Civil war reconstruction
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Civil War - Reconstruction PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Civil War - Reconstruction. People Chart. Dred Scott. Slave who was moved from a slave state to a free state and sued for his freedom under the Missouri Compromise. Lost the case because the court ruled that slaves are “property’ and not citizens. Harriet Beecher Stowe.

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Civil War - Reconstruction

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Civil war reconstruction

Civil War - Reconstruction

People Chart

Dred scott

Dred Scott

  • Slave who was moved from a slave state to a free state and sued for his freedom under the Missouri Compromise.

  • Lost the case because the court ruled that slaves are “property’ and not citizens

Harriet beecher stowe

Harriet Beecher Stowe

  • Homemaker from Connecticut who wrote the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a story about slave life and pro-abolition.

John brown

John Brown

  • Extreme Abolitionist

  • Vision by God to end slavery by force through Bleeding Kansas.

  • Led raid on Harper’s Ferry (Federal Arsenal) in order to arm a slave army

  • Became a martyr and terrorist.

Roger b taney

Roger B. Taney

  • Chief Justice who ruled against Scott in Dred Scott case.

  • Slaves to be viewed as property.

Abraham lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

  • Whig turned Republican

  • Came onto the stage during Douglas debates.

  • 16th President of USA

  • Emancipation Proclamation

  • Gettysburg Address

  • 1st President to be assignated

  • 10% Plan for Reconstruction

Stephen a douglas

Stephen A. Douglas

  • Illinois Senator

  • Defeats Lincoln in Senate race.

  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

  • Northern Democrat nominee for President in 1860.

Jefferson davis

Jefferson Davis

  • Senator from Mississippi

  • Got Congress to restrict Congressional control of slavery (leaving to states)

  • Becomes the President of the Confederate States of America

John c brekinridge

John C. Brekinridge

  • Southern Democrat nominee for President in 1860.

  • Pushed for expansion of slavery into the western territories.

Robert e lee

Robert E. Lee

  • Mexican War Veteran

  • Put down the raid on Harper’s Ferry

  • Turned down USA Generalship to stay with VA

  • Great leader, very knowledgeable

  • CSA Lead Commander

  • Many victories in war, especially early.

  • Lost at Gettysburg, was on defense for rest of war.

  • Surrendered to Grant at Appomattox

Thomas stonewall jackson

Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson

  • Professor at VMI

  • Devout Christian

  • Brilliant military strategist

  • Wins at Bull Run

  • Accidently shot at Chancellorsville, huge loss for the CSA

George b mcclellan

George B. McClellan

  • 2nd USA General in lead command

  • Fired by Lincoln for wasting time and not being aggressive

  • Runs for President in 1864 and looses to Lincoln

Ulysses s grant

Ulysses S. Grant

  • USA General

  • Draw at Shiloh

  • Victories in west (Ft. Donelson, McHenry, and Vicksburg)

  • Promoted to Lead Commander of all USA forces in 1864

  • Lee surrenders to him at Appomattox

  • Becomes President in 1868

Clara barton

Clara Barton

  • Field nurse during the Civil War

  • Founder of the Red Cross

George pickett

George Pickett

  • CSA General under Lee

  • Infamous charge at Gettysburg (Pickett’s Charge) where his entire division is wiped out while crossing 300 yds. of open field at Gettysburg.

William t sherman

William T. Sherman

  • USA General

  • Grant’s best friend

  • “March to the Sea” campaign where we enacted “total war” on Georgia

  • Burned Atlanta

  • Captured Savannah

John wilkes booth

John Wilkes Booth

  • CSA sympathizer

  • Actor

  • Plot to kidnap the President

  • Assonated President Lincoln

Matthew brady

Matthew Brady

  • Famous Civil War photographer.

  • 1st war to be photographed

  • Captured the carnage of battle

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