Is u s intervention in libya a morally right decision
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Is U.S. intervention in Libya a morally right decision? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Is U.S. intervention in Libya a morally right decision?. According to the Principle of Utility…. http:// Thesis.

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Is U.S. intervention in Libya a morally right decision?

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Is U.S. intervention in Libya a morally right decision?

According to the Principle of Utility…


  • Yes, according to the Principle of Utility, U.S intervention in Libya is morally right!

The Situation in Libya

  • Due to current political turmoil in the Middle East…

    • Rebels in Libya are fighting against the dictator Gaddafi, for their freedom.

    • Gaddafi is using brutal force when fighting them, killing many.

Principle of Utility

  • According to John Stuart Mill’s text, Utilitarianism, The Principle of Utility states…

    • Maximize benefits

    • Minimize harms

    • Allow the greatest amount of pleasure

The options…

  • Send troops to help Libya’s rebels


  • Do nothing


Help Them Out



Libyan rebel lives lost

Libyan Army lives lost

American soldiers lives lost

American money/resources spent

Duty to help other nations in turmoil

Libyan rebel lives saved

Control of Libyan Oil

Improved relations with Libya


Do Nothing



American soldiers lives saved

American money/resources saved

Libyan rebels lives lost

Libyan Army lives lost

Lost oil investment


  • Operation Iraqi Freedom…

    • Deployed 466,985 total personnel

    • $917,744,361.55 spent in a 9 months

    • 4,421 total deaths, 3,491 KIA

  • Was it worth it?

Ethical Objection!

  • The numbers do not support the Principle of Utility…

    • A lot of life being lost

    • Appears to be more harm than benefit


  • Though the numbers do not support, the entire idea is morally right.

  • Overall will bring more happiness to Libya, the Middle East, and the world.

  • Lives lost are a small price to pay for freedom

Political Objection!

  • Starting another foreign conflict is a bad idea…

    • Aid, in any form, is expensive.

    • Helping another country instead of helping our own.

    • Taking more soldiers away from home.

    • A lot of death involved, on both sides.


  • Helping another country fight for freedom

  • Saving lives in the process

  • Gaining allies

  • Money spent can be refunded in oil…


  • Helping Libya in their current situation would be a morally right decision.

  • Produces more benefits than harms.

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