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Story behind W.A.K.E

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Story behind W.A.K.E - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Story behind W.A.K.E

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Story behind W.A.K.E

The drug was meant to change the world. Never have to catch the cold again with a simple patch, how could everything go so wrong and have my whole world destroyed. First people started to get tired… Then they stopped coming to work. They looked like they were sleeping, half the population in a coma as if lifeless. Others were affected by the drug’s side effect if you took the patch off, driven mad by the intoxication of the substance. Who am I? I’m the remnant of this old world, a survivor, just waiting for the world to wake up again.


W.A.K.E is a Post Apocalyptic film based in London, 2013. Neil Stinson is the main character who has to take care of his younger brother who is in a coma from the ‘W.A.K.E patches’ he must protect them from dangers such as the crazies.

  • The Crazies (main characteristics)
  • - Aggressive temper
  • Insomnia
  • Extreme bipolar
  • Frustration to little things
  • Twitching
  • Unable to stand still/ Always moving
  • Mumbling/ Talking to self
  • Crazy

Inspiration to create W.A.K.E.

  • These are some of the films that inspired our film W.A.K.E.
  • The Road (for the survival idea)
  • 28 days later (The rage/anger idea)
  • Serenity (the patch idea)

How we’re going to film

  • We’re going to shoot in multiple locations to show how the protagonist travelled. One of these locations will be in London, the places we plan to film in London are;
  • The London eye (to get an establishing shot of London)
  • The tubes (flickering lights travelling on the tubes)
  • The streets (showing London life before the incident)
  • What we’re going to shoot in Brighton;
  • Quite streets (somewhere like woodingdean/rottingdean to show survival struggle)
  • Houses (at this stage this is only a maybe but possibly to show some living space)
  • We will need to contact public areas such as London eye and the tubes just to make sure we’re allowed to film in the vicinity.

Thanks for listening!

W.A.K.E. Patches will be available soon in your local pharmacy.