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Category Overview | Communications |

Category Scope

The communications category provides access to a wide range of frameworks covering advertising agencies; communications planning; design and creative services for print; direct marketing services; digital media; educational marketing; events, exhibitions and technical services; external engagement; internal communication; market research; marketing, brand and strategy; marketing aimed at culturally diverse audiences; media buying; press cuttings; partnership marketing; public relations; radio advertising copy; and regional agencies and sponsorship.

Category Overview

  • The category currently comprises of a number of frameworks which were established by the Central Office of Information (COI) and transferred to Government Procurement Service in advance of the closure of COI in March 2012.

  • A new centralised model has been developed to support the communications needs of organisations across the UK public sector including health, local government, education and devolved administrations.

  • The model will comprise of a reduced number of frameworks:

    • Framework 1: Creative Content, Delivery, Execution and Related Services will cover creative services; direct marketing; digital marketing; PR services and contact centres for direct response marketing.

    • Procurement 2: will encompass communications and media strategy and planning; market research; events and media monitoring.

  • The new commercial arrangements will be open to the wider public sector.

  • There will also be an Agile Route to Market for low value (sub-OJEU) work. This will provide easy access for SMEs to public sector business and will reduce the cost and time burden of competing for business.

  • Implementation of the new model will be phased using existing frameworks and contracts to manage spend during the transition period.

Implementation Timescales

Customer Access Routes

  • Full consultation with key stakeholders is underway to ensure that the new frameworks provide the necessary services to meet customer needs and deliver value for money.

  • An OJEU for Creative Content, Delivery, Execution and Related Services was published in August 2012 with award expected in November 2012.

  • An OJEU for Strategy and Planning is planned for October 2012 with award expected in January 2013.

  • The Agile Route to Market is scheduled to be available from September 2012.

  • All current frameworks can be accessed via our website at

  • The scope of existing frameworks has not changed, however, it is now the responsibility of customers to manage contracts awarded through these arrangements as the managed service previously provided by COI ceased on 31 March 2012.

  • Existing frameworks are being used to manage communication spend during the transition period. When agreeing new contracts avoid entering into long term commitments as this may prevent transition to future frameworks.

Benefits Summary

  • Aggregation and leverage opportunities through reduced contracting routes with agreed and transparent pricing.

  • Savings benefit calculations based on 09/10 baseline pricing and market indices where available.

  • Improved management information and reporting systems help with demand management and compliance.

  • Supplier performance is managed through monthly, quarterly and 6 monthly reviews to ensure competitiveness and service is maintained.

Published version 15.0 – 3 September 2012

Category Overview | Energy |

Category Scope

Energy primarily covers the purchase and management of electricity and gas. Electricity can be half hourly, non-half hourly or unmetered. Automatic meter reading, carbon offsetting, liquid fuels and coal are also available.

Category Overview

  • All frameworks are available to all public sector organisations including local authorities and NHS trusts.

  • Our methodology for procuring energy is all about managing and reducing the associated risks through flexible purchasing.

  • We take delegated authority to purchase gas or electricity on behalf of your organisation creating an aggregated committed volume. This enables us to purchase directly from the wholesale market.

  • Skilled in-house analysts track the markets so that we can capitalise on advantageous price movements and reduce the costs for you.

  • An extension of the non-half hourly electricity framework has been put in place until September 2013. A replacement procurement is commence in August 2012 and is due to award in January 2013.

  • Automatic meter reading is designed to help eliminate estimated bills.

Customer Access Routes

  • All frameworks can be accessed via our website at

  • You can join the frameworks by emailing [email protected]

  • You will need to complete a Customer Access Agreement and model contract. The energy team will take you through the process of transferring all your sites.

  • eAuctions for carbon offsetting can be run against the framework.

Benefits Summary

  • Our frameworks are compliant with the findings of the Pan Government Energy Project which recommends that all public sector organisations adopt aggregated, flexible and risk-managed energy procurement. They also offer access to energy from renewable sources.

  • We competitively tender low cost innovative contracts not available to individual customers.

  • We use our expertise in buying and risk management, combined with robust governance, on all customers behalf.

  • Savings are calculated against benchmark prices using an average of 12 months market prices, with a 6 month lag.

  • A range of services to help monitor, control and manage demand, for example, automatic meter reading.

  • Regular market reports keep you updated on pricing and market developments.

  • Improved customer service with dedicated internal customer contacts and customer managers within suppliers means mainstream call centres are bypassed.

  • Low costs to serve and margins.

  • All customers benefit from aggregated volume.

Published version 15.0 – 3 September 2012

Category Overview | Fleet |

Category Scope

Fleet offers a range of frameworks for vehicles including passenger vehicles, motorcycles, car derived vans, light commercial vehicles under 7.5 tonnes, medium to heavy and specialist commercial vehicles 7.5 tonnes and above and trailers & mobile units. Plus, fleet management services, vehicle conversions, tyres and insurance and fuel cards.

Category Overview

  • All frameworks can be used by all public sector organisations including local authorities and NHS trusts.

  • Frameworks make provision for reduced pricing based on standardised vehicle specifications and aggregated volumes.

  • The scope of the Lease and Purchase frameworks have been expanded to ensure customer needs are met. For example, buses and motorbikes are now included, in-house workshops can be authorised and non-standard vehicles are fully warranted.

  • Third parties such as leasing and fleet management companies must use the fleet frameworks to ensure customers get the most favourable prices whether hiring, purchasing or leasing vehicles.

  • The Fleet Management Services framework draws together administration, service maintenance & repair, accident management, fuel card administration and vehicle acquisition & disposal.

  • The Vehicle Insurance frameworks include fully comprehensive, third party and funded insurance cover options, plus accident management, uninsured loss recovery, courtesy car, safe driver training and legal services. A new insurance framework is being developed to cover a wide variety of insurance needs, including vehicles. It is due to award in January 2013 in time for April 2013 renewals.

  • The Trailers & Mobile Units framework offers access to both medical and non-medical units such as mobile libraries and dental units.

  • New Supply and Fit of Tyres framework awarded in August 2012.

  • A new Vehicle Conversions framework will cover all conversion types and specialist vehicles, including refurbishment and electrical installation. OJEU is expected in October and award in December 2012.

Customer Access Routes

  • All frameworks can be accessed via our website at

  • eEnablement solutions such as eAuctions and an online fleet portal can be used in conjunction with the frameworks to ensure best pricing.

  • Cars and light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes can be purchased or leased via the fleet portal at

  • The eSourcing suite is available for other vehicle types and spot hire further competitions.

  • eAuctions are suitable for all vehicle types. We are currently gathering volumes for our next purchase eAuction.

Benefits Summary

  • Improved whole life cost of vehicles through leveraging consolidated volumes via eAuctions. Vehicle purchase eAuctions in 2011/12 delivered savings of £1.8m for customers.

  • Improved spot hire terms including reduced customer liability, flexible online booking and improved terms for long term hire.

  • Vehicle Purchase allows customers to use a local dealership for delivery and after sales service.

  • By standardising vehicle specifications customers can remove the unnecessary costs associated with variation and choice.

Published version 15.0 – 3 September 2012

Category Overview | ICT |

Category Scope

ICT offers a range of agreements to cover all aspects of hardware, software and networking designed to meet your computing, communications and infrastructure requirements.

Category Overview

  • Our agreements cater for product purchases, service procurements and bespoke integrated solutions.

  • Software frameworks include Commoditised IT Hardware and Software (lot 3); Software Application Solutions; Local Government Software Applications Solutions; Information Management and Learning for Schools; Digital Continuity; ICT Consultancy and Delivery. A new framework for Application Development, Delivery and Support Services is expected to be available in October 2012.

  • A number of agreements such as the Public Sector Agreement with Microsoft which provides discounts on software licensing are available. Agreements also in place with Adobe, Oracle and SAP.

  • Hardware frameworks include IT Hardware and Solutions; Commoditised IT Hardware and Software and Sprint ii.

  • G-Cloud offers over 1,700 services including IAAS, PAAS and SAAS from 255 suppliers of which 74% are SMEs.

  • Network frameworks include PSN Connectivity and PSN Services, GSi Convergence, Managed Telecommunications Convergence Framework, Assistive Technologies – Telecare, Telehealth and Telecoaching and Traffic Management Technology.

  • There are also a number of Memorandum of Understanding with BT offering discounts on line rental, voice calls, conferencing and circuits.

Customer Access Routes

  • All frameworks can be accessed via our website at

  • Further information on G-Cloud and BT agreements can be found here:

  • Further competition and eAuction opportunities are available.

  • A number of framework specific tools are also available on the website to assist with pricing and selection.

  • Online catalogues are available for IT hardware, software, document management and ICT disposal on Government eMarketplace.

Benefits Summary

  • Agreements accessible to all public sector customers plus specific frameworks tailored to sectors such as local government and education.

  • Memorandum of Understanding and Bulk Licensing agreements with software and telecom suppliers provide access to common services at significantly discounted prices, whatever the size of your organisation.

  • License optimisation, software asset management and re-use.

  • Guidance and support with ICT procurement from a team of category experts with specific industry knowledge.

  • Proactively working with customers to manage opportunities to aggregate spend across the public sector to achieve best value for all.

  • Agreements which support the whole technology lifecycle including consultancy services, new systems and infrastructure, managed services and applications through to ICT disposal.

  • New Payroll, HR and Finance Services framework will deliver 38% savings compared to the current framework.

Published version 15.0 – 3 September 2012

Category Overview | Office Solutions |

Category Scope

Office Solutions covers the provision of office supplies, multi-functional devices (MFDs), postal and courier services, document management and print services.

Category Overview

  • The following commercial arrangements are open to all customers:

  • - Multi-Functional Devices and Service, Managed Print and Print Audit Services (RM1159) provides office print and copying solutions.

  • - Postal Services (RM782) offers a range of services from consolidation of mail through to hybrid mail.

  • - Document Storage (RM1689) provides physical storage and management and related services.

  • - Print Services (RM1687) covers managed and operational print and eCommunications.

  • - Office Supplies (RM781) covers a wide range of everyday office items including desktop office supplies, stationery, electronic office supplies and storage media, plus small business machines.

  • The Government Office Supplies Contract is a centralised, single contracting route which is only available to Central Government Departments and a number of specifically named public sector organisations for office products and electronic office consumables.

  • An OJEU for a new courier services framework was published in August with award planned for January 2013.

Customer Access Routes

  • All frameworks can be accessed via our website at

  • Further competition and eAuction opportunities are available for all frameworks.

  • If you are not sure if you are able to access the new Government Office Supplies Contract please get in touch by calling 0345 410 2222.

Benefits Summary

  • Aggregation & leverage opportunities:

  • - Document Storage savings of up to 15% on lot 1 and on average 5% across all lots can be achieved.

  • - The new MFD framework is delivering savings on hardware of between 7% and 27%, with savings of up to 41% on Managed Print Services.

  • Further competition/eAuctions: between 12% and 15% savings achieved through the Office Supplies framework (RM781). Case studies can be viewed here:

  • Standardising products: lot 1 (restricted catalogue) of the MFD framework provides savings of up to 46% on hardware costs and 49% savings on service costs.

  • Improved management information and reporting systems help with demand management and compliance.

  • Supplier performance is managed through monthly, quarterly and 6 monthly reviews to ensure competitiveness and service is maintained.

  • Sustainably sourced products are available, for example remanufactured print and toner cartridges.

Published version 15.0 – 3 September 2012

Category Overview | Professional Services |

Category Scope

Professional Services offers a range of frameworks covering management consultancy, contingent labour, permanent recruitment, legal services, law costs draftsman services, face to face interpretation, translation and transcription, eDisclosure and hard copy review services, financial analysis and learning & development. There are also a number of frameworks for temporary clinical staff designed to meet the needs of organisations with specific health requirements but available to all public sector organisations.

Category Overview

  • Management consultancy services are available through two frameworks 1. Management Consultancy and Accounting Services provides strategic business advice with variations tailored for health and local government 2. Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy offers advice in six core areas - finance, HR, ICT, procurement, programme & project management and strategy formulation & implementation.

  • ICT consultancy services are available via the ICT Consultancy and Delivery Services framework.

  • Resource solutions include Non Permanent Staff and Non Medical, Non Clinical Resources for temporary staffing needs. These frameworks provide access to staff at all levels across a number of disciplines including IT, finance, HR, facilities management and administration.

  • Resource solutions for health include Agency Nurses, Temporary Allied Health Professionals & Health Science Services Staff and Medical Locums. Replacement frameworks are currently being developed and will be available October-December 2012.

  • Face to Face Interpretation Services covers a wide range of languages, plus sign language, lipspeaking, deafblind communication and more; and Translation and Transcription Services covers over 250 languages.

  • Legal Services provides non-contentious advice. Law Costs Draftsman Services and eDisclosure and Hard Copy Review Services are also available.

  • Financial Analysis Services enables you to make informed assessments of the financial viability of potential suppliers for commercial relationships and monitor suppliers’ ongoing financial position.

  • Learning & Development & eLearning Solutions offers a range of solutions including health & welfare, IT, language skills and MBA/MPA qualifications.

Customer Access Routes

  • All frameworks can be accessed via our website at

  • Further competition and eAuction opportunities are available for all frameworks.

  • A number of framework specific tools are also available on the website to assist you with pricing and selection.

  • An online catalogue for Face to Face Interpretation Services is available on Government eMarketplace.

Benefits Summary

  • Access to a wide range of suppliers - both large organisations and SMEs - all of which have been assessed for you based on price, quality and compliance with all relevant legislation including equal opportunities and health & safety.

  • We work closely with the supplier community and trade associations, enabling us to provide you with all the advice and support you need across a range of industry issues as well as the procurement process itself.

  • The Learning & Development framework is recommended by the Civil Service Gateway Panel as providing a demonstrable value for money solution.

  • The scope and structure of the consultancy offerings reduce the complicated and complex process around the selection of suppliers, enabling swifter and more efficient appointments.

Published version 15.0 – 3 September 2012

Category Overview | Property Solutions |

Category Scope

Property Solutions covers Facilities Management (FM), Project Management & Full Design Team services, Building Materials, Estates Consumables, Signage, Furniture, Laundry & Linen Services, Estates Professional Services, Modular Buildings, Environmental & Sustainability Services, Commercial Catering & Refrigeration and Medical Refrigeration. There is also an NHS Buildings & Engineering Maintenance Services framework agreement available for use by NHS trusts only.

Category Overview

  • Continually reviewing and refreshing the range of frameworks within the portfolio to reflect emerging requirements and support the leveraging of spend across all public sector organisations including local authorities, education and NHS trusts.

  • Deliver flexible commercial arrangements that enable greater use of direct award via Government eMarketplace or through eAuctions/further competitions which will continuously drive efficiencies and savings via leveraging of spend.

  • Embed full transparency in all new frameworks and commercial arrangements to enable effective management of the supply chain, pricing and unit costs.

  • Working with customers and industry to open up the public sector market to SMEs via new frameworks and commercial arrangements.

  • A new Commercial Catering & Commercial Refrigeration Equipment framework is expected to be awarded in October 2012.

  • Environmental and Sustainability Advice, Support and Delivery Services framework (including built environment and waste lots) went live in May 2012.

  • Online catalogues for furniture, signage and refrigeration are available now, and a catalogue for Building Materials is due to go live in autumn 2012.

  • New procurement for Furniture is expected to award in November 2012.

  • New procurement for Estates Professional Services is due to commence in October and award in February 2013.

  • New procurement for Project Management is due to commence in December 2012 and award in May 2013

  • Furniture Repair and Renovation will expire in September 2012. The new Furniture framework will cover these services.

  • Estates Consumables expires in October 2012. Building Materials covers many similar products and services.

Customer Access Routes

  • The online catalogues are accessible through the Government eMarketplace. Sign up is required for access. If you are interested in signing up for access further details are provided at the end of this pack.

  • eAuctions and further competitions can be run against existing frameworks. For example, Building Materials and Modular Buildings .

  • All existing frameworks can be accessed via our website at

Benefits Summary

  • Refreshed and new framework offerings will offer additional value alongside current frameworks which delivered £64.3m worth of cash and demand management savings during 2011/12.

  • Supplier performance is being proactively managed via monthly and quarterly strategic reviews to ensure competitiveness and service is maintained.

  • Aggregated volumes will deliver improved rates across government.

  • Improved data and MI obtained via frameworks is being used to help better manage demand and influence decision making.

Published version 15.0 – 3 September 2012

Category Overview | Travel |

Category Scope

Travel covers the booking of UK and international business travel, including air, rail, hotels and meetings & events, via Travel Management Companies (TMCs).

Category Overview

  • There are two frameworks available for use by public sector organisations including local authorities and NHS trusts:

    • Travel Management Services Provider (TMSP) – a lot based framework covering air & ferry, rail, hotels, serviced accommodation, conferences and all services.

    • One-Stop-Shop – for a comprehensive range of business travel services through a single supplier.

  • Both frameworks include travel advice, ticket delivery, booking amendment, cancellation and refund processing services.

  • Greater use of online booking tools is encouraged to maximise efficiency.

  • TMCs are performance managed and benchmarked to ensure competitiveness is maintained.

  • Please note: the Central Government Travel Management Services and Meeting & Event contracts are for Central Government use only.

Customer Access Routes

  • Further details about how to access the frameworks can be found at:

    • TMSP -

    • One-Stop-Shop -

  • Alternatively, email [email protected]

Benefits Summary

  • Flexibility: the framework agreements can be modified to meet the specific needs of your organisation. For example, on and off-line booking methods, a bill back facility and a range of ticket issuing options are all available.

  • Travel policy: all reservations will be made within the parameters of your travel policy and detailed exception reports will be provided.

  • Dynamic management: your booking system can be set up to restrict options to those that meet your travel policy, for example, no first class tickets and only hotel options within budget.

  • Management Information (MI): manage your carbon emissions, compliance and cost control more effectively. You can also decide on the frequency and level of detail required in your MI.

  • Crisis Management Information: provided to you within one hour of an emergency situation.

  • Service credits: if your supplier under-performs on agreed service levels you can request a financial credit (TMSP only).

  • Gain share: you can agree an incentive model with your chosen supplier to help drive down costs (TMSP only).

Published version 15.0 – 3 September 2012

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Published version 15.0 – 3 September 2012