Is u s intervention in libya a morally right decision
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Is U.S. intervention in Libya a morally right decision? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Is U.S. intervention in Libya a morally right decision?. According to the Principle of Utility…. http:// Thesis.

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Is u s intervention in libya a morally right decision

Is U.S. intervention in Libya a morally right decision?

According to the Principle of Utility…


  • Yes, according to the Principle of Utility, U.S intervention in Libya is morally right!

The situation in libya
The Situation in Libya

  • Due to current political turmoil in the Middle East…

    • Rebels in Libya are fighting against the dictator Gaddafi, for their freedom.

    • Gaddafi is using brutal force when fighting them, killing many.

Principle of utility
Principle of Utility

  • According to John Stuart Mill’s text, Utilitarianism, The Principle of Utility states…

    • Maximize benefits

    • Minimize harms

    • Allow the greatest amount of pleasure

The options
The options…

  • Send troops to help Libya’s rebels


  • Do nothing

Help them out


Help Them Out



Libyan rebel lives lost

Libyan Army lives lost

American soldiers lives lost

American money/resources spent

Duty to help other nations in turmoil

Libyan rebel lives saved

Control of Libyan Oil

Improved relations with Libya

Do nothing


Do Nothing



American soldiers lives saved

American money/resources saved

Libyan rebels lives lost

Libyan Army lives lost

Lost oil investment


  • Operation Iraqi Freedom…

    • Deployed 466,985 total personnel

    • $917,744,361.55 spent in a 9 months

    • 4,421 total deaths, 3,491 KIA

  • Was it worth it?

Ethical objection
Ethical Objection!

  • The numbers do not support the Principle of Utility…

    • A lot of life being lost

    • Appears to be more harm than benefit


  • Though the numbers do not support, the entire idea is morally right.

  • Overall will bring more happiness to Libya, the Middle East, and the world.

  • Lives lost are a small price to pay for freedom

Political objection
Political Objection!

  • Starting another foreign conflict is a bad idea…

    • Aid, in any form, is expensive.

    • Helping another country instead of helping our own.

    • Taking more soldiers away from home.

    • A lot of death involved, on both sides.


  • Helping another country fight for freedom

  • Saving lives in the process

  • Gaining allies

  • Money spent can be refunded in oil…


  • Helping Libya in their current situation would be a morally right decision.

  • Produces more benefits than harms.

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