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Whales. Whales By Alec Syvrud. By Alec Syvrud. Species of whales.

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By Alec Syvrud

By Alec Syvrud

Species of whales

Species of whales.

  • There are many different species of whales, including the Sperm whale, Blue whale, Killer Whale, and the Pilot whale. Whales very greatly in size ranging from the Blue whale, which can be up to 35m, to the Pygmy Sperm whale, at 3.5m.

Diet of whales

Diet of whales.

  • Whales have a very large diet. Most whales typically eat a variety of fish including Salmon, Cod, Hake, Herring. They eat larger animals too, like Walruses, Seals, and Sea lions. Some whales even eat other whales!



  • Pouching of whales or “Whaling” was originally banned in 1986, but still continues to happen under the false label of “ Scientific Research”. An estimated amount of 27,000 whales have been killed since the ban went into affect, many of the killed whales have belonged to endangered species.

Whale wars

Whale Wars

  • Whale wars is a TV show that focuses entirely on a group of people called “The Sea Shepherd”. Sea Shepherd uses different tactics and strategies to help hinder whaling. They do things like hit the whaling ships with acid to make to whale meat stink so that no one will buy it, or something called an LRAD, a device that emits a high pitched noise that can cause permanent deafness.

History of whales

History of Whales.

  • Whales have been a very interesting animal to people for a long time. They were worshipped by the ancient Greeks and have been hunted since the 11th century, originally by the Norwegians.



  • There are a known six extinct species of whales, and several endangered species, like the Blue whale, the Right whale, and the Humpback whale.

Whale migration

Whale Migration

  • Whales follow many different breeding patterns, some traveling up to 12,000 miles.

Interesting facts

Interesting facts.

  • A baby whale is a calf.

  • Baleen whales have 2 blowholes.

  • Whales are the loudest animals on Earth. They can moan and squeak to communicate with each other.

  • Some whales can swim up to 30 miles per hour.

The end

The end.

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