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Welcome to NJROTC

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Welcome to NJROTC. About CDR Gompper. 20 years service at sea 6 sea tours on 5 ships DESERT STORM, DESERT WATCH, SEA ANGEL, EAGER MACE, KOSOVO, IRAQI FREEDOM. About QMC Terry. 22 years of service at sea and various shore stations 11 ships! Rotational Mine Sweeper crew

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about cdr gompper
About CDR Gompper
  • 20 years service at sea
  • 6 sea tours on 5 ships
about qmc terry
About QMC Terry
  • 22 years of service at sea and various shore stations
  • 11 ships!
  • Rotational Mine Sweeper crew
what is the difference between a mine sweeper and a mine hunter
What is the difference between a mine sweeper and a mine hunter?
  • Mine sweepers are obsolete
  • Mine sweepers “sweep” broad areas using specialized gear
  • Mine Hunters don’t exist
  • Mine hunters are mercenaries
  • Mine hunters deliberately target individual mines
  • All of the above
  • B and E


[MC Any]

[MC All]

ground rules
Ground Rules
  • Rules of military decorum apply
  • Chain of command is to be respected
  • Our time is valuable, don’t waste it!
pda is
PDA is:
  • Personal Digital Assistant
  • OK as long as class is not in session
  • Public Display of “I don’t have a shred of respect for myself, my partner, or anyone else around me.
what to expect
What to expect
  • Leadership
  • Camaraderie
  • Teamwork
  • Fun!
cdr gompper s three rules
CDR Gompper’s Three rules

Guidelines on how to be excellent to each other!

rule 1
Rule 1
  • Never hold a grudge for more than 30 minutes
rule 2
Rule 2
  • Don’t take things personally
rule 3
Rule 3
  • Always ask “Is it worth it?” BEFORE you act!

Worth it

Not worth it

classroom routine
Classroom Routine
  • QMC Terry will cover NS-1
  • CDR Gompper will cover NS-2 and 3
  • Each day will be a little different
  • Use your unit leaders as a resource!!
  • Drill practice
  • Cats and dogs
tuesday and thursday
Tuesday and Thursday
  • Academics!!
  • Academics are different for each year group
  • NS-4 Cadets study advanced leadership
  • Uniform Day!!
  • Personnel Inspection
  • Athletics!
  • Establishing a “Culture of Fitness”
  • Preparation for competition
  • Team Sports
how long is the uniform worn on wednesday
How long is the Uniform worn on Wednesday
  • All Day
  • Just before lunch
  • During ROTC only
  • Trick question – We wear it on Tuesday!
the most awesome day of the week is
The most awesome day of the week is:
  • Monday, because the weekend is finally over
  • Tuesday, because they might serve tacos at lunch
  • Wednesday, because I KNOW I’ll look good!
  • Thursday because I have two whole days of school before I have to endure another weekend
  • NJROTC Cadets are privileged to wear the cloth of our Country
  • Navy Service Uniform is the standard
  • Same uniform is worn by enlisted Sailors
the navy service uniform is
The Navy Service Uniform is:
  • White shirt and blue pants
  • All blue
  • All black
  • Khaki shirt and black pants
the correct knot for a male uniform tie is
The correct knot for a male uniform tie is:
  • Half Windsor
  • Full Windsor
  • Bowline
  • 3.14159 Windsor
service dress blue
Service Dress Blue
  • Reserved for Cadet Officers and Chiefs, members of the color guard
who can be required to wear service dress blue
Who can be required to wear Service Dress blue?
  • Cadet Officers
  • Cadet Chiefs
  • CDR and Chief
  • All of the above
njrotc khaki uniform
NJROTC Khaki Uniform
  • Cool uniform
  • Issued to Cadets attending some summer training.
what is the active navy s rough equivalent to this uniform
What is the active Navy’s rough equivalent to this uniform?
  • Summer Khaki
  • Tropical Khaki
  • Wash Khaki
  • Khaki Barn khaki
shoes are black
Shoes are BLACK!!
  • All NJROTC shoes are black leather
  • Navy aviators wear brown leather
  • Plastic shoes make your feet stink and are not authorized for NJROTC
why are plastic shoes not allowed in njrotc
Why are plastic shoes not allowed in NJROTC?
  • Leather shoes are 10 times harder to polish
  • The glare from the plastic can blind inspecting officers
  • Communists like them
  • They scratch easily and make your feet stink
awards ribbons medals
  • Ribbons and medals worn on our uniforms are a visible record of achievement
  • Your “ribbon rack” says a lot about you
  • Medals are typically for more specific achievements
  • Competitions
  • Postals
  • Drill meets
  • Local civic groups
a cadet can earn a ribbon by
A Cadet can earn a ribbon by:
  • Participating in three orienteering meets
  • Participating in an academic team postals
  • Participating in a Rifle team meet
  • Any of these
You can earn a Varsity letter in NJROTC
  • You can earn a Varsity letter in NJROTC
teams and competition
Teams and Competition
  • Teams provide an opportunity to be a part of something larger than yourself
  • A team is greater than the sum of its parts
  • We have 9 different teams to choose from!

Drill Team

Academic Team

Color Guard

Rifle Team


drill teams
Drill Teams
  • Four different drill teams
  • Basic Armed and Unarmed
  • Exhibition Armed and Unarmed
basic drill teams
Basic Drill Teams
  • Perform standard movements according to a pre-determined drill card

Armed team

Unarmed Team

exhibition drill teams
Exhibition Drill Teams
  • Perform movements developed by the team

Navy Armed Exhibition Drill Team

orienteering team
Orienteering Team

Teams compete to complete routes through various terrain

Both team and individual achievement!!

academic team
Academic Team

Essential members of the overall team

Compete by demonstrating knowledge of the NS1, 2 and 3 texts

rifle team
Rifle Team
  • Teams compete in regional meets and Postal competition
  • CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) “Sporter rules” apply to most NJROTC competition.

Daisy M853

color guard
Color Guard
  • Perform at Home football games
  • Entrusted with our National colors!
  • The public face of NJROTC!!