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Feudalism. Kings and Queens. Lords and Ladies. Knights. Serfs and Peasants . Kings and Queens. Feudalism was first used by King Charles Martel to create an army to fight the Muslims invading France.

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Kings and Queens

Lords and Ladies


Serfs and Peasants

Kings and queens
Kings and Queens

  • Feudalism was first used by King Charles Martel to create an army to fight the Muslims invading France.

  • As the feudal system spread, kings and queens began to loose power to the Lords and Ladies.

  • Kings and Queens gave Nobles certain powers that had traditionally been theirs, like taxation and law enforcment.

Lords and ladies
Lords and Ladies

  • Lords were given land by the king, or Lords more powerful then themselves.

  • They were in charge of the manor and were responsible for protecting everyone within the manor.

  • The Manors included the castle, church, serf’s and peasants homes, and fields.

  • When the Lords were at war, the manor was run by their wives and daughters.

  • Vassals were Lords that served a higher ranking Lord. They were given land and protection in exchange for serving in the higher Lords army.


  • Knights were vassals who were loyal to more powerful lords.

  • They provided Military service in exchange for land.

  • Knights fought on horseback and had coats of mail-armor.

  • They carried swords and shields.

  • Knights were the most powerful soldiers in Europe.


  • Serfs worked on the land that was owned by the Lords, which is called the manor.

  • They were not allowed to leave the manor, own property, or marry without the lord’s approval.

  • The worked 3 days a week for the lord and the rest of the week for themselves.

  • They had to pay the lord to use any of his equipment, like ovens and mills.

  • To become free, a serf had to run away and remain in town for more than a year. They would then become peasants.


  • Peasants were similar to serfs, except they were free.

  • Toward the end of the Middle Ages, serfs could become peasants if they bought their freedom from the lord.

  • Peasants worked long hours. They got breaks on feast days, when they would go to church. The most important feast days were Christmas and Easter.