Ifra press conference vienna september 12 2007
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Ifra Press Conference Vienna, September 12, 2007 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ifra Press Conference Vienna, September 12, 2007. Reiner Mittelbach Chief Executive Officer Ifra [email protected] www.ifra.com. Agenda. Ifra‘s positioning and strategy Facts about today‘s and tomorrow‘s publishing business Newsroom strategies and pitfalls

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Ifra Press Conference Vienna, September 12, 2007

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Ifra Press ConferenceVienna, September 12, 2007

Reiner Mittelbach

Chief Executive Officer


[email protected]



  • Ifra‘s positioning and strategy

  • Facts about today‘s and tomorrow‘s publishing business

  • Newsroom strategies and pitfalls

  • eNews – Creating business in the emerging mobile e-reading world (a group learning experience)

  • „Where NEWS?“ – Scenarios for the future of the news publishing industry

    - Coffee break -

  • IfraExpo 2007

  • Ifra XMA Cross Media Awards

  • 15th Beyond the Printed Word conference in Dublin

  • Outlook on Ifra events and exhibitions in 2008

About Ifra



Member & Customer


Newsplex Consulting





Others*: Printing sites, agencies, consultants

Strategic Focus

  • Technology <–> Business


Impact on news publishing companies

Impact on suppliers



Business for news publishing companies

Ifra value creation chain

Detect relevant issues in the changing environment

Harness the knoweldge for the news publishing industry

Market and communicate it

Analyse relevant issues

Update on Ifra strategy

  • Positioning Ifra Research 2007  2010





D = Platform digital

P = Platform paper

B = Business environment


market attractivness







rel. market position

Ifra is Paper and Print

Ifra is Digital

Ifra is Business

Ifra is FUTURE

Ifra - We want to be the indispensable global partner in technology and business for our members from the news publishing industry.


Characteristics of the media market of today - Circulation

Source: World Press Trends

Characteristics of the media market of today - Circulation

Source: World Press Trends

Characteristics of the media market of today

Source: World Press Trends

Characteristics of the media market of today

Source: World Press Trends

Three core drivers of future development







Future Newspaper Printing Technology

  • In five years

    • Width-variable presses

    • Multipurpose hybrid systems

    • Plate change robots

    • Closed-loop control of tension, register, density

    • Integration of ink-jet systems (value added)

    • “Modular printing plants” – Build/Operate/Transfer

    • Shared print centres that operate for more than one publisher

Future Newspaper Printing Technology

  • In ten years

    • Cut-off variable presses

    • Automated: washing, sensors, measurements, plate change

    • Drying technologies at speeds of 15 m/second

    • “Mini-Waste” and “Maxi-Quality” controls, mature MIS for newspaper production systems

    • Decentralised low-cost print centres

    • BOS systems: Build/Operate/Sell, publisher concentrates on core business

    • Ink-jet imprint units at full speed for latest news

Future Newspaper Printing Technology

  • In fifteen years

    • Full format variability

    • Re-writable printing forms, CTPress

    • Digital printing as add-on systems

    • Offset press becomes “Print Robot”

    • 4/4 colour production, standardised materials

    • On the way to unmanned production

    • Sustainable decentralised modular print plants

    • New drying/curing systems with low energy consumption and low emission





User-generated content beginning to compete with professional content

Content distribution via Internet, but with separated and asymmetric networks

Pool of digital devices becoming inter­connected but with limited content targeting

Separate content consumption experience: passive TV service and interactive PC usage for Internet










Increased competition from user- and community created interactive content

Symmetric high-bandwidth broadband networks (Fibre, 4G) with a variety of service packages

Home media servers fed by content providers acting as staging areas; content transparently accessed by many devices

Users will access personalized channels allowing on-demand consumption of content and community interaction

The interactive, networked and personalized future

Source: Ifra Where NEWS report Nr. 3 / DFKI

Triple play – a user driven network

Source: Ifra Where NEWS report Nr. 3 / DFKI

Devices and Terminals

  • The multi purpose digital mobile terminal

    • Communication

    • Authentication

    • Localization

    • Media player

    • Cellphone

    • Etc.

  • Specialized wirelessly connected devices

    • Part of clothes

    • Stylish accessories

    • Etc.

The phenomenon of disappearing computing

  • Not the technology but the interaction with it takes centre stage

  • Information technology disappears and is included into daily life

    • Mobile phones

    • Digital camera

    • MP3 player

  • Smart devices have to know their context to perform intelligent jobs

    • Focus on the interaction with the user

Web 3.0

  • Scaling and broadening the Semantic Web

  • overcoming the semantic gap by learning semantic structures from communities

  • automatic annotation and deep web exploration

  • from search to question answering in open domains

Semantic Web

  • Machine-intelligible Web

semantic foundation

Web 1.0

  • Web of companies

  • Homepages

  • keyword search

Web 2.0

  • Web of people

community based

Source: Ifra Where NEWS report Nr. 3 / DFKI

Development of selected age groups in North America and Europe 2005 - 2020

Source: Ifra Where NEWS report Nr. 4 / IWG Bonn

Individualisation versus family scenario

Source: Ifra Where NEWS report Nr. 4 / IWG Bonn

Source: Ifra Where NEWS report Nr. 4 / IWG Bonn

Trend: Global and international migration

  • Migration to mature countries will grow

    • In 2020 20-30% of the populations will have a migration background

    • More immigrants from regions further away

    • Immigrants are drawn to urban regions

    • Growing ethnic and cultural diversity

    • Migration will not change the age pattern

Trend: Consumer generated content (CGC)

Media will change



mass media




CGC: The development of Blogs

Source: Technorati

Impact of social aspects of media services

  • A growth in the number and variety of ”social media” – communities.

  • Entrepreneurial activities will lead to an explosive growth in niche social media.

  • A growing presence of traditional media and information providers within popular and niche social media.

  • A virtual media economy within the social media with currencies convertible to real life money.

  • A strong focus on community building and maintenance in traditional media.

Searches done by US web surfers at home, work and at universities in July, 2006

Source: comScore for SearchEngineWatch.com

Trend: Commoditization of news media

  • Media companies’ offerings become increasingly alike

  • Devices for consuming media contents are more and more interchangeable

  • Media move closer to anonymity

  • Consumer loyalty to a specific media company or brand is already close to non-existent in the digital domain

This will have an impact on price

How to stay ahead

  • Take predictions serious

  • Create scenarios and pick the one that suits your market and your estimations best

  • Create a vision, a mission and a strategy

  • Invest in new upcomming technologies and platforms

  • Forget about silos, think about offering a complete media package

  • Segment your market and understand that you are consumer driven

  • Implement organisational structures that can manage the new community based multi-platform world

  • Prepare the people for constant change and constant learning

“People always overestimate how much will change in the

next three years, and they underestimate how much will

change over the next 10 years.”

Bill Gates

eNews – a group learning experience on mobile e-reading

  • Technology

  • Business models

  • Consumer reactions

At the moment we are working with thefirst of three expected versions of devices

2-5 years



5+ years


Version 3

  • Flexible colour device

  • On line at all times

  • Very large memory and battery capacity

  • Books, magazines and newspapers

Version 2

  • Colour e-ink device

  • Online at all times

  • Improved memory and battery capacity

  • Books, magazines and newspapers

Version 1

  • Black and white e-ink device

  • Wi-fi

  • Limited capacity (memory and battery)

  • Limited amount of content

Version 0

  • Black and white e-ink device 6”

  • USB

  • Limited capacity (memory and battery)

  • Small amount of content

Ifra eNews 2005-2008Unique cross-disciplinary three years initiativePartners:

The 23 Publishing Members are (represents 40 million in circulation):Bonnier/Expressen (SE), De Telegraaf (NL), dpa- Deutsche Presse Agentur, (DE) Edipresse Publications (CH), Frankfurter Rundsschau (DE), Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH & Co. (DE), Libération (FR),Mainichi Shimbun (JP), New York Times Company (US), Nordjyske Medier (DK),Orkla Media (NO), PrisaCom/El País (ES), Rheinische Post (DE), Sanoma Corp. (FI),Schibsted/Aftonbladet (NO/SE), Stampen/Göteborgs-Posten (SE), Styria Medien (AT),Tamedia AG (CH), Telegraph Group (UK), Tribune Interactive (US), Vorarlberger Zeitungsverlag und Druckerei (AT), Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (DE),Yomiuri Shimbun (JP). The Technology Members are:Arena Partners (FI), iRex Technologies (NL), Plastic Logic Limited (UK).

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