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Online Coaches Training. WELCOME to MW Odyssey 2012-13. What is Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM)?. INTRODUCTIONS Debra Garling , Odyssey Coordinator 460-6700 ext. 6764 / David Bernsley , HS Principal. What is Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM)?. COACHES

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Online Coaches Training

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Online coaches training

Online Coaches Training


Odyssey 2012-13

What is odyssey of the mind ootm

What is Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM)?


  • Debra Garling, Odyssey Coordinator

    • 460-6700 ext. 6764 /

    • David Bernsley, HS Principal

What is odyssey of the mind ootm1

What is Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM)?


  • HS: Joann & Jessica Mazzola

  • Nicole Maggio

  • MS: Maryann Shirley / Joanne McInerney

  • John Cappiello

  • CV:Lauren Phillips / Diane D’Errico

  • NM:Kathy Doherty / Adriana Filippone

  • PT:Liz Pesce &Tracie Foster

What is odyssey of the mind ootm2

What is Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM)?


1st year?








What is odyssey of the mind ootm3

What is Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM)?

MW Cheer

M – O – N R – O – E

Monroe – Monroe


Repeat 3 times!

What is divergent thinking

What is Divergent Thinking?


Permission Slip (Regionals)

Contracts- OMers

- Parents

T-Shirt Orders

- Practice

- Supporter

What is odyssey of the mind ootm4

What is Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM)?

What is Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM)?

  • International Creative Problem-Solving Program

  • Based upon idea that creativity is a skill that can be taught and further developed w/practice

  • Team-effort, based loosely upon a sports model

  • Develops real-life communication and brainstorming skills, and rewards creativity in the solution of complex problems

What is divergent thinking1

What is Divergent Thinking?

What is divergent-thinking?

Convergent Problem Solving - for every problem, there is just one correct answer

Divergent Problem Solving- for lots of problems, there may be many correct answers

There are no wrong solutionscalculated risks are encouraged

Odyssey allows kids to use their imaginations to interpret and solve complex problems in a FUN way!

History of odyssey of the mind

History of Odyssey of the Mind

History of Odyssey of the Mind

Dr. C. Samuel Micklus (Dr. Sam)

His college program expanded to

NJ High Schools



The three components of ootm

The Three Components of OOTM

The Three Components of OOTM

Long-Term Style Spontaneous

  • 50 Points

  • Elaboration of Long-Term

  • Pizzaz, Sparkle, Polish

  • Team Chosen Elements

  • 100 Points

  • On the Spot

  • Anything Goes

  • 3 Types

    • Verbal

    • Hands on- Hybrid

  • 200 Points

  • Specific Rules

  • Open-Ended

  • All Solutions Presented in Skit Form (8-min)

Long-Term + Style + Spontaneous = Total Score

Raw Scores are “Adjusted” so the team with highest raw score (for each component) receives the full possible score (200, 100, or 50 pts for the three components). Other team scores adjusted proportionally

The long term problems continued

The Long-Term Problems Continued…

The Long-Term Problems

Participation commitment:

- Team members (OMers)

- Coaches

- Volunteer Judges and Officials

- OMer families

The long term problems

The Long-Term Problems

The Long-Term Problems

Six new problems released each year

Vehicle –Problem 1

Technical– Problem 2Classics – Problem 3

Structure – Problem 4

Theatrical– Problem 5

Primary–Demonstration Only

Cost limit to each problem (usually ~$125-145)

The long term problems1

The Long-Term Problems

#1: Vehicle: Pet Project

The problem is to design, build, and run three vehicles that will deliver parts to an Assembly Area. The team will create a signal that lets the audience know which vehicle is about to travel and deliver a part. The parts will be assembled into a pet animal. Once assembly is completed, the animal will perform a trick. The theme of the presentation must include the delivery of the parts, the assembly, and the pet animal. Cost limit: $145 USD.Cost limit to each problem (usually ~$125-145)

The long term problems2

#2: Technical: The Email Must Go Through

The Long-Term Problems

…create and present an original performance that includes a technical representation of messages being sent by email. A Sender character will send three emails: 1-requires a return receipt, 1-w/ work of art attachment, and 1-that goes through a SPAM filter. 2 of the emails will go to a receiver character and 1 will go to an offbeat location. Each email will pass through a central server before reaching its final destination. Team members are not allowed to touch the emails while the server is processing the messages.

Cost limit: $145 USD.

The long term problems3

#3: Classics: ARTchitecture: The Musical

The Long-Term Problems

…create and present an original performance that includes a replica of a documented architectural structure that was built between 1,000 AD and 1,600 AD.

The performance will include 3 works of art that "disappear" and 2 characters that go on a quest to find them. When the works of art are found, they will be incorporated into the replica.

The performance must also include 2 songs that are choreographed

Cost limit: $125 USD.

The long term problems4

The Long-Term Problems

#4: Tumble-wood

Teams will design and build a structure made of only balsa wood and glue that will balance and support as much weight as possible. Before weight placement begins, the team will present a commercial that includes the structure rolling down a ramp. The structure will be scored for how far it rolls and for how much weight it holds. The team will integrate the placement of the weights into the performance.

Cost limit: $145 USD.

The long term problems5

#5: Theatrical: “How You Look at It”

The Long-Term Problems

…create/present an original humorous performance that includes 2 characters that “act naturally” but are odd to those around them.

1 scene will establish the "normal" behavior of 1character that, at some point in the performance, finds itself among others who react to the out-of-place behavior. The other character's behavior will stand out too, but this character will end up in a setting where its odd behavior is considered normal.

The performance will include a meter that indicates the degree of odd/normal behavior and a creative scene change.

Cost limit: $125 USD.Sponsored by NASA.

Online coaches training


Spontaneous problems

Spontaneous Problems

Spontaneous Problems

  • Verbal – verbal response

  • “Name something that is _______”

  • Hands on – manipulation of material

  • “Build the Tallest Tower”

  • Verbal/Hands On (Hybrid) –verbal / hands on

  • Aluminum Foil

Online coaches training


Do it with style

Do it with Style !

Do it withStyle !

Style is the elaboration of the Long-Term

Team shows judges what they are particularly excited about or most proud

Style is presented during Long-Term

Outside assistance

Outside Assistance

Outside Assistance

The Team MUST conceive, design, construct, and perform their own ideas.

OOTM is a Hands-On Program for Kids, but a Hands-Off Program for Adults




Outside assistance form

Outside Assistance Form


  • one copy for Staging Judge

  • only 7 members can contribute

  • to problem solution

  • coaches are facilitators

  • coaches can assist Div I teams in filling out forms, but must use team’s own words

  • if OA did occur, list on form, may result in a penalty

  • penalty is proportional to amount and type of help given




Prevent teams from bending or breaking the rules

Prevent safety hazards

Prevent interfering with other teams

Prevent delaying competition

Prevent misbehaving




Spirit of the Problem - circumventing rules in either Long-Term or Spontaneous (-1 to -100 Points).

Unsportsmanlike Conduct - impairing another team’s solution, disruptive behavior, inappropriate language. Intentional (or unintentional) damage to facilities (-1 to -100 points).

Outside Assistance –from anyone: coach, parents, other kids, audience. (-5 to -200 points).

Incorrect/Missing Membership Sign–-1 to -15 points.

Over Cost Limit – Materials over cost limit (-1 to -100 points)

Over Time Limit – For each 10 sec or fraction (-5 points)

Creativity brainstorming

Creativity & Brainstorming






  • Odyssey of the Mind tournaments are held in the spring of each year around the world at various levels

  • Local • Regional • State / Country • World Finals

  • Although a competition, it is also meantto be a time for the teams to be rewarded and to have FUN!

Ootm recognition

OOTM Recognition

Odyssey of the Mind Recognition

OMER’s AwardIn recognition of teams or individuals who demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship, exemplary behavior, and exceptional talent

Ranatra Fuscapresented to teams or individuals who exhibit exceptional creativity, either through some aspect of their

problem solution, or an extraordinary idea beyond the problem solutionTournament Placementdetermined by total scoreTies are awarded if there isless than 1 point difference

Be creative

Be Creative !

Odyssey of the Mind

Be Creative !

What is the role of the coach

What is the Role of the Coach?

Role of the Coach

  • Scheduler

  • (how often and where team meets)

  • Facilitator

  • (helps the team stay organized)

  • Teacher

  • (teaches basic skills)


  • (to help team focus, open-ended)

  • Spontaneous practice

  • (practice often, variety, strategies)

Team building

Team Building

ROLE of the OMer

Do ALL the work!

Team building1

Team Building

ROLE of the Parents

Get kids to & from practice

Attend 8 million fund raisers


Team building2

Team Building


STUDENT Expectation

____ I realize that no ODYSSEY problem has only one solution, and that a successful team is one whichcooperates by considering EVERYONE'S ideas. I will not criticize anyone's ideas.

____ I agree that my behavior at meetings will be constructive. If it is behavior that is not appropriate inschool, it is not appropriate at an ODYSSEY meeting.

____ I agree to cooperate on whatever solution the team chooses, even if it is not my first choice.

Team building3

Team Building

STUDENT Expectation cont.

____ I agree that all solutions, 'including props, costumes, signs, etc., will be made completely by me or a member of my team. I realize that if there is any part of our solution that the team cannot complete without assistance, we must redesign that part of the solution.

____ I understand that, at the meet, only 5 team members may participate in the spontaneous solution.

____ I understand that the ODYSSEY program recognizes all teams that bring a solution to the tournaments are considered "winners."

Team building4

____ I agree to show other teams the utmost respect and good sportsmanship.

____ I will maintain my academic eligibility to participate in Odyssey. (MS/HS)

Team Building

STUDENT Expectation cont.

Team building5

PARENT Expectation

____ I agree, in the proper spirit of ODYSSEY, not to interfere with the team's solutions. All creations, inventions, decorations, ideas, must come from the team members.


If work is done at home, I will not be involved.

____ I agree to make every effort to have my child attend each meeting. If there is a conflict, either my child or I will notify the coach(es). I understand that each team member is critical, and I will see that my child honors his/her commitment to team.

Team Building


Team building6

Team Building

PARENT Expectation cont.

____ I realize that my child's coach(es) will be contributing a

significant amount of time and effort to provide a rewarding experience.

If asked I can providing snacks when it is my turn.

____I will be punctual when dropping off or picking up my

child from meetings.

____ I agree to discuss all items listed above with my child.

____I understand that there will be fund raising involved and

I will help out in any way that I can.

Team building7

Team Building

T-SHIRTS (minimum order 25)

Forever Fierce

Team building8

Team Building


Creative Crusader

Online coaches training

All MW shirts are adult sized.

Not youth.

Team building9

Team Building


Team building10

Team Building


  • Last year’s efforts

  • Time frame

  • Amount needed

Team building11

Team Building


  • This Year’s GOAL=

  • $10,000

Team building12

Team Building

MW Odyssey Merchandize

CC Magnets

CC Window Clings

Shopping Tote Bags

Click Pens



Team building13

Team Building


Laurie Rodenheiser

Team building14

Team Building



Team building15

Team Building


  • Sales began 11/3

  • Sales end 11/28

  • Goal per OMer

  • 40%

  • OMer competition

Team building16

Team Building


Spaghetti Dinner/

Holiday Boutique

Friday November 30th

Leslie McInerney

Team building17

Team Building


Vendors Wanted!

Friday November 30th

Team building18

Team Building


  • UNO’s

  • School Hat Days

  • Applebee’s Breakfast

Team building19

Team Building

End of Year Banquet

Organizer Wanted!

Early June

What is odyssey of the mind ootm5

What is Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM)?

Important DATES

Spaghetti Dinner 11/30

Spontaneous Night 1/3

Regional Tourney 3/2

Community Performances 3/21

State Competition3/22-3/23

What is odyssey of the mind ootm6

What is Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM)?

Hotel Reservations

STATES: Friday, March 22nd

Holiday Inn Arena:

2-8 Hawley Street, Binghamton

1 (607) 722-1212

WORLDS: May 21st – 26th

Michigan State University

East Lansing, Michigan

(see web site for hotel options)

What is odyssey of the mind ootm7

What is Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM)?

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