The pentagon
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The Pentagon... PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Pentagon. By : Derek Newman B lake Vermillion Kevin Ciccone. History.

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The Pentagon...

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The pentagon

The Pentagon...

By: Derek Newman


Kevin Ciccone



  • The Pentagon was constructed on September 11, 1941 and was finished on January 15, 1943 in Arlington,Virginia. It was hit by a plane 60 years later on the same day as the first day of construction. The Pentagon is the headquarters for the Department of Defense. The Pentagon is virtually a city in its self. It has approximatly 23,000 employees civilian and military.

History continued

History... continued

  • The Pentagon is so big that the corridors are 17.5 miles long and it takes seven minutes to walk between any two points. The building consists of five rings an A ring, B ring, C ring, D ring, and E ring, housing 17 other buildings.

September 11 th

September 11th

  • During the attack on the pentagon September 11th, 145 people were killed. The flight hit three of the five rings in the pentagon but not many people were injured due to a renovation. It was hit exactly 60 years to the day of construction day 1.

Why is it important

Why is it important?

  • ThePentagon is so important because its the home for the united states department of defense. It is considered a national monument and is located in the capital, Washington D.C. The monument stood proud until the day of the September 11th, 2001 in the early morning.

These are pictures of the pentagon getting hit

These are pictures of the pentagon getting hit.

More pictures

More pictures

the red line indicates

Where the plane hit.

In memory of

In memory of...

  • Many people lost many friends and family members due to the attack on the pentagon. This day September 11th, was one of the most tradgic days in American history.

How we built it

How we built it.

  • Step 1 gather materials graham crackers and frosting.

  • Step2 stack the graham crackers on their sides and add frosting to the bottom the sides and the top of the crackers.

  • Step3 connect the crackers together and start building the roof.

  • Step4 begin building the courtyard and reduce the size by five inches.

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