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Stress has taken an immovable spot in our lives.We need to look out for ways to combat it before it takes a huge toll on our health! \n

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Manage Time

Create a weekly to-do list arranged as per your priorities. It is OK to skip tasks that are taking too long to accomplish or ask for help!


Plan your day in advance and make arrangements a night before like packing lunch or choosing clothes to reduce morning stress!


Take out time from your busy schedule to enjoy the little things that you overlook. Feel the taste of your meal or just enjoy the view from your car!


Physical exercise is a great way to reduce stress. You can include small exercise sessions in your working hours by taking a walk of 5 minutes. It will refresh you!


Laughing releases happy hormones in your body. You tend to feel light after a good laugh so don't forget to share jokes with friends or listen to comedy shows!

Feel Nature

Nature plays an important role in calming our senses. So let yourself free in the lap of nature and reduce your heart rate and stress level!


Sitting beside a lake in the early hours and contemplating your life is a great stress buster. But clearing your mind while you shower will also be just good!


The next time you feel stressed try a deep breathing session. Feel every breath going in and out of your nostril and watch how lower your stress level goes!

Gratitude Journal

Make a habit of jotting down the good things that happened during the day. Focusing on even the small things will help you lower your stress and feel good!


A good night's sleep in itself is a great way to bring your stress levels low. Your body and soul both relax when you are swaying in sweet dreams!

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