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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 3-5. To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 3-5. Scuppernongs. Diminutive -Adj.-Extremely or unusually small. I made myself a couple of sandwiches with the rather diminutive loaf of bread I'd bought from the shop on the way home.

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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 3-5

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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 3-5

To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 3-5


Diminutive-Adj.-Extremely or unusually small.

I made myself a couple of sandwiches with the rather diminutiveloaf of bread I'd bought from the shop on the way home.

Amiable-Adj.-having or displaying a friendly and pleasant manner.

The amiable man helped the woman choose which pepper is the best.

Disapprobation-N.-strong disapproval, typically on moral grounds.

“I’m afraid our activities would be received with considerable disapprobationby the more learned authorities. (p. 42)

Auspicious-Adj.-Conducive to success; favorable.

The remainder of my schooldays were no more auspicious than the first. Indeed, they were an endless Project that slowly evolved into a Unit,…

He seems to mean that he is in favor of ignoring general moral and ethical principles because they are meaningless.

Ethical- Adj.-of or relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these.

She reluctantly ate the vegetables.

Reluctantly-Adj.-Exhibiting or marked by unwillingness

Tacit-Adj.-Understood or implied without being stated.

Our tacittreaty with Miss Maudie was that we could play on her lawn, eat her scuppernongs if we didn’t jump on the armor, and explore her vast back lot, terms so generous we seldom spoke to her…

Benevolence-N.-desire to do good to others; goodwill; charitableness

Contentious - causing or likely to cause an argument; controversial.

“Ain’t got no mother,” was the answer, “and their paw’s right contentious.”

Condescension - an attitude of patronizing superiority; disdain.

“Sit back down, please, Burris,” and the moment she said it I knew she had made a serious mistake. The boy’s condescension flashed to anger.

Abominable – adj. - repugnantly hateful; detestable; loathsome: an abominable crime. 2. very unpleasant; disagreeable

He had discarded the abominableblue shorts that were buttoned to his shirts and wore real short pants with a belt;… (p.47)

Until Jem and Dill excluded me from their plans, she was only another lady in the neighborhood, but a relatively benign presence. (p. 56)

Benign– adj. – Gentle; Kindly; Favorable; not harmful

She was our friend. How so reasonable a creature could live in peril of everlasting torment was incomprehensible.

  • Incomprehensible-Adj.- Difficult to understand or comprehend; unintelligible

To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 3-5Review your words each night.

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