Statements for agreement based on day 1 group work
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Statements for agreement based on Day 1 group work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Statements for agreement based on Day 1 group work. GNC’s role in providing training. The 3 priority areas for capacity strengthening/ training of NCCs are: Coordination Information management Technical knowledge /skills

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Statements for agreement based on Day 1 group work

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Statements for agreement based on Day 1 group work

GNC’s role in providing training

  • The 3 priority areas for capacity strengthening/ training of NCCs are:

    • Coordination

    • Information management

    • Technical knowledge /skills

  • NCCs (including RRTs) should be the sole focus of any GNC training activities (not global or country-level partners)

GNC’s role in providing technical training

  • Technical trainings should not be a core function of the GNC but the GNC can commission technical training for NCCs as a ‘trainer of last resort’ after all options at country and global level have been exhausted

  • Optimise opportunities for joint training on generic coordination and IM with other clusters.

GNC’s role in providing technical support to NCC

  • GNC-CT should not be responsible for providing day-to-day technical support – an alternative mechanism for delivering this must be determined e.g. EN-net w/ Cluster Tab

  • Substantial technical support should be outsourced (parameters to differentiate between the two should be determined).

GNC’s role in providing technical/programming guidelines

  • The GNCs primary role regarding harmonization of technical guidance is communicating that gaps exist and advocating to those who can fill

  • If advocacy doesn’t work, interim technical guidelines are preferably developed via

    • Strategic partnership

    • Outsourcing (payment)

    • Task force only if necessary

  • SAG to support GNC-CT in determining modality of guideline development

GNC’s role in Communication, Information Management and Knowledge Management

  • A Taskforce on KM/IM should be established under the GNC

    • The diagram on nutrition information should be endorsed reflecting need for analysis of data from other sectors

    • A ‘best practice’ review of where IM/KM worked well for a cluster should be conducted looking at Standard indicators, standard methodology and standard reporting cluster’s

    • External uses by other sectors of nutrition information should be reviewed

    • A KM expert should be recruited to help country clusters convert data into information and then into knowledge

  • Remove/ change: A KM specialist should be recruited to work as part of the GNC-CT to support country clusters on a regular basis. (Rely more on existing capacity among partners, determine what is neede

Internal linkages in the GNC, GNC CT, SAG, NCCs

  • The diagram of internal relationships should be revised

    • To reflect power relationships. The role/influence/relationship with the CLA should be reflected.

    • To clarify relationships between cluster/sector and relevant actors.

  • The SAG:

    • Should not act as a de facto working group but should retain the aim of strategic support, otherwise it is too much of a burden on SAG members.

    • TOR should be reviewed and revised, and retain oversight/advisory role. Membership to be rotational by staggered to retain memory.

    • Decision making role should be defined better, along with ensuring that partners are consulted/informed on all issues.

Internal linkages: related to SAG

  • SAG with GNC

    • SAG is a sub-set of GNC

    • Provides oversight and direction

    • Rotating membership

  • NCC with GNC

    • NCC placed at the core as they perform 100% cluster work(more than invitees –TBD)

  • Task Force with SAG and GNC

    • GNC collective takes decision to form a TF

External linkages between GNC and other agencies/initiatives

  • GNC needs to articulate its purpose concisely and communicate it externally to a range of audiences, including potential partners.

  • Area of work where partnerships may be beneficial should be identified by the GNC.

  • Objectives and outputs, roles and added value of partnerships in line with the GNC purpose need to be clearly articulated

External linkages between GNC and other agencies/initiatives

  • Need to clarify process (and who leads) for identifying, establishing, strengthening external partnerships. (Not everyone is in the same meetings).

  • Resource requirements of each potential partnership need to be analyzed.

  • Partnerships w/ CMAM forum, SCN and SUN should be further developed.

Any additional statements?

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