A busy family
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4 B M2 U3. A busy family. Guess: What am I doing?. Play a game. Who…? What…? Where…? …. Eddie is drying ( 擦干) the dishes. Now the dishes are dry (干的 ). I can dry _________. Now the _____ is/are dry. I can help my mother clean the door.

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A busy family

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A busy family

4B M2 U3

A busy family

A busy family


What am I doing?

Play a game

A busy family




A busy family

Eddie is drying(擦干) the dishes. Now the dishes are dry(干的).

I can dry _________. Now the _____ is/are dry.

A busy family

I can help my mother clean the door.

I can help _______ ______________.

do some


A busy family

They are busy. They’re doing some housework.

= They’re busy doing some housework.

Be busy ing i can help

______ be busy _____ing …I can help ______ _______ ...

  • My mother is busy cleaning the door.

  • I can help my mother clean the door.

Say about

A busy family

Do some exercise(用所给单词的适当形式填空)

Model: (dry)Eddie is drying the dishes. Now the dishes are dry.

1、(cook) My uncle is a _______. Now he _________.

2、(fly) I like _______. They can _______.

3、(orange) These are small _______. They are _______.

4、(water) There is some _______.

Grandpa _______ the flowers now.

5、(sweet) ----Have you got any _______?

----Yes, I have. They are _______. I like them.

6、(brush) Are these your _______?

Look,_______ Eddie ________ his teeth?

7、(clean) I can _______ the windows.

Look, the windows are _______.

A busy family

dry---擦干;干的 clean---擦;干净的

orange---桔子;桔黄色 brush---毛笔;刷

fly---苍蝇;飞 cook---厨师;做饭

water---水;浇水 sweet---糖果;甜的




True or false

True or False

1.( ) The Lis are at the beach.

2.( ) The children are playing football.

3.( ) Jane is making the castle with the shells.

4.( ) There are four people in Mr Li’s family.

5.( ) They are having a good time.

A busy family

At the beach(海滩)

Today is Saturday. The sun is shining. The Lis are at the beach. Look,there are many children at the beach. Some boys are playing football. Some girls are playing games. They’re happy.


A busy family

Jack: Dad, where are you? What are you doing?

Mr Li: I’m swimming. I’m in the sea.

Jack: You can swim well. I can’t swim.

Mr Li: What are you doing?

Jack: I’m busy. I’m sailing (航行)the boat.Where is


Mrs Li: Here,here…I’m tired.I’m sitting under the umbrella. I can’t find grandma,where’s she?

Jack: Don’t worry. She is collecting the shells over there.Grandma,

grandma,let me help you.

Jane: Jack,Jack,come and help me.Give me some sand.I’m making a castle(城堡). How beautiful!

Retell the passage

Retell(复述) the passage(短文)

Today is Saturday. It is a

fine day.The Lis are at the

beach.Mr Li is…

Write about your busy family be busy doing help do housework

Write about your busy family (“be busy doing … help… do… housework”)


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