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Zero to Cloud in Hours using Enterprise Manager 12c - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Zero to Cloud in Hours using Enterprise Manager 12c. Shailesh Dwivedi Director Product Management. Program Agenda. Enterprise Cloud Oracle’s Cloud Management Solution How it enables “Zero to Cloud” OSC Case Study. Total Cloud Control. Integrated Cloud Stack Management.

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Zero to cloud in hours using enterprise manager 12c
Zero to Cloud in Hours using Enterprise Manager 12c


Director Product Management

Program agenda
Program Agenda

  • Enterprise Cloud

  • Oracle’s Cloud Management Solution

    • How it enables “Zero to Cloud”

  • OSC Case Study

Total cloud control
Total Cloud Control

Integrated Cloud Stack Management

Business-Driven Application Management

Complete Cloud Lifecycle Management



Simple and Automated

Business Driven

Self-Service IT

Enterprise cloud what it is what it is not
Enterprise Cloud: What it is, What it is NOT

Enterprise Cloud is…

Enterprise Cloud Is NOT…

  • Transformation of IT through consolidation, standardization, and automation

  • Covers the breadth and depth of the data center

    • Physical and virtual systems

    • IaaS, PaaS, applications, business process and activities

  • Runs mission critical applications

  • Must reduce cost and complexity, deliver better QoS

  • Vanilla IaaS that just allows users to spin VMs on demand

  • Has no understanding of application

  • Can't run mission critical applications or requires them to be re-coded

  • Requires a complex maze of tools and an army of support staff

One Cloud solution does not fit all

How can I deploy my Java App and manage its runtime

I need a bunch of Linux hosts for my Financial Simulation

I just need a database Schema

I need to clone my Database for Functional testing

How can I deploy my E-Business Suite environment for testing?

Broadest most complete range of enterprise services
Broadest, Most Complete Range of Enterprise Services

Self-Service Access, Metering and Chargeback, Policy Based Elasticity

Database Cloud

App 1

App 2


Java Platform







Any physical or virtual platform

Any physical or virtual platform

Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)

Java Platform -as-a-Service (JPaaS)

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

OVM, Sparc containers and LDOMs

Increasing Enterprise Value

Complete cloud lifecycle management
Complete Cloud Lifecycle Management

  • 1. Plan & Setup the Cloud

  • Capacity & consolidation planning

  • Asset discovery

  • Bare-metal provisioning

  • Policy setup

  • 4. Meter, Charge, Optimize

  • Metering resource utilization

  • Chargeback/Showback

  • Optimize performance, capacity, QoS

Applications and

Business Services

Platform as a Service



Infrastructure as a Service

  • 3. Manage & Monitor the Cloud

  • Auto-scaling

  • Full stack management

  • End-user, business-level, app monitoring

  • 2. Build, Test & Deploy Appson the Cloud

  • Packaging apps as assemblies

  • Testing applications

  • Self-service provisioning

Oracle enterprise manager 12c
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Plan & Setup the Cloud Environment

  • Identify all IT assets (cloud building blocks)

  • Plan resource consolidation

    • (P2V, P2E, DBs, Apps..)

  • Set up centralized software library

  • Define cloud topology

    • Setup shared resource pool, define cloud zones

  • Setup cloud services

    • Service catalog (IaaS, DBaaS, PaaS,)

  • Setup self service access

    • Quotas, access rules, reservation policies

    • Chargeback

  • Cloud Lifecycle Management

  • Applications and

  • Business Services




Meter &


  • Platform as a Service


  • Database as a Service


  • Infrastructure as a Service




Consolidation planner
Consolidation Planner

  • Target resource utilization and configuration data extracted from Enterprise Manager repository

    • CPU, memory, storage, network

    • Over a representative period

  • Administrator specifies servers and constraints for workload migration

    • Physical-to-Virtual, Physical-to-Physical, Physical-to-Engineered Systems

    • Existing/planned servers

    • Business/technical constraints

  • Reports detail how consolidated workloads would perform on target servers

Enterprise cloud architecture
Enterprise Cloud Architecture

Cloud Management Layer

Self service APIs

Chargeback & Capacity Planning

Service Catalog

Policy Manager (SLA Mgmt, DRS, DPM)

Software Library

Chargeback and billing APIs

Config. Mgmt.



Zone A

Zone B

IaaS Resource Pool

DBaaS Resource Pool

MWaaS Resource Pool

Storage Array

Storage Array

Cloud Infrastructure Layer

Guided automated cloud setup from bare metal to self service
Guided, Automated Cloud Setup From Bare Metal to Self-Service

Cloud Infrastructure Administrator

Self Service Administrator

Provision Bare metal Hypervisor or underlying infrastructure software for DBaaS/PaaS

Configure Storage and network (VLAN)

Create Resource Pools

Define Zones based on functional and operational boundaries

Configure Software Library

Define Cloud Services

Assign quotas to Users and Roles

Define access boundaries (map roles to zones) and placement rules

Setup Chargeback Plans

Publish Service Catalogs











Service catalog setup
Service Catalog Setup

  • Service Templates based on

    • Assemblies for Oracle VM environments

    • Deployment Procedure for Physical

Oracle enterprise manager 12c1
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Build, Test & Deploy Applications

  • Package complex multi-tier applications

  • Self-service deploy the application, database or any underlying infrastructure

  • Define automatic application scaling policies

Cloud Lifecycle Management

  • Applications and

  • Business Services




Meter &


  • Platform as a Service


  • Database as a Service


  • Infrastructure as a Service




Assemblies package multi tier enterprise apps
Assemblies: Package Multi-Tier Enterprise Apps

Capture Complete

Application Topology

Package Into

Single Assembly

Oracle Virtual AssemblyBuilder Studio


Oracle virtual assembly builder studio
Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Studio

  • Create and customize appliances

  • Create assembly blueprint

  • Define vNIC and vLAN bindings

  • Define volume configuration (local, remote, shared)

  • Add custom configuration scripts

  • Customize late-binding properties

  • Manage deployment plans

  • Create single deployable archive (OVA) and export to Enterprise Manager

  • Designer tool for Architects

Assembly deployment
Assembly Deployment

Assembly Archive






Assembly Admin creates assembly







Oracle Enterprise Manager









OVM Manager

Discover application components and assembly topology with EMCC

Software Library

Reference system



x86 H/W

x86 H/W

OVM Resource Pool

Self service portal
Self-Service Portal

  • Out-of-Box, Self-Service Portal

    • Part of the base product, no additional setup required

  • Rich service catalog

    • VM Templates, Assemblies

    • Database service

    • Java applications

  • Full Operational Control

    • Start/Stop Services, Request additional resources, Backup/Restore

    • Monitoring, Scale-up, Scale-down

    • Chargeback information

    • Quota monitoring

  • Programmatic Access using APIs

    • RESTFul APIs, CLI and Client-side bindings

  • Cloud api and cli
    Cloud API and CLI

    • RESTful cloud APIs

      • Support for multiple models: IaaS and PaaS

      • Simple cloud resource model to program against

      • Contributing to DMTF cloud CIMI and CAMP standards

      • Includes Operations such as:

        • List published service templates

        • Deploy cloud services

        • Perform administrative tasks such as start/stop resources

    • APIs can be wrapped with CLIs

    Self service portal customization
    Self-Service Portal Customization

    Customized logo and look and feel

    Policy based automatic scale up scale down
    Policy Based Automatic Scale-up & Scale-down

    • Dynamically allocate resources based on pre-defined policies

    • Out-of-box policy authoring capability combining metric thresholds with actions

    • Schedule based

      • Invoke actions based on schedules. Example: Quiesce VMs on weekends

    • Performance based

      • Scale out and scale back actions to support Capacity On Demand

    Oracle enterprise manager 12c2
    Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

    Monitor & Manage Cloud Operations

    • Resource utilization and user requests monitoring

    • Centralized tracking of software assets and applications running in the Cloud

    • Automatic monitoring configurations of applications deployed in the Cloud

    • Incident and problem management

    • Configuration management

    • End-user and business-level service management

    • Application monitoring (app uptime, health, performance, app service level monitoring..)

    • Infrastructure monitoring (A2D, compliance..)

    • Complete operations management (backup, patch...)

    Cloud Lifecycle Management

    • Applications and

    • Business Services




    Meter &


    • Platform as a Service


    • Database as a Service


    • Infrastructure as a Service




    Cloud resource and request monitoring
    Cloud Resource and Request Monitoring

    • Manage Cloud Zones and underlying resources

      • Server Pools, VMs, databases, Middleware)

    • Track resource flux, tenants, policy violations, etc

    • Drill down into individual resources for deeper monitoring

    • Monitor requests and failure rates and identify potential bottlenecks to remediate

    Centralized software inventory tracking
    Centralized Software Inventory Tracking

    Roll up by version, vendor, LOB, Cost Center, lifecycle status, location, department, etc.

    Centralized view of all software assets deployed in the cloud

    Administration groups template collections
    Administration Groups & Template Collections

    • Automated Monitoring Setup


    Non-Production Template Collection

    Production Template Collection












    Target automatically added to group

    Monitoring settings auto-applied to target:

    Union of monitoring settings from Production Template Collection and

    Finance Template Collection

    Set target property values

    Finance Template Collection

    New Target

    24x7 service management by devops dashboards for services infrastructure
    24x7 Service Management by DevOpsDashboards for Services & Infrastructure

    • Status summary across FA, Middleware, DB, and Systems

    • Health metrics for each target

    • Incidents and alerts

    • Organized by groups for easier administration


    Middleware/ Database

    Infrastructure Services

    Incident manager
    Incident Manager

    • View, manage, diagnose and resolve incidents from one central console

    • Support for incident lifecycle operations

      • Assign, acknowledge, prioritize, track status, escalate, suppress

      • Notify and open helpdesk ticket

    • Integrated Oracle expertise

      • Access to My Oracle Support (MOS) knowledge base

      • Accelerates incident and problem diagnosis and resolution

    • Manage by Incidents

      • Significant events

      • Combination of events related to the same issue (e.g. events raised from database, host, storage)

    Oracle enterprise manager 12c3
    Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

    Meter, Charge & Optimize Services

    • Meter resource utilization and cloud usage

    • Optionally chargeback to application owners, end-users, and/or business departments

    Cloud Lifecycle Management

    • Applications and

    • Business Services




    Meter &


    • Platform as a Service


    • Database as a Service


    • Infrastructure as a Service




    Metering and chargeback
    Metering and Chargeback

    • App-to-Disk Resource Metering

      • VM Guests, Database, Web Logic Server, Host

      • Composite Target: aggregation over supported target types

      • CPU, Memory, Storage, Network Bandwidth

      • Database transactions, SQL Executions, etc.

      • Mid Tier resource usage

      • Application/Activity metering (planned)

    • User Defined Chargeback Plan

      • Usage-based items (Resource and Activity)

      • Configuration-based items

      • Fixed-cost items

    Chargeback reporting
    Chargeback Reporting

    Chargeback Administrator

    Self-Service Portal User

    Line of Business User

    • Rollup based on LDAP hierarchy

    • Summary and Trending reports for Usage and Charge

    • Drilldowns

    • Integrate with BI Publisher

    • Generate Reports in variety of formats

      • Excel, Word, HTML, PowerPoint, PDF

    • Email or FTP reports

    • Charge Trend reports broken down by resource

    • Selectable detail levels

    • Charge Plan configuration

    Schema as a service


    Ultimate Consolidation of Databases

    • Shared database deployment model enabled through self-service

    • Each application user gets one or more database schema(s)

    • Service level guarantee through Database Resource Manager

    • Security isolation through Database Vault

    • Integrated with Pluggable Databases


    Application Users


    Instant cloning
    Instant Cloning

    Database Provisioning in Minutes

    • Secure and functional DB copies can be created

    • User can create multiple copies for functional testing without consuming space

    • Cloud users can create snapshots and “time travel” to earlier versions



    Masked Data Pump File


    Subset and Mask

    • Leverage storage copy on-write technologies

    • Initial support for Sun ZFS and Netapp Storage

    • More than just storage Flexclone

    • Integrated configuration management (lineage and association tracking)

    • Storage aware “Metering & Chargeback”

    Testing as a service

    • Automates Key Stages of Test Process

      • Leverages IaaS/DBaaS/PaaS cloud services environment provisioning

    • Minimizes Overall Testing Cycle

      • Currently, 50% of the testing cycle is consumed in setting up

    • Enables Self-Service Testing

    • Integrated with:

      • Oracle testing tools for load and functional testing

      • Enterprise Manager performance management for diagnostics

    • Designed for Private and Public Clouds

    • Deploy Test System

    • Build App &Staging Envt

    • Detect Bottlenecks

    • Reconfigure & Re-Test

    • Run Funct. Test

    • Run Load Test

    Cloud blueprint layered cloud services
    Cloud Blueprint: Layered Cloud Services

    • Blueprint orchestrates creation of a “system” of connected service instances (example: VM, database, middleware)

      • Lists cloud resources that comprise the “system”

      • Parameterized configuration

    • Benefits – Automation for cloud users:

      • Promotes use of proven, standard topologies

      • Users get consistency, reproducibility, fewer errors

    A global healthcare company


    • Reduced productivity of Dev/Test teams waiting for new Siebel environments

    • Longer release cycles for adding new Siebel features impacts competitive differentiation

    • Expense burden on the IT organization for adding additional hardware infrastructure

    • No accountability on usage of IT resources


    • Oracle VM 3.0.3, Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder (OVAB) 11gR1, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud control, Siebel CRM 8.1.1

    • Self-Service Provisioning

    • Metering and Chargeback


    • Greater IT agility in responding to requests from Dev, Test users

    • Reduced Siebel deployment time from 2 months to few hours

    • Granular control over how cloud users are metered/charged

    Hdfc bank dbaas
    HDFC Bank: DBaaS


    • Retail Assets infra sitting on 168 rack unit of expensive realty (DC) space

    • Obsolete existing storage, >5 year old with support challenges

    • Manual, error-prone tasks

    • Limited application partitioning and IO rebalancing


    • Cloud zones on Exadata and non-Exadata

    • Self-Service provisioning of RAC databases

    • Configuration Management features to supplement administrative functions


    • Reduced space consumption from 168 Rack units to 60

    • System scalable to support upto 3x of the current business volumes

    • Batch time cut by 5x (reduced from 10 hours to 2 hours)

    • Reduced time-to-market of “New Offerings” of Loan applications

    • C-level visibility on IT resources

    Oracle solution center osc
    Oracle Solution Center (OSC)


    • All OSC environments were deployed on physical hardware

    • Each customer and activity used a dedicated environment

    • Environments would take hours or days to build and require complex, custom scripting to automate

    • Machine utilization was low: many physical environments would sit idle (but still consuming space, power, and cooling) when not in use

    • Requests for environments are serviced by Administrator(s)

    • Team of 4 systems administrators could only effectively manage a few dozen systems

    • Bringing public cloud activities back to Oracle

      • Some of our users had begun hosting on third-party public clouds such as Amazon, for the flexibility of self-service.

      • Bringing those users back into the OSC private cloud will protect Oracle intellectual property and customer data, while lowering operating costs


    The OSC is an Oracle and partner product showcase data center for Oracle’s Sales and Consulting organizations, established in 1997

    Hosts many types of activities for Oracle’s field organizations

    • Proofs of concept: comprehensive tests of Oracle products in realistic production scenarios

    • Workshops: One-day hands-on training events to familiarize customers with Oracle technology and products

    • Custom demonstrations: overviews of Oracle products, tailored to a particular customer or scenario

    • Sandboxes: Evaluation environments for customers and Oracle field staff

    Transition to osc cloud
    Transition to OSC Cloud

    • Using Enterprise Manager 12c to provide a true private cloud (IaaS, Self Service)

      • Self service will allow most of our 400+ end users to manage their own VM provisioning and operations

    • OSC began implementing its cloud in 2005 with only 6 servers representing about 10% of weekly activities

    • Cloud utilization steadily grew over the next seven years

    • Now 90 % of our operations are virtualized. More than 1000 CPU cores and roughly 500 TB storage in our cloud environment, split between two data centers

    Oracle enterprise manager 12c total cloud control for enterprise clouds
    Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cTotal Cloud Control for Enterprise Clouds




    • Unified and Automated Management

      Across the entire cloud stack, and across all cloud services - from a single product

    • Complete Cloud Lifecycle Solution

      Manage all phases of the cloud lifecycle

    • Business-Driven Clouds

      Application-aware clouds that automatically adapt to business services and activities

    Meter &


    • Applications and

    • Business Services



    • Platform as a Service

    • Database as a Service


    • Infrastructure as a Service



    For your calendars

    CON9530 - Oracle Enterprise Manager DBaaS: Database, Schema, or Terabytes of Data in Minutes: Monday, Oct 1, 4:45 PM - 5:45 PM, Moscone West – 3018

    GEN11423 - General Session: Using Oracle Enterprise Manager to Manage Your Own Private Cloud: Tuesday, Oct 2, 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM - Moscone South - 103*

    CON9518 - Application-Aware Clouds Are No Longer a Myth, Thanks to Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Wednesday, Oct 3, 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM - Moscone West - 3018

    CON9538 - Oracle’s New Testing Cloud: Next-Generation Self-Service Testing: Wednesday, Oct 3, 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM - Moscone West - 3020

    CON9536 - Platform as a Service: Taking Enterprise Clouds Beyond Virtualization: Wednesday, Oct 3, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM - Moscone West - 3018

    For your calendars…