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IT’S COMPETITION TIME!. The Essay Prep Olympics. Correct the grammar and improper spelling memes to save your teacher’s eyes!. “Thanks for the presant . that was very thotful of u .”. “Oh, Your welcome.”. Make it stahp !!!.

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The Essay Prep Olympics

Correct the grammar and improper spelling memes to save your teacher’s eyes!

“Thanks for the presant. that was very thotful of u.”

“Oh, Your welcome.”

Make it stahp!!!

Sometimes I like to write a lot all at once kind of like word vomit but then I forget to go back and edit my work this means that my sentences get really long that makes them confusing because it looks like they’re all one sentence when they’re really not this drives my teacher crazy because long sentences with no punctuation are really hard to read they just don’t make sense especially if you try to read them out loud I should probably split this sentence up with some punctuation can anyone help me

I have many reason’s to corectdiscentense.

What on Earth is this kitten saying?

Eliminate all the informal language that does NOT belong in an essay and improve this character analysis.

George is the kind of character you might see in everyday life. He’s your standard guys’ guy. But underneath it all (his tough exterior), we can see that he really loves Lennie, even though he tries to hide it sometimes. I think he’s supposed to represent the plight of the everyman that was characteristic of the time. However, it seems as though there’s just no room for emotion, acceptance or anything that you could perceive as vulnerability in the rough world of the 1930’s Depression.

Make a list of transition words that we can use at the beginning of a paragraph to make paragraphs flow nicely from one to the next. You will also need to provide an example of how you would use it in a sentence!

Put the following sentences into the literary present:

  • When Lennie killed Curley’s wife, it was also the symbolic death of the American dream of that day and age.

  • The author used death throughout the novel as a symbol for the impossible American dream.

  • The themes of segregation and inequality were used throughout this novella to express a social commentary about the injustices of the time.

  • It seemed that no one could get by in this kind of harsh world that really only accepted one very specific kind of person –the useful, cunning labouror who looked out for himself.

Individual Work

Pick 1 of your thesis statements Find 3 pieces of evidence you would use to support your argument.Create some topic and concluding sentences that connect back to your thesis statement.Remember, you are trying to prove an argument. Everything you say in an essay must link back to this argument (your thesis). Send this work to Miss Josselyn!

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