Building Enterprise Geospatial Web solution for Forest sector
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Building Enterprise Geospatial Web solution for Forest sector GeoForest – A Case Study - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building Enterprise Geospatial Web solution for Forest sector GeoForest – A Case Study. Vivek Chitale*, M. Vinayak Rao**, Geetanjali Mehta, Dhrubajyoti Sarma. Presented by:-Vivek Chitale Technical Director NIC Bhopal [email protected] . GeoForest.

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Building Enterprise Geospatial Web solution for Forest sector

GeoForest – A Case Study

Vivek Chitale*, M. Vinayak Rao**, Geetanjali Mehta, Dhrubajyoti Sarma

Presented by:-Vivek Chitale

Technical Director NIC Bhopal

[email protected]

GeoForest sector

Essence of Forest

  • Essential for survival and sustenance of life

  • Helps in conservation of soil, water resources, environment

  • It is a natural habitat for wild life & biodiversity

  • Potentially contribute to global climate change

GeoForest sector

Deplition of Forests

Rapid Urbanisation

Enormous pressure on the forest resources for fuel wood and fodder

Mining, irrigation, hydroelectric projects

Encroachments for agriculture, cattle feeding

Decrease in rain fall

GeoForest sector

National Forests

  • Forestry is a major government enterprise in India

  • It has 20% of geographical area as forest & 200,000 forest villages

  • 275 million rural poor depends on forest for part of livelihoods

  • National Commission on Agriculturein 1976 recommended the reorganization of state forestry departments and advocated the concept of social forestry

  • National Forest Policy, 1988 focuses on ensuring environmental stability, restoring the ecological balance, and preserving the remaining forests

  • In 2006 forestry in India underwent a major change with the passage of the Forest Rights Act,

  • Overpopulation, farming and environmental factors are major causes of dwindling forest cover

GeoForest sector

Forest Area in M.P.

GeoForest sector

Forest Resources

Legal status-wise Classification of Forest Area in M.P.

Forest Types sector

State-wise Forest Area Classification


Classification of forest area & forest types

GeoForest sector

M.P Forest Department

62 territorial divisions

9 National parks.

25 Wildlife sanctuaries.

Preparation of Working Plans for territorial divisions

Preparation of Management Plan for National Park/Wildlife Sanctuary.

Pioneering the JFM (Joint Forest Management) movement.

GeoForest sector

Preparation of Working Plans

Working plans are the plan documents which contain detailed planning of field level tasks as per Forest Policy

There are 16 working plans units in the state &Forest Division is unit for its preparation

Process of Preparation

A. First Preliminary Report: Contains results of the past management and justification for

its revision

B. Fieldwork: Includes extensive data collection stock mapping updation of compartment

histories etc

C. Second Preliminary Report: contains outline for future management and prescriptions.

The plan area is classified in various working circles

D. Working Plan submission after approval of the Second Preliminary Report

Implementation of Working Plans

GeoForest sector

Role of GIS in Forest Management

  • Demarcation of Forest Area

  • Division, Range, Blocks, Compartments,

  • sub-compartment boundaries

  • and boundary pillars

  • Management Plans

  • Working Circles, Felling Series, Periodic Blocks and coupe numbers.

  • Working Plan

  • Forest Density, Forest type, Crop Composition, Site Quality, Contours, Soil Map, Road network, Encroachments, Volume data, Wild life sighting, villages, Boundaries, Research plots and Fire affected area, Plantations etc.

Geospatial technology facilitates collection, storing, retrieval, transfer and display of geographically reference spatial data with its corresponding attribute information to meet a specific requirement.

GeoForest sector


(Internet Geomatics-based Forest Mapping)

Scope of the project

GeoForest sector

Scope of the project

  • Creation of Enterprise GeoDatabase

  • Integration of attribute data with digital data

  • Generation of the required thematic maps.

  • Development of enterprise Web-based application

  • Query based output in the form of derived maps for printing

  • Updation of spatial data using PDA device

GeoForest sector

Application Requirements




Information for Field Officers






GeoForest sector


Creation of Forest Stock map Inventory

Digitization of ~ 4500 Forest Stock Map (1:15,000)

- Variance in maps (legend, naming conventions etc.)

- Gaps in spatial data

- Geo-referencing Issues

- Mosaicking issues

Reconsilation issues/problems (in Integration of spatial and attribute data)

Design of enterprise spatial Geodatabase

Design of an SOA architecture

GeoForest sector


  • Spatial Component

  • Forest Ranges, Compartments with their legal status (RF/PF/UC)

  • Locations of Munara, various Forest Species, Guest House/Rest House etc. in the forest

  • Water Bodies

  • Classification of forest, forest type, site quality

  • Working circles, felling series & coupes pertaining to a working plan

  • Attribute Component

    • Compartment Details (Notified Area, Working Plan Year etc.)

    • Linkage of Compartment with Forest Beat & Block

    • Census data


GeoForest sector


  • Sector-specific compilation of thematic maps

  • Special tool bar for map viewing / editing.

  • Support for zoom, pan and map composition.

  • Built-in traverse-aid and distance/area computation

  • Query Module for Customized complex queries

  • Navigation/Search Tool based upon distance criteria

  • MIS for Attribute Data Management/Reports

  • Printing of Maps

  • Interface with Google Map

  • Management Console

  • Audit Trails

Arch features

GeoForest sector

Arch. Features

  • Server centric G2G

  • Enterprise solution

  • SOA Architecture (WMS, WFS, WCS)

  • OGC Compliant

  • J2EE (Open Source) for development

  • KML services for Google view

  • PDA usage for tracking & updation

  • SMTP & document services

Architecture sector


ArcGIS Engine


Lease / OFC / CAT 5

Server GIS


GIS Server







User login page

GeoForest sector

User Login Page

GeoForest sector

Zoom In

Zoom Out





Full Extent

Map Print

Habitation Search

Working Circle

Compartment Boundary

Compartment (Legal Status)

Forest Classification

Forest Age

Forest Type

Forest Site Quality

Thematic maps


Habitations Profile

Coupe Profile

Compartment Profile

Query Shell



Editing Tool

Map Contents

M p state with compartment legal status

Thematic Map (Compartment Legal Status) sector


M.P State with Compartment Legal Status

Reserved Forest

Protected Forest

Under Stock sector

Thematic Map (Forest Classification)


Thematic map on Forest Classification depicting various classes under which forest area is covered

Working circle

SCI sector


Working Circle

Thematic Map (Working Circle)

Forest type

Sal sector



Forest Type

Thematic Map (Forest Type)

Forest site quality

IV-A sector


Forest Site Quality

Thematic Map (Forest Site Quality)

Felling series boundary

RDF sector


Thematic Map (Felling Series Boundary)


Felling Series Boundary

Coupe boundary

SCI sector

Thematic Map (Coupe Boundary)


Coupe Boundary

Compartment Profile (Selection from Map sector


Display of compartment profile on selection on map.

Navigation ( Compartments within given distance is displayed in dark green)


Navigation, helps to identify forest features in specified area

Forming Custom Query in dark green)


Facilitate formation of simple/complex query

Area measurement in dark green)


Measurement of area for polygon feature.

Forest Compartments (Raisen) on Google Earth Map ( Zoomed in)


Super Imposing of forest feature over Google

Impact benefits

GeoForest in)


  • Provides holistic view of entire forest area, its various classifications, types, spread of species etc.

  • Helps in Gap analysis and standardization

  • Facilitates WPO at remote places in Working Plan/Management Plan Preparation

  • Change Detection

  • Can be used to access the existing forest resource and decide treatment programs to enrich forest.

  • Helps to achieve transparency & easiness in planning & monitoring processes.


GeoForest in)


  • G-Governance coupled with emerging Spatial technology plays an important role in all area of governance

  • It is state-of-the-art models to the government for Forest Sector

  • OGC compliant Enterprise DSS on SOA architecture for macro-level planning can be built in a cost-effective manner

  • It can play vital role in formulating appropriate Working Plans and drawing effective management plans and reports.

  • Its capacity to make accurate and periodic assessments of forest resources will facilitate monitoring of changes in the forest status

  • National level replication potential

Thank You in)

Vivek Chitale

Technical Director (NIC Bhopal)

[email protected]