pacific nursing smokefree project
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PACIFIC NURSING SMOKEFREE PROJECT. VISION: To enable equitable health outcomes for colleagues and Pacific peoples smoking in our population. Vision Statement. Our vision draws on the health and strength of the Pacific health workforce backbone ie. Nursing Workforce

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pacific nursing smokefree project


VISION: To enable equitable health outcomes for colleagues and Pacific peoples smoking in our population

vision statement
Vision Statement
  • Our vision draws on the health and strength of the Pacific health workforce backbone ie. Nursing Workforce
  • Aligned to Smokefree Nurses Aotearoa/New Zealand Pacific nurses strategy
  • Draws on the findings of the Tuatua Tika report
  • Aligned to Priority two of Ala Mo’ui – Systems and services meets the needs of Pacific people (reducing prevalence of risk factors affecting health
  • Aligned to the New Zealand Smoking Cessation guidelines (MOH 2007)
  • Tobacco Control is a priority in the New Zealand Health Strategy
goal a smokefree nursing and health workforce by 2013
GOAL: a smokefree nursing and health workforce by 2013
  • To deliver a smokefree programme that is effective and maintain a healthy nursing and health workforce
  • To implement an effective smokefree programme among the Pacific communities and reduce the effects of smoking on Pacific peoples health
current situation
  • One in three Pacific adults smoke
  • Pacific smoking prevalence rate – 36% (currently smoking)
  • 102 die from ischaemic heart disease each year
  • 30 die from lung cancer each year
  • 26 die from stroke each year
  • 10% of Pacific males aged 14 – 15 years smoke daily
  • An estimated three Pacific children die each year from SIDS as a result of exposure to adult smoking
  • 17% of Pacific females aged 14 – 15 years smoke daily
current programmes
  • Very limited programmes for Pacific people
  • The majority of the programmes are mainstream based and administered
  • Some programmes are Marae-based
  • Need to incorporate cultural, behavioural and pharmacotherapy support
pns what is our point of difference
  • We have a nationwide reach
  • We are multi Pacific culturally
  • We are a respected profession among the New Zealand and Pacific population
  • We live and work in the community
  • We are leaders in our profession and in our communities
  • We have the professional skills and humility to understand our communities
  • We want to lead the way our grand children to grow up in a healthy smokefree New Zealand
this is our time project outline
THIS IS OUR TIME – Project Outline
  • Service Focus 1 - Survey of our members including student nurses (2 month timeline)
  • Service Focus 2 – Workforce Development (all members to attend Smoking Cessation Training)
project outline contd
Project Outline contd.
  • Service Focus 3 – Cessation (ABC) based on the New Zealand Smoking Cessation Guidelines (Project Roll Out)
  • Service Focus 4 – Health Promotion (Church based and community based)
project outline contd1
Project Outline contd.
  • Service focus 5 – Research & Evaluation
  • We hope to evaluate the programme in 2013.
focus 1 measures survey
Focus 1 – Measures (Survey)
  • All members are sent the survey
  • At least 50% response
  • Provide lists for each ethnic group
focus 2 measures workforce training
Focus 2 – Measures (Workforce Training)
  • Total number of Pacific ethnic members completed training
  • At least 40% of members have completed training by first quarter of project
focus 3 measures cessation abc
Focus 3 – Measures (Cessation) ABC
  • Total number of nurses who smoke enrolled and completed the Smoking Cessation programme
  • Total number of student nurses who smoke enrolled and completed the programme
  • Total number of health workers who smoke enrolled and completed the programme
  • Total number of participants who remain smokefree at:
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
focus 4 measures health promotion
Focus 4 – Measures (Health Promotion)
  • Number of community health promotion activities
  • Methods of engagement eg. Focus groups, community gatherings, one on one, phone, text etc.
  • Survey dissemination, completion and data analysis
  • Over 50% survey returns
  • Share data with all ethnic groups
  • Enrol programme participants
focus 5 measures evaluation research
Focus 5 – Measures (Evaluation & Research)
  • We propose to evaluate the project in 2013 to gauge the success of this project
  • We have a figure in mind but
  • We are asking the Ministry to think about your commitment to improving the health of Pacific people
  • What value would you place on this project in terms of priorities
  • How can we promote equity and reduce the gaps if we keep on doing the same thing