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Office of Field Experiences. Internship/Student Teaching Application Workshop for Spring 2015 Placement Application Deadline: Friday, September 19 at 5:00p.m. Some programs have earlier deadlines. OFE.wcu.edu Killian Suite 201, Cullowhee, NC 28723 828-227-7314 ofe@wcu.edu.

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OFE.wcu Killian Suite 201, Cullowhee, NC 28723 828-227-7314 ofe@wcu

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Ofe wcu edu killian suite 201 cullowhee nc 28723 828 227 7314 ofe@wcu edu

Office of Field Experiences

Internship/Student Teaching Application Workshop for Spring 2015 PlacementApplication Deadline: Friday, September 19 at 5:00p.m.Some programs have earlier deadlines.


Killian Suite 201, Cullowhee, NC 28723



Are you eligibile





Undergraduate application eligibility requirements

Undergraduate Application Eligibility Requirements

  • Admission to the Teacher Education Program – including Praxis CORE requirement

  • Acceptable program GPA

  • Completed ENGL 202 or equivalent with at least a “C”

  • Encouraged to have completed PSY 323 or SPED 339 or equivalent with at least a “C”

    DO NOT apply if you have not met all of the above – Your application will be returned unprocessed

    If you have special circumstances concerning any but the Teacher Education Admission, make an appointment with the Director of Field Experiences.

Application process

Application Process

  • Apply through your program portfolio on TaskStream.

  • Attach your background check recheck and a professional resume.

  • Fill out the electronic form attached to the application page.


Not employed in classroom

Not Employed in Classroom

  • Review application and instructions on ofe.wcu.edu

  • Subscribe to TaskStream.

  • Order criminal background check (takes 3-5 business days)

  • Make appointment with advisor

  • Prepare résumé and have reviewed by Career Services (takes time for review)

  • Complete TaskStream – in your program licensure portfolio

  • Submit to CEAP Master by 5:00 pm on September 19th.

In your program portfolio choose intern student teaching application

In your Program Portfolio, Choose Intern/Student Teaching Application

Read the directions and supplementary links

READ The Directions and Supplementary Links

Complete the online form and attachments

Complete the Online Form and Attachments

School interviews

School Interviews

  • During the placement process you may be called for an interview. Have a professional ringback and voice mail set up in case you get this call. Listen to the message before you call back.

  • Professional behavior is expected at all times in any contact with our school partners.

  • Under no circumstances may you contact a school administrator or teacher to arrange your own placement!!

Background checks

Background Checks

  • Background checks must be younger than 6 months

  • Package Code: CU98re; PIN: 92# (Currently enrolled in PSY 323, SPED 339; or EDCI 201)

  • Package Code: WG18re; Cost = $19 (not currently enrolled in mentioned courses above)

  • Self disclosure – if you are arrested after background check, notify the Director of Field Experiences within 72 hours.

Enter package code

Enter Package Code

Accept terms and continue

Accept Terms and Continue

Enter personal id student id if prompted

Enter Personal ID# (Student ID#), if Prompted

Available school systems for residential program students including commuters

Available School SystemsFor Residential Program Students – including commuters










  • Buncombe

  • Asheville City

  • Cherokee County

  • Cherokee Central

    drug test required

  • Clay

  • Graham

  • Haywood

  • Henderson

  • Jackson

Buncombe county schools

Buncombe County Schools

  • Buncombe County requires the NC Health Certificate at the time of application.

  • An additional release form is required by OFE.

  • Health exams can be completed at the WCU health center for full-time residential program students. Be certain to bring the form with personal information completed to the appointment.

  • The health form and release form must be submitted to OFE by the application deadline.

Employed in classroom

Employed in Classroom

  • Upload the following on TaskStream

    • Site Supervisor Form is a fillable pdf on the website;

    • a copy of the mentor teacher’s license

    • Background check

    • Professional Résumé

  • Check with your Human Resources - about Student Teaching in your classroom or school. Some systems require that you take unpaid leave.

Site supervisor form

Site Supervisor Form

  • http://www.wcu.edu/academics/departments-schools-colleges/CEAP/ceap-depts/office-of-field-experiences-ofe/students/internships-and-student-teaching/application-forms-and-process/index.asp

Application deadline

Application Deadline

Friday, September 19 at 5:00 p.m.

  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted or processed.

  • Plan carefully to ensure meeting deadline and to avoid delaying your progress toward program completion.

  • Some portions of the application require several days to complete.

    If you do not qualify, please do not apply. It will be returned.

What to expect

What to Expect

  • Placements confirmed between 1-3 months after the deadline.

  • Principals make the final decision about which students to host.

  • Notification of placement sent via catamount email.

  • Placements may change after confirmation due to personnel changes and other unforeseen circumstances. Affected students are notified as soon as possible.

Preparing for internship student teaching

Preparing for Internship/Student Teaching

  • Review electronic Internship/Student Teaching Handbook at OFE.wcu.edu.

  • Complete Health Certificate and submit directly to principal the first day of Internship.


    Unless placement was requested in Buncombe County Schools, do not bring health certificate to the OFE.

Contact cooperating teacher

Contact Cooperating Teacher

  • Check the school website and contact your cooperating teacher to introduce yourself and thank him/her for working with you.

  • Share contact information (email, cell #)

  • Establish clear expectations for the first day you will arrive at the school.

  • Intern I-First week of WCU classes.

  • Intern II-First day your teacher returns.

Social media


Principals have the right to cancel placements at any time.

Do not risk losing your placement!

  • Do Not “Friend” Students

  • Do Not “Friend” Fellow Teachers & Staff

  • Do Not mention anything about the school, the students, or the staff even on “private” account

    Remember – assume that anything you have in any electronic format is public.

Ofe contact information

OFE Contact Information

Director: Dr. Chená Flood

E-mail: ctflood@wcu.edu

Admin Assistant: Annie McCord Muse

Email: amccord@wcu.edu

Office of Field Experiences ofe.wcu.edu

201 Killian, Cullowhee, NC 28723

Phone:(828) 227-7314

Fax:(828) 227-7090

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