Experiment 1
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Experiment 1. * Part A: Circuit Basics, Equipment, Sound Waves * Part B: Resistors, Circuit Analysis, Voltage Dividers * Part C: Capture/PSpice. Part A. Circuit Basics Equipment Sound Waves. Automobile Electronics. Previously all mechanical systems have become increasingly electronic

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Experiment 1

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Experiment 1

Experiment 1

* Part A: Circuit Basics, Equipment, Sound Waves

* Part B: Resistors, Circuit Analysis, Voltage Dividers

* Part C: Capture/PSpice

Part a

Part A

  • Circuit Basics

  • Equipment

  • Sound Waves

Automobile electronics

Automobile Electronics

  • Previously all mechanical systems have become increasingly electronic

  • Over the past few years, for example, the automobile has begun to use more computers (microcontrollers)

  • How many microcontrollers are typically found in a modern automobile?

Automobile electronics1

Automobile Electronics

Physical model for a dc circuit

Physical Model for a DC circuit

Physical model for resistance

Physical Model for Resistance

Physics vs electronics

Physics vs. Electronics

Ohm s law

Ohm’s Law

Alternating current generators

Alternating Current Generators


Ac circuits

AC Circuits

Review of sinusoids

Review of Sinusoids

General form of the sinusoid

General form of the Sinusoid

Dc source e3631a


Do Not Use


-25 to 0 VOLTS

0 to 6 VOLTS



0 to 25 VOLTS

DC Source E3631A

Function generator 33120a

Function Generator 33120A

Digital multimeter 34401a

Digital Multimeter 34401A

Oscilloscope 54600b

Oscilloscope 54600B



  • Definition: a general measure of how a circuit affects the current through it.

  • Impedance = resistance + reactance

  • Impedance is used to refer to the behavior of circuits with resistors, capacitors and other components.

  • In a resistive circuit, impedance=resistance.

Equipment impedances

Equipment Impedances

  • Each measuring device changes the circuit when you use it.

  • The impedance of the device helps you understand how much.

  • Device Impedances

    • Function Generator: 50 ohms

    • ‘Scope: 1Meg ohms

    • DMM (DC voltage): 10Meg ohms

    • DMM (AC voltage): 1Meg ohms

    • DMM (DC current): 5 ohms (negligible)

Effect of impedance on circuit

Effect of Impedance on Circuit

What to do

What to do

How ears work

How Ears Work


Part b

Part B

  • Resistors

  • Circuit Analysis

  • Voltage Dividers

Combining resistors in series

Combining Resistors in Series

Combining resistors in parallel

Combining Resistors in Parallel

Reading resistors

Reading Resistors


Measuring voltage

Measuring Voltage

Voltage dividers

Voltage Dividers

More on voltage dividers

More on Voltage Dividers

Kirchoff s laws

Kirchoff’s Laws

Circuit analysis kirchoff method

Circuit Analysis (Kirchoff Method)

Circuit analysis combination method

Circuit Analysis (Combination Method)



Part c

Part C

  • Capture/PSpice

    • Circuit Analysis Software









Adding traces

Adding Traces

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