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Microsoft Dynamics ERP Features You May Not Be Using - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions were designed specifically to streamline accounting, logistics, supply chain, CRM, and other business functions typically handled by multiple legacy systems

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Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Features You May Not Be Using

Small Business Accounting

Software Tips

Are you reaping the full benefits of the Microsoft

Dynamics ERP platform? Microsoft Dynamics ERP

solutions were designed specifically to streamline

accounting, logistics, supply chain, CRM, and other

business functions typically handled by multiple

legacy systems. IES clients work across two crucial

ERP modules:

• GP for businesses seeking out-of-the-box

efficiency integrated with Excel business

applications to handle accounting,

inventory, sales, and payroll.

• NAV for advanced supply chain

management, with tools that span

languages across a worldwide network of

suppliers, vendors, and distributors.


Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers manufacturers multiple functions within a single software

platform. The inventory management tool allows for complete tracking and management of

your products. It allows stock management and helps you stay ahead of buying trends by

analyzing product behavior patterns. Here are some of the key features:

• Are you using Shelf Life to automate inventory? One feature in this module sends

automated alerts that prevent stocking expired inventory.

• There’s Multi Bin Tracking that tracks by item and bin, with quantity and product counts.

• Inventory Ranking matches products by volumes sold, ranking usage and demand, and

tracking per unit costs vs. sales.


Microsoft Dynamics GP

• You can track by color or other features wit Item Classification.

• Lot and Serial Tracking follows inventory wherever it goes by whatever classification

corresponds to the customer invoice.

• You can also track the big picture with Quality Controls measuring bin contents and overall


Chances are you’re using some of these features, but Microsoft Dynamics ERP software was

designed to create one unified solution and replace multiple inventory legacy systems.

Inventory tracking is complicated but full utilization of GP can help you more effectively run

this part of your business.


Microsoft NAV

Microsoft NAV is a one-stop-shop business management platform. Just look at the robust

modules it offers:

• Business Intelligence & Analytics

• Point of Sale

• Distribution

• Project and Job Management

• Ecommerce

• Sales & Marketing

• Financial Management

• Service Management

• Human Resource & Payroll Management

• Warehouse Management

• Inventory Management

• Manufacturing

• Mobile Sales


Microsoft NAV

This software has many options – many of them customizable – chances are you’re not fully

utilizing them. Let’s pick just one and look at some features:

Business Intelligence and Analytics offers advanced forecasting features and real-time

tracking of all your financial data. Use it to:

1. Customize reporting.

2. Automate report delivery.

3. Monitor finances to spot trends.

4. Integrate with Sharepoint.

5. Optimize cash flow by improving A/R.

6. Offer multiple-currency/language flexibility.

7. Complete bank reconciliation and cost accounting.


Microsoft NAV

Needless to say, when you’re dealing with so many choices it might make send to reach out to

the expert team at IES. We can help you figure out what tools you’re missing and how you can

leverage these incredible options to improve your business.


About IES

IES is a leading Microsoft software reseller, development, implementation, and

business process consulting firm dedicated exclusively to Microsoft Dynamics training,

products, and supported services. Our expertise extends across Microsoft Dynamics

CRM, MS Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, and beyond. We are based in the Miami and

Tampa areas of Florida, but serve clients across the nation.