Automain 1 st workshop paris 04 10 2012
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AUTOMAIN 1 st workshop Paris, 04.10.2012. EFRTC General Meeting Sofia, 16.11. 2012. Imrich Korpanec Secretary General. EC AUTOMAIN project - reminder. A ugmented U sage of T rack by O ptimization of M aintenance, A llocation and I nspection of railway N etworks

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AUTOMAIN 1 st workshop Paris, 04.10.2012

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AUTOMAIN 1st workshopParis, 04.10.2012

EFRTC General Meeting

Sofia, 16.11. 2012

Imrich Korpanec

Secretary General

EC AUTOMAIN project - reminder

  • Augmented Usage of Track by Optimization of Maintenance, Allocation and Inspection of railway Networks

  • Time scale: 2011-2014, 36 months

  • Budget: 3.8 M€, 2.5M€ EC-funding

  • EC funding for EFRTC € 62,364

  • Partners:

    • 5 IMs: DB (D), Network Rail (UK), SNCF (F), Trafikverket (SE) and ProRail (NL)

    • 4 academic and research institutions: Birmingham(GB), Braunschweig(D), Luleå(SE) and DLR(D)

    • 1 railway contractor: Strukton (NL)

    • 2 railway component industry: Vossloh(F/SE) and MERMEC (I)

    • 3 consultants: Damill (SE), KM&T(GB) and EURODECISION (F)

    • 3 associations: UIC (RU & IM), UNIFE (industry) and EFRTC

EFRTC GM, Sofia 16.11.2012, EC AUTOMAIN project

Project overview – 1st year results

Following reports were completed

  • D 1.1 Market and customer requirements for the project

  • D 1.2 Description of demonstration scenarios and evaluation criteria

  • D 2.1 High level breakdown of maintenance activities

  • D 2.2 Outline for lean process: specifications and opportunities

  • D 7.1 Dissemination plans and actions

    EFRTC contributed to report D 1.1 and drafted part of D 7.1 report following its main role in the project - to disseminate the results to contractors and to seek for their opinions/ comments at the project milestone

EFRTC GM, Sofia 16.11.2012, EC AUTOMAIN project

Workshop programme

  • 09.30 Welcome by EFRTC (Imrich Korpanec, EFRTC)

  • Project overview, objectives and structure (Henri Olink, ProRail)

  • WP 1 Specifications and evaluation criteria (Ted Luiten, ProRail)

  • -Market and customer requirements for planning and scheduling, faster maintenance and faster inspection

  • -Description of demonstration scenarios and evaluation criteria

  • WP 2 Analysis and lean maintenance optimisation (John Amoore, Network Rail)

  • -Report on results and recommendation

  • Panel discussion

  • WP 3Innovations in high speed inspection (Gunnar Baumann, Deutsche Bahn)

  • WP 4Innovations in high speed maintenance (Ulla Espling, Luleå University of Technology)

  • WP 5Innovations in automated planning and scheduling (Francis Sourd, SNCF)

  • WP 6Project outputs and opportunities for future involvement (Clive Roberts, University of Birmingham)

  • Panel discussion

  • 16:30Close

EFRTC GM, Sofia 16.11.2012, EC AUTOMAIN project

WP 1 – ProRail presentation

International benchmarking

Ways of working differs too much, no overall state of art can be formulated, the only common interest for sharing is asset management

Future developments towards

Cost reduction, increase availability and reliability of infrastructure, but no clear set of common performance, three horizon fro prediction of the developments defined – 15, 25 and 40 years


Rather general not applicable for end users but probably useful for assessment/evaluation of project deliverables

EFRTC GM, Sofia 16.11.2012, EC AUTOMAIN project

WP 2 – Network Rail presentation

  • Report on analysis and lean maintenance optimisation was most valuable part of the workshop

  • Strongly recommended to look at the full presentation

  • Some recommendation on the use of the track possession for maintenance confirm the contractors findings in INNOTRACK but enhance them by quantitative assessment based on the detailed investigations at work-sites of 5 countries

EFRTC GM, Sofia 16.11.2012, EC AUTOMAIN project

An example of WP2 findings

Shift utilisation (how the tamping crews spent their time)

  • confirmation 6% to 15%

  • waiting 7% to 25%

  • communication1% to 10%

  • transportation 17% to 21%

  • tamping 42% to 50%

    Conclusion - 59% of the Possession spent on Non Value Added tasks – WHY?

EFRTC GM, Sofia 16.11.2012, EC AUTOMAIN project

WP 2 conclusions/recommendations

  • Provide some answers about what are major factors affecting efficiency of track maintenance

  • What can be improved and how it can be done

  • It clearly states “that there is considerable scope to improve the planning of track maintenance and to reduce the duration of possessions by employing best practice and improvements to the actual maintenance processes” even greater than implementation of innovative technologies

EFRTC GM, Sofia 16.11.2012, EC AUTOMAIN project

WP 3 – In Service Monitoring

EFRTC GM, Sofia 16.11.2012, EC AUTOMAIN project

WP3 – Modular Self-Inspecting Infrastructure and S & C

Condition monitoring

Orientated on the fault and it can do:

- fault detection: a system is able to detect a fault which is happening

- fault diagnosis: a system is able to diagnose the fault

- fault prediction: the system is able the predict a fault a certain amount of time before it will happen

Automatic inspection

Focused on inspecting the asset according to inspection standards and it can:

- identify the assets that do not meet the standards

- carry out inspections specified in inspection standards

- carry out the inspections in a way that satisfies the inspection requirements (e.g. precision of measurement)

EFRTC GM, Sofia 16.11.2012, EC AUTOMAIN project

WP 4 - Innovations in high (speed) performance maintenance


  • High performance maintenance is a combination of all innovative, technical, logistic and managerial actions during the life cycle of any engineering asset to assure high dependability with minimum cost

    Main tasks

  • Identification & documentation of performance killers and drivers which will facilitate development of guidelines to deal with performance killers;

  • High performance grinding

  • High performance tamping

  • Modular switches and crossings

  • Optimised maintenance systems/principles and its application

EFRTC GM, Sofia 16.11.2012, EC AUTOMAIN project

An example – results of analyses of grinding

EFRTC GM, Sofia 16.11.2012, EC AUTOMAIN project

WP – 5 Automated Planning and Scheduling

  • Outline of the objectives and methods to be used for the optimisation of the time periods when a track segment should be closed for maintenance

  • scheduling for the best allocation of maintenance within the timetables of the commercial trains

  • importance of collaborative planning in long terms at least 3 years

  • Various models are investigated and they will be demonstrated in the latest stage of the project

EFRTC GM, Sofia 16.11.2012, EC AUTOMAIN project

Project Outputs and Opportunities for Future

EFRTC GM, Sofia 16.11.2012, EC AUTOMAIN project

Next steps

  • Projects has still 18 months to go

  • 2nd workshop presenting the results of

    • WP 3 on “In service monitoring and S & C inspection

    • WP 4 on high performance (speed) grinding and tamping

      shall be organised by UIC next year at autumn

  • 3rd and last workshop presenting the overall results of the project and demonstrators shall be organised by UNIFE in 2014

EFRTC GM, Sofia 16.11.2012, EC AUTOMAIN project

Report on AUTOMAIN workshopall presentations available at

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