Why are we here
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Why are we here?. No more need for vis-à-vis markers!. Number Spinner. Color Wheel Spinner. The evolution of technology in schools…. A little about me….

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Why are we here?

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Why are we here?

No more need for vis-à-vis markers!

Number Spinner

Color Wheel Spinner

The evolution of technology in schools…

A little about me…

I have been using the Interwrite pad in my classroom over the past three years and was asked to share my experience and knowledge with the software to my colleagues.

I think the Interwrite has been a life saver and has helped me create “effective, challenging, and engaging lessons” on a daily basis!


My Goal for Today’s Workshop:By the end of the workshop, every participant will be able to use the Interwrite pad in their own classroom.

Today’s Agenda:

  • 1. Setting up the Interwrite Pad in your classroom.

  • 2. Work through:

    • Module 1: Getting Started with Workspace

    • ***Module 2: Creating Interactive Content

    • Module 3: Engaging Content with Learners

    • Module 4: Integrating Multimedia Resources

    • Module 5: Using Workspace with Other Applications

    • Module 6: eInstruction Product Suite Integration

    • Module 7: Customizing Workspace

  • 3. Content Creation and Practice Time

First Things First…

  • 1. Charging the Interwrite Pad (Be sure the pen is secured in holster).

  • 2. Turning on the Interwrite Pad and Opening the Interwrite Program from eInstruction.

  • 3. Connecting the Interwrite Pad.

  • 4. Changing the toolbar size to 40 x 40.

  • 5. Setting up the Gallery Database.

#5. Interwrite Workspace Gallery Setup

  • http://www.mtnbrook.k12.al.us/Images/Users/8/File/Tech%20Handouts/interwrite09setup.pdf

Practice Time – Setting up your Folders and Database

Module 1: Getting Started with Workspace

  • “Preferences”

  • Workspace Pages: blank (white) pages, colored pages, lined pages, graph paper pages, gradient pages (2 and 4 colors), image pages, calendar pages….and more!

  • Once you set up pages, you can simply add an additional page in a one click step

Show pages…

Interactive Modes

  • Mouse Mode

  • Annotate Mode

    Video - http://mbsinterwritebeginner.wikispaces.com/

Your turn…

  • Create 3-5 pages. Try to use a variety of pages.

Module 2: Creating Interactive Content

  • Toolbar – How to use items in the toolbox.

  • A description of each item can be found on the wikispace page:

    • http://www.mtnbrook.k12.al.us/Images/Users/8/File/Tech%20Handouts/01%20Getting%20Started%20with%20Workspace.pdf

Math Tools

  • Video on how to use some of the math tools such as a ruler, protractor, & compass.


Module 3: Engaging Content with Learners

  • All lessons are improved with the use of the Interwrite.

  • Students LOVE to use the pads and are able to….SHARE THE LOVE!

  • Features: Spotlight, Curtain, Gradient Backgrounds

  • Video: http://mbsinterwritebeginner.wikispaces.com/

Module 4: Integrating Multimedia Resources

  • Using the Document Camera incorporated in an Interwrite lesson.

  • Math Lesson Example

Math Lesson - Example

Multimedia Resources

  • Adding a sound file

Multimedia Resources

  • Adding a Video File

Multimedia Resources

  • Record and Playback

Multimedia Resources

  • Videos:

  • http://mbsinterwritebeginner.wikispaces.com/

Your Turn!!!

  • Use the record and playback multimedia resource!

  • Try adding an audio or video file!

Module 5: Using Workspace with Other Applications

  • Creating hyperlinks. Found on the properties bar at the bottom of the page.

  • http://mbsinterwritebeginner.wikispaces.com/

Your turn…

  • Create a hyperlink on a page.

Module 6: eInstruction Product Suite Integration

  • 3 videos

  • http://mbsinterwritebeginner.wikispaces.com/

Module 7: Customizing Workspace

  • There are videos on the website that you can refer back to when in your classroom.

How to Save an Interwrite Lesson onto Your Webpage

  • Simply click on the workspace menus (drop arrow on the top right of the toolbar) and click “Export PDF file.” It will then save this file as a PDF.

  • Once this file is saved, you should be able to upload it on in10sity without any trouble!

Extra Special Features!

  • Page Transitions

  • Gallery Walk!

    • Look at the different subject areas in the gallery!

The more you play with the Interwrite Pad and software, the easier it becomes!!!“The expert at anything was once a beginner” Helen Hayes


  • I hope you learned at least one new thing.

  • You can always find someone to help you with the Interwrite software at your school…just ask.

  • Chad Haller, 5th Grade Math @ Cherokee Bend. Feel free to e-mail me!


Practice/Creation Time:

  • I am around to help you with any questions you may have. I will do my best to help you out!

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