premiere Tan Dun’s Symphony 1997(Heaven and Earth Mankind) specially composed for the hand-over of Hong Kong to China.
there he will perform three more original commissions to audiences in nagoya tokyo and osaka
There he will perform three more original commissions to audiences in Nagoya,Tokyo and Osaka.

Japanese tour

Yo-YO Ma is strongly committed programs that not only bring young audiences into contact with music but also allow them to participate in its creation. While touring,he takes time whenever possible to conduct master as well as more informal programs for students-musicians and non-musicians alike.
Alongside extensive performing and recording activities,Yo-Yo Ma devotes time each year to work with young musicians. HE seeks to include educational outreach activities in his regular touring schedule,through masterclasses and more informal interaction with students.
Captured the hearts of people,who consider his work both moving and inspirational.HE has played with the best computers and orchestras the world has to offer,and his reputatipn as fine artist with a down to earth personality has won him the admiration of today’s young music students.

Facts About Yo-Yo Ma

1Ma has recorded fifty albums and has won fourteen Grammy Awards.

2  He plays two very old cellos. One was made in 1712, and the other was made in 1733. Each one is worth over a million dollars. Once he forgot his cello in the back of a New York City taxicab. The honest cab driver returned it to him.


He is married and has two children, Nicholas and Emily.•  

Ma played music for the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

a book about yo yo ma
A Book About Yo-Yo Ma

My Son, Yo-Yo: A Biography of the Early Years of Yo-Yo Ma by Marina Ma (University of Michigan Press, 1995). Yo-Yo Ma’s mother tells about his childhood and family. The book was written for adults, but if you are interested, ask an adult to share the book with you.

my impression on yo yo ma
My Impression On Yo-Yo Ma
  • The musical personality of Yo-Yo Ma comes from the collection of Western and Chinese Civilization. He was born in Paris of Chinese parents. He also studied at famous college and university,like Juilliard school and Harvard. He has performed around the world,concluded Europe,Asia and America.
He likes to commit educational programs with students and audiences. He has captured the hearts of the people and won the admiration of students in the world. He has won many awards(like Grammy Awards),has two old Cello (made in 1712 and 1733).
He has a perfect family, married with Jill Horner in 1977,they have two children named Nicholas and Emily. He loves to spend time with his family.
From this report,I have learned so much from Yo-Yo Ma,especially the spirit of studies and good relations with people and loving family.