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Trans. U.S. Final Review. Questions:. 1. What date did the stock market crash? October 29, 1929 2. This date became known as: Black Tuesday 3. The three presidents of the 1920’s were all from which political party? Republican

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  • 1. What date did the stock market crash?

  • October 29, 1929

  • 2. This date became known as:

  • Black Tuesday

  • 3. The three presidents of the 1920’s were all from which political party?

  • Republican

  • 4. Shanty towns that were high in crime and poverty were called:

  • Hoovervilles


  • 5. Who was elected president in 1932?

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • 6. What political party was he from?

  • Democrat

  • 7. What was the name of the programs he tried to have to help with the Depression?

  • New Deal

  • 8. What were the three R’s?

  • Relief, Recovery, Reform


  • 9. Which New Deal Program helped the elderly and retired?

  • Social Security

  • 10. How were banks effected by the depression?

  • Bank runs-people took their money out, people could not pay back loans

  • 11. If you were young and unmarried during the depression what New Deal program helped you?

  • CCC-Civilian Conservation Corps.


  • 12.What happened at the Bonus March with the Bonus Army under President Hoover?

  • The president called out the army and violence erupted

  • 13.What did the FDIC do?

  • It insured bank deposits up to $5000 to get people to trust banks

  • 14.How did the Great Depression affect women and African Americans?

  • Increased discrimination, accused women of taking jobs form men


  • 15.What battle is shown in this


  • Iwo Jima

  • 16.Who was the fascist leader of Italy during WWII?

  • Mussolini

  • 17.What role did Spain play in WWII?

  • Neutral

  • 18.Why?

  • They were fighting a civil war


  • 19.Who is represented in this picture?

  • Rosie the Riveter

  • 20.What date did Pearl Harbor happened?

  • Dec. 7, 1941

  • 21.What was the battle to free France?

  • D-day, Normandy, Operation Overlord

  • 22.After D-day, the Germans had a counterattack at:

  • The Battle of the Bulge

  • 23.What were conditions like at the Battle of the Bulge?

  • Cold, snowy


  • 24.What are three ways U.S. citizens at the home front can help the war effort?

  • Ration, join military, grow victory gardens, do scrap metal or fat collections, buy bonds

  • 25.Japanese suicide bombers who flew their planes into ships were called:

  • Kamikazes

  • 26.Who was the emperor of Japan?

  • Hirohito


  • 27.Who was the leader of Germany during WWII?

  • Hitler

  • 28.Who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain?

  • Winston Churchill

  • 29.Who was the U.S. president until his death in 1945?

  • FDR

  • 30.Which president had to make the decision to drop the bomb on Japan?

  • Truman


  • 31.True/False

  • African Americans were allowed to fight alongside whites in WWII.

  • False

  • 32.True/False

  • Women were allowed to fight in combat in WWII.

  • False


  • 33.What groups of Americans were put in internment camps during WWII?

  • Japanese Americans

  • 34.Why?

  • Fear of sabotage/spies/loyalty to Japan

  • 35.What happened to Mussolini?

  • He was captured by the people trying to escape from jail, was killed and hang by his feet from a gas station


  • 36.What happened to Hitler at the end of the war?

  • He committed suicide by shooting himself

  • 37.The political policy of putting the nation over the individual in which a country often has a salute, symbol and title for their leader is called:

  • Fascism

  • 38.The policy of not getting involved in the affairs of other countries is called:

  • Isolationism

  • 39.In the beginning, France and Great Britain practiced a policy of _______________ in which they gave into Hitler’s demands.

  • Appeasement


  • 40.The killing of 6 million Jews during WWII is called the:

  • Holocaust

  • 41.Name three groups that Hitler targeted during WWII.

  • Jews, gypsies, handicap, homosexuals

  • 42.The Allied strategy against the Japanese was called:

  • Island hopping

  • 43.The code name for the building of the atomic bomb was called:

  • Manhattan Project


  • 44.Why did the U.S. drop the bomb on Japan?

  • To shorten the war and save American lives

  • 45.What was the affect of dropping the atomic bomb?

  • Destroyed building, killed 10,000’s of people, people also died later of radiation poisoning/got cancers/birth defects


  • 46.What year did the war end?

  • 1945

  • 47.WWII started with the invasion of what country?

  • Poland

  • 48.Name four Axis Powers.

  • Germany, Japan, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania

  • 49.Name five Allied Powers.

  • France, Great Britain, U.S., China, Soviet Union


  • 50.The U.S. dropped atomic bombs on which two Japanese cities?

  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  • 51.The German strategy of bombing an area with sudden attacks by air and land is called:

  • Blitzkrieg

  • 52.Name three items that were rationed during WWII.

  • Nylon, rubber, metal, wood, gas, red meat, canned items, sugar, coffee


  • 53.What role did women play in the 1950’s?

  • Housewives

  • 54.What impact did Joe McCarthy have on society in the 1950’s?

  • He spread the fear of communism

  • 55.What was the result of the Korean War?

  • Korea stayed divided almost exactly where it had been


  • 56.What parallel divided North and South Korea?

  • 38th

  • 57.What country launched the first satellite successfully into space? What was its name?

  • Soviet Union/Sputnik

  • 58.What were three factors that led to suburban growth in the 1950’s?

  • GI Bill, affordable housing like Levittowns, baby boom

  • 59.Who said “An Iron Curtain has descended across Europe”?

  • Winston Churchill


  • 60.The fear of one country falling to communism and then its neighbor is called:

  • Domino Theory

  • 61.Name three countries who were part of the Warsaw Pact.

  • Soviet Union, Poland, East Germany

  • 62.Which part of the country in the 1950’s had Jim Crow Laws?

  • South

  • 63.Which group did Caesar Chavez help fight for rights?

  • Migrant farm workers


  • 64.Who was Jackie Robinson?

  • First African American baseball player in major leagues

  • 65.Who was the communist leader of North Vietnam in the 1960’s?

  • Ho Chi Minh

  • 66.What was the capital of South Vietnam?

  • Saigon

  • 67.What amendment gave 18 year olds the right to vote?

  • 26th


  • 68.Why did the U.S. invade Iraq in 2003?

  • We thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction

  • 69.Who was the mastermind of the 9/11 attack?

  • Osama bin Laden

  • 70.Why was Nixon forced to resign?

  • Watergate Scandal

  • 71.Which Supreme Court case legalized abortion?

  • Roe v. Wade


  • 72.How did t.v. change American’s view of the Vietnam War?

  • They became more critical of it

  • 73.Which president escalated the Vietnam War?

  • L.B.J.

  • 74.Law gave equal rights to girls sports teams in schools in the 1970’s?

  • Title IX

  • 75.Why did the US invade Iraq during Operation desert Storm in 1991?

  • Because Iraq invaded its neighboring country of Kuwait

  • 76.Why is the U.S. interested in the Middle East?

  • oil


  • 77.What did OPEC do to the US in the 1970’s?

  • Put an embargo on oil and caused an oil crisis

  • 78.What was SALT?

  • It was an agreement between the U.S. and the Soviets to limit arms testing

  • 79. The Camp David Accords involved negotiating peace between which two countries?

  • Israel and Egypt

  • 80.Who was president at the time?

  • Carter


  • 81. What disease became an epidemic in the 1980’s?

  • AIDS

  • 82. What was Woodstock?

  • A peaceful concert in NY for hippies

  • 83. Who killed J.F.K?

  • Lee Harvey Oswald

  • 84. What did Eisenhower do in response to Little Rock Nine?

  • He called out the U.S. army to escort the nine students into school


  • 85. What is Vietnamization?

  • The policy under Nixon to pull U.S. troops out of Vietnam

  • 86. What impact did Tet Offensive have on the Vietnam War?

  • Americans became more critical of the war and thought we couldn’t win