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Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS)
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"HospitalSoftwareShop PACS is a fully web-based image management solution, vital to the improvement and cost effectiveness of Radiology workflow. HSS PACS is integrated with RIS. Contact us for a demo."/>

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HospitalSoftwareShop PACS | A Powerful, Web-based, Cost-Effe...

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Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS)

E-Mail: info@hospitalsoftwareshop.com

Web: www.hospitalsoftwareshop.com

PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is a healthcare technology for the short- and long-term storage, retrieval, management, distribution and presentation of medical images.

A PACS allows a healthcare organization (such as a Hospital or Radiology Center) to capture, store, view and share all types of images internally and externally. When deploying a PACS, the organization needs to consider the environment in which it will be used (In-patient, Diagnostics - X-Ray, Sonography, Scan, MRI, Specialties) and the other electronic systems with which it will integrate.



HSS PACS solution supports modalities like:

  • CT

  • MRI

  • CR / DR




  • HSS PACS is designed to give you the tools you need, with the support you need, everyday.

  • HSS PACS 'networks' with any digital modality or archive, immediately allowing users with standard PCs to view full-quality, non-compressed images over LAN network connection. Radiologists, clinicians, referring physicians are enabled to use the integrated Viewer to view DICOM images in lossless quality from anywhere at any time, in real time.

  • HSS PACS utilizes existing network infrastructure and hardware. It further reduces the cost by filmless transition without compromising on quality of service.


  • HSS PACS uses several protocols for a DICOM viewer to retrieve images from a PACS server (HSS PACS is compatible with all these protocols):

  • C-MOVE. This protocol REQUIRES to declare each DICOM viewer on the PACS server (see below). Most DICOM viewers are compatible with this protocol.

  • C-GET. This protocol doesn’t require to declare the DICOM viewer on the PACS server. Only few DICOM viewers support this protocol.

  • WADO. This protocol doesn’t require to declare the DICOM viewer on the PACS server. Only few DICOM viewers support this protocol. This protocol is extremely fast. As far as possible this protocol is recommend to use.

HSS PACS Key Modules


  • Stores a database containing the images

  • Connects to multiple clients that can retrieve and display these images on medical imaging software.

  • Stores images in DICOM format. The modalities (CT, MRI, CR /DR, MAMMOGRAPHY, CATHLAB, ULTRASOUND)

  • The server and the clients communicate by using the DICOM protocol (DICOM C-Store, WADO or Query & Retrieve).


  • Can retrieve and display these images on medical imaging software.

  • Communicate with the PACS Server through DICOM Protocol (C-Store, WADO, Query or Retrieve)


  • Full screen display for optimal screen usage

  • Standard and user defined Windows

  • Left/Right markers

  • Flip/Rotate

  • Zoom and Pan

  • Gray scale invert

  • Hounsfield Unit for CT

  • Measurement tools including gray scale, line, angle and ROI

  • Annotations

  • Professional viewing on any Personal Computer

  • Study Browsing

  • User specific customization

  • Study Comparison

  • Email Sending

  • Export Images to different format

  • Easy typing of text reports


  • Template based Reporting tools

  • System Administration

  • Storage (Long term & Short Term) capacity

  • Print images and reports in flexible formats using predefined and user definable templates

  • Paper printers (Laser / Inkjet) can also be connected for printing images and reports

  • 3D tools (MIP, MinIP, VRT, SSD, MPR WINDOW, Single CUT Plane, and Double CUT Plane).

  • Film printing with various standard layouts.


  • View images

  • Share images

  • Readymade templates for all the modalities of Radiology

  • Easily customizable

  • Globally accessible

  • DICOM Compliant

  • Integrated with PACS


  • Reduces the cost of radiology by eliminating the need to have hardcopy films and the associated storage space required for the same. The cost of digital storage has decreased drastically over the past few years.

  • PACS provides a faster and more reliable way of retrieving prior images.

  • PACS enables remote access of the images helping the radiologist to manage his/her time effectively.

  • PACS provides for easy integration of images into the hospital information systems. This enables an effective way of managing comprehensive patient information providing a single point of access for all patient information.

  • As the images and reports are transmitted digitally, when combined with an effective workflow this can deliver a fast report turnaround. This enables more rapid diagnosis and enhances patient care.


  • It enables faster peer review of the reports and subspecialty second opinions resulting in a significant improvement in accuracy of diagnosis and patient care.

  • Better analysis of accuracy rates, Turn-around-times (TATs) for reports that help to make management decisions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the radiology practice.

  • Security and HIPAA compliance is facilitated by using PACS systems.


  • HospitalSoftwareShop.com is India’s First Online Store providing IT Solutions to hospitals – Super and Multi-specialty, Eye Hospitals, IVF Centres, doctor’s clinics of various specialties and pathology labs & diagnostic centres,. TeleMedicine, TelePathology & TeleRadiology are latest additions to the portfolio. HSS provides the widest range of software for the healthcare vertical.

  • HSS has been listed amongst India’s 20 Most Promising Healthcare Software Companies by CIO Review Magazine.


    • Maximum of product variants available

    • Annuity based revenue model

    • Cloud and Web-based Variants available

  • CLIENTELE: HSS has catered to several hospitals, eye hospitals, IVF centers, clinics and diagnostic labs.

    • Operates across the length and breadth of India.

    • Reseller Network of over 200+ Experts

    • Also catering to the African Markets.

    • Getting strong inquiries from Europe & GCC, planning to enter these markets


Hospital Software Shop

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Website: www.hospitalsoftwareshop.com

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