mca february 26 2009
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MCA February 26, 2009

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MCA February 26, 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MCA February 26, 2009. Agenda. BPA’s new web audit service BPA’s brand audits Events; Email; Database; Print Rule changes Under review. BPA, working with Nielsen On Line (NOL), offers web measurement at no extra cost to BPA members. Web Auditing.

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mca february 26 2009

February 26, 2009

  • BPA’s new web audit service
  • BPA’s brand audits
    • Events; Email; Database; Print
  • Rule changes
  • Under review
web auditing
BPA, working with Nielsen On Line (NOL), offers web measurement at no extra cost to BPA membersWeb Auditing
web auditing2
Response has been tremendous:

Over 200 sites have been tagged; another 150 are in the process of tagging

Web Auditing
web auditing core metrics
Page impressions

Unique browsers

User sessions

Unique browser frequency

Page impression duration

User session duration

Executive summary

Web Auditing: Core Metrics
web auditing process
Web Auditing: Process
  • BPA’s new web auditing process requires the placement of a java script tag at the bottom of each web page
  • When a web page is called and loaded, the tag executes and registers the count in the collector
web auditing process1
Tagging is easy

BPA provides the tagging software, instructions, and support

Web Auditing: Process
web auditing process2
Web Auditing: Process
  • BPA audits both the individual member and NOL
  • Member sites are audited to ensure proper tagging and exclusion of internal traffic
  • NOL system is audited by BPA’s certified CISA audit team
web auditing3
Web Auditing
  • The result is a timely, reliable, and common standard for the members of BPA!
    • Note: Reliability, timeliness, and standardization were the “most important” characteristics identified by BPA members and non-members considering a web traffic monitoring, analytics, and reporting service provider.
        • Atenga , Inc, research study, July 2008
web auditing4
Process Overview

Application and contract

Member provides full list of domains and sub-domains

Member provides full list of internal IP addresses

Web Auditing
web auditing5
Web Auditing
  • Process Overview (continued)
    • BPA sets up account; provides username and password
    • BPA sends java script code (tag) and instructions
    • Member implements tag
web auditing6
Web Auditing
  • Process Overview (continued)
    • BPA conducts a tag code audit on the site to identify properly tagged pages and missed pages
    • Counting starts immediately
    • Beta period allows for reconciliations
bpa brand audits
BPA Brand Audits…
  • Events, Trade Shows, etc
  • Email Newsletters
  • Database
site licenses
Defined: One electronic copy of the magazine sent to an administrator at a subscribing company, and posted on the company’s intranet for multiple user accessSite Licenses
site licenses1
Site Licenses
  • Publishers can support…
    • the site license agreement, including the number of authorized users
    • the electronic distribution of one copy
  • No information about what happens on the other side of the company firewall
site licenses2
Site Licenses
  • For these reasons, in 2002 (when digital was first being discussed) the board voted not to allow site license distribution as qualified circulation
  • Only one digital copy per recipient qualifies
site licenses3
Site Licenses
  • In the Spring of 2008 site licenses were placed on the committee agenda
  • We learned not much had changed since 2002 – there is still no information about what happens on the other side of the company firewall
site licenses4
Site Licenses
  • As a result, in May 2008 the board voted to allow disclosure of site license distribution as “non-qualified” in the explanatory paragraphs…
site licenses5
Site Licenses
  • In August 2008 a task force of publishers, AD’s, and media buyers was created to review the entire BPA business statement
  • A new compromise was reached…
site licenses6
Site Licenses
  • Qualified circulation and site license seats may not be summed on the BPA report, but may be combined in promotional material
paragraphs 3b 5
Paragraphs 3b/5
  • A review of paragraph 3b/5 was included in the August task force meeting
  • Five recommendations were presented to our committees for review…
paragraph 3b 51
Paragraph 3b/5
  • Consolidating one year circulation with two year circulation
  • Changing column heading to months rather than years
  • Eliminate the three channels of “request” and “communication”
  • Eliminate the two channels of membership benefit
  • Consolidate passive sources
paragraphs 3b 51
Paragraphs 3b/5

1) Consolidating one and two year circ

  • All committees reaffirmed current reporting
paragraphs 3b 52
Paragraphs 3b/5

2) Changing the column headings to months rather than years

  • All committees reaffirmed current reporting
paragraphs 3b 53
Paragraphs 3b/5

3) Eliminate the three channels of “request” and “communication”

- North American committees in favor

- European committees opposed

- Board voted in favor

- Publisher may report separate channels

paragraph 3b 52
Paragraph 3b/5

4) Eliminate the two channels of membership benefit

  • All advisory boards and committees were in favor of the change
paragraph 3b 53
Paragraph 3b/5

5) Consolidate passive sources

  • All advisory boards and committees agreed to eliminate “independent field reports” and “licenses”
paragraph 3b 5 effective jan 1 09
Paragraph 3b/5 (Effective Jan 1, 09)
  • Proposed report format…
subscription orders
Subscription Orders
  • Paragraphs 5 – 8 (business), 3a – 3d (consumer), report total new and renewed qualified paid subscription orders/sold for the period…
subscription orders1
Subscription Orders
  • The board approved eliminating the “length of subscription” and “how ordered” tables, since that data can be found elsewhere on the statement
  • New audit procedure eliminates batch testing – saving time/money
new reporting format
New Reporting Format…

Will be renumbered 6

late distribution rules1
Late Distribution Rules
  • Magazines with a monthly frequency may distribute copies up to the day before the next issue date before they are considered “late”
  • All other frequencies must distribute their copies the day before the last day not to be considered late
late distribution rules2
Late Distribution Rules
  • No one knows why there is a discrepancy
  • All advisory boards and committees voted to align the late distribution rules for all frequencies – to the day before the next issue date
leading qualification forms1
Leading Qualification Forms
  • BPA rules state, “Whenever a questionnaire is used to elicit information from a recipient, the questionnaire and the attendant material shall not improperly lead the recipient to give the desired qualification data to receive the publication.”
leading qualification forms2
Leading Qualification Forms
  • Recently two subscription forms came to BPA’s attention for review
  • The first form noted which business/title classifications qualify for print editions and which qualify for electronic editions…
leading qualification forms3
Leading Qualification Forms
  • The board of directors felt this form was leading – the buyers believed a person would alter their response to receive a desired format
leading qualification forms4
Leading Qualification Forms
  • The second form is a web based form that advises the subscriber that they have not qualified for a free subscription and…
    • informs the subscriber of the minimum standards for a free subscription
    • offers the subscriber the opportunity to purchase a subscription
leading qualification forms5
Leading Qualification Forms
  • The board also felt this form was leading
  • You may inform a subscriber that they do not qualify, but you cannot tell them why they do not qualify
mcsa street rack distribution1
MCSA: Street Rack Distribution
  • In May 2005 the board passed a rule allowing qualified street rack distribution for consumer magazines
  • To be considered qualified the publisher had to obtain permission from the municipality governing the space
mcsa street rack distribution2
MCSA: Street Rack Distribution
  • We have since learned that in Washington DC, the municipality does not govern street racks
  • Publishers want to comply, but there is no one to give them “permission”
mcsa street rack distribution3
MCSA: Street Rack Distribution
  • The board approved the following change…
    • “If street racks in public places are not governed by a municipality or any authority, no permission is needed. Rack location, issues and copies per rack, shall be provided to the auditor.”