Passive voice with prepositions
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PASSIVE VOICE WITH PREPOSITIONS. PRESENT be (am/ is/ are) + V 3 обычно, постоянно (Simple) am/ is/ are + V 3 to recognize – признавать, узнавать English is recognized as an international language. to praise (to the sky) – хвалить (до небес)

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Passive voice with prepositions

PRESENT be (am/ is/ are) + V 3

  • обычно, постоянно (Simple)

    am/ is/ are + V3

    to recognize –признавать, узнавать

    English is recognized as an international language.

    topraise (to the sky) – хвалить (до небес)

    She is praised to the sky by all the teachers.

    to talk about – говорить о …

    You are much talkedabout, aren’t you?

  • вданный момент (Continuous)

    am/ is/ are + being + V3

    tocall – звонить

    Hush! I’m being called!

    totake out – выводить, выносить

    Where is the puppy? - It’s being taken out by Sally.

    to use – использовать

    Find it out overthe Internet! - I can’t. The computer is being used by Dad.

  • завершилось к настоящему времени (Perfect)

    have/ has + been + V3

    to rob – грабить

    The money has been robbed!

    to pay for –платить за…

    It has been paid for.

    to punish – наказывать

    Jamesis sad. Why? - He has been punished!

    to operate on – оперировать (кого-л)

    He has been just operated on. - What for? - Appendicitis!

  • PAST времени (прошедшее событие(Simple)

    be (was/ were) + V3

    to send for – отправлять, посылать за…

    The police were sent for.

    to ask –просить, спрашивать

    I was asked to stay after lessons.

    to talk to –разговаривать с…

    We were talked to by a stranger in the street.

    to look for –искать

    The key was looked for, but not found.

  • FUTURE времени (будущее (Simple)

    will + be + V 3

    to laugh at –смеяться над …

    You’ll be laughed at !

    to take care of – заботиться о …

    She will be taken care of by her Granny.


    to be + V 3

    I don’t like to be laughed at.

    toexplain to –объяснять кому-л.

    I want to be explained to!!!

  • EXERCISE : translate! времени (

  • Все билеты были проданы. (sell-sold-sold )

    All the tickets were sold.

    2. Тебя вчера видели в парке.(see)

    You were seen in the park yesterday.

    3. Mr Black is wanted by the police.

    Мистер Блэк разыскивается полицией.

    4. What were you asked for?

    О чем тебя попросили?