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A New Era of Money! Remittances & Financial Inclusion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A New Era of Money! Remittances & Financial Inclusion. Bill Barhydt m - Via. The potential of money to improve the quality of people’s lives increases exponentially with the number of people with access to that money. The Silk Road (114 BC). A New Era of Money. Reed’s Law (2001 AD)

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A New Era of Money! Remittances & Financial Inclusion

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A New Era of Money!Remittances & Financial Inclusion

Bill Barhydtm-Via

The potential of money to improve the quality of people’s lives increases exponentially with the number of people with access to that money.

The Silk Road (114 BC)

A New Era of Money

Reed’s Law (2001 AD)

Value created by a Network = 2N – N – 1

From Silk to Silicon

”The adoption of the mobile phone is the most important development in human history."

  • Mohamed Yunus

  • Nobel Prize Winner, Founder Grameen Bank

"The mobile phone is the single most transformative technology for human development."

Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University economist and emerging markets expert



Annual Income

100 Million People

(1.6% of World Population)

More than $20,000

1.9 Billion People

(32% of World Population)


$1,500 - $20,000


Sweet Spot

4 Billion People

(66% World Population)


Less than $1,500

“The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid”

by C.K. Prahalad and Stuart L. Hart, HBR September 2002

M-Pesa means

“Mobile Money” in Swahili

9 Million participants

40% of adult population

17,000 Agents

10% of GDP flows MONTHLY

Fees are 8% of Safaricom revenues

19% of airtime purchases through M-Pesa

Virality designed into system

Requires government ID for registration

Registration done at any Safaricom agent

Free registration (includes new SIM)

No minimum balance required

Deposits are free

Withdrawals cost between $.30-$.40

P2P transfers $.40

Two Different Approaches in 1 Market


Globe & Smart – Dominant Carriers

76 Million Phone Accounts

33 Million Bank Accounts

No Mobile Money interoperability!

GCASH – 18,000 Agents

Philippines – 8,900 ATM machines

$300M per month in transaction volume

Largest music business in country is MMS

US $29 Billion per Year

What about closer to home?

Bansefi provides bank services for poor

Largest issuer of debit cards in Mexico

Government social payments

Runs Directo a Mexico for remittances

Instrumental in new correspondent banking regulation creates tens of thousands of rural banking locales

Correspondent bank to hundreds of regional “micro-banks” Red de la Gente (People’s Network)

US to Mexico -> world’s largest money transfer corridor

Goal is to leverage remittances as a source of new bank accounts

Model has been highly successful with millions of new accounts opened

Over 9 Million Mexican Migrants in CA

M-Via Mobile Money Network

  • Pay bills, top up phones and send money

  • Cross border money transfer via SMS

  • Wallet account is a prepaid card with NO plastic

  • New accounts are real-time upon first send/receive

  • Works via SMS, IVR, WWW, Live Operator

  • Convenient and safe cash in/out

  • POS and ATM cash-out (no card)

m-Via Mobile Money Service

1. Sign up for m-Via via 888-880-MVIA

2. Load cash into wallet at any m-Via Retail Agent



m-Via Mobile Wallet

Functions like a prepaid card

No Plastic Required = $0 cost

Money Transfer, Bill Pay, Top-up

We Address the Cash Consumer

10,000’s of agents

Cash load/withdrawal at retail

SMS & IVR interface





3. Transfer or Pay via ANY phone

4. Withdraw cash at any m-Via Retail Agent

M-Via Mobile Money Network

How it works…

Safe, Fast, Easy & Affordable

Make purchases

Or send money

to any other wallet

Send $ from US or MX via m-Wallet

Get money at a

local ATM

NO CARD required!

Receive $ in US or MX via Mobile Wallet

Get money at

m-Via agent

NO CARD required!

Load cash at m-Via Agent

Pay a bill or top up a phone

Any bank can m-Via enable existing or new accounts

M-Via enabled accounts can remit to ANY mobile #

Support infinite number of bank processors

m-Via Launch Partners

Bank/Payments Partners

US Retail Agents

LatAm Retail Agents

M-Via plans to give away up to 100,000 phones in the next 12 months for one year subscribers

Phone recipient to be chosen by new m-Via subscribers in the USA.

M-Via package now includes:

M-Via Account for sender and recipient

Mobile Phone

Optional Mobile Bansefi account

Optional 2nd phone at < $50

US Launch Plans



New York

New Jersey






International Launch Plans





Dominican Republic




Partnering with m-Via

US Retail partners

International MFI’s

Regional Banks

Regional Carriers/Wallet Operators

The potential of money to improve the quality of people’s lives increases exponentially with the number of people with access to that money.

Thank You…


Twitter: @billbarhydt

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