Global health challenges policies and priorities
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Global health challenges Policies and priorities PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global health challenges Policies and priorities. PROF. SCOTT C. RATZAN, MD, MPA, MA Vice President, Pharmaceuticals and Global Health Government Affairs, Europe Johnson & Johnson and Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives. Agenda.

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Global health challenges Policies and priorities

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Global health challengesPolicies and priorities


Vice President,

Pharmaceuticals and Global Health

Government Affairs, Europe

Johnson & Johnson


Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives


  • Welcome – tour de table – What is the biggest challenge in your country, region or globally in health?

  • Global health realities and challenges

  • Group discussion on communication issues and priorities

  • Presentation by each group on their ideas

What is health?

[Health] is ‘what we, as a society, do collectively to assure the conditions in which people can be healthy.’

Institute of Medicine, 1988

What contributes to health?

  • poverty

  • inequality

  • human rights

  • conflict/war

  • housing

  • pathogens

  • leisure

  • pollution

  • employment

  • education

  • food

  • epidemiology

  • surveillance

  • detection

  • immunizations

  • payment

  • pharmaceuticals

  • patient counselling

  • treatment



Environmental influences


behavior & lifestyle


beliefs, attitudes,

values, networks,

social norms,


How is health policy developed?


(multilateral orgs., reimbursement, transparency…)


(trade, innovation, tech. assessment…)

Public Sector

Private Sector

The patient


(patent protection, access…)


(access to the market, length of processes…)

How is policy developed?What about evidence-based policy-making?

  • Epidemiology

  • Economics

  • Trends in the absence of action

  • Health and quality of life outcomes

    Where are ethical principles to guide decision making?

Priorities for global health are highly contested.

  • G8 Okinawa (2000): AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis

  • G8 Gleneagles (2005): Africa

  • Gates Foundation: vaccines; infectious diseases; technology rich solutions for developing country problems

  • Media: Avian Flu, SARS, “killer diseases”

  • Business: infections, productivity

  • United Nations: Millennium Development Goals

  • US Government: HIV/Aids; health related security issues

Source: Derek Yach, Director of Global Health, Rockefeller Foundation

Source: Ratzan, S. Filerman, G. and LeSar, J, Attaining Global Health: Challenges and Opportunities Population Bulletin, 2000.

Global Challenges:

Ideas for Health Competence

  • Individual

  • health literate

  • appropriate demand

  • participants

  • System

  • supply

  • quality

  • access



  • Environment

  • community participation

  • policies

  • social norms

How to get there: A science based approach can make a difference

  • Adds VALUE from the intervention

  • Bases decisions on SOUND SCIENCE and EVIDENCE

  • Develops opportune OPINION LEADERSHIP

  • Involves Policymakers, Physicians, Patients and the Public inPARTNERSHIP

Our Goal:

Health for the public good

“Informed opinion and active

cooperation on the part of the

public are of the utmost importance

in the improvement of health of the people.”

World Health Organization

Preamble to the Constitution

Breakout session

  • What should the priorities be in your country, region or globally in health?

  • Which are the communication activities and for which audiences?

BACK UP SLIDES if necessary post breakout

Dramatic progress on several fronts over the last decade

  • New funding for R&D; targeted programs (Global Fund, GAVI, PDPs……)

  • High level political interest for a restricted set of health issues

  • New products for malaria, TB, AIDS and others in the pipeline

BUT: still neglecting the basics at country level

  • Health systems supported by national funds

  • Health professionals

  • Surveillance systems

  • Health leadership

  • Prevention and public health

  • Major causes of suffering-not death: mental health

acute childhood infections maternal deaths

Simple technologies

Rapid impact

Controlled by health services

Within the medical sector and the health department

chronic, life long infectious and non-infectious diseases

Complex interventions

Decades before impacts

Main levers outside health service control

Multiple stakeholders and all government

Old and new agendas for global health

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