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Bridging the rural urban gap: A report on a grade 12 / university videoconference transition program
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Bridging the rural urban gap: A report on a grade 12 / university videoconference transition program. Peter Cornish, Denise Bernier, Kristin Newman, Beth Robinson, Susan Pardy, & Jennifer Browne. Rationale for Study.

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Peter Cornish, Denise Bernier, Kristin Newman, Beth Robinson, Susan Pardy, & Jennifer Browne

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Peter cornish denise bernier kristin newman beth robinson susan pardy jennifer browne

Bridging the rural urban gap: A report on a grade 12 / university videoconference transition program

Peter Cornish, Denise Bernier, Kristin Newman, Beth Robinson, Susan Pardy, & Jennifer Browne

Rationale for study

Rationale for Study

  • Assumption: Rural students typically experience more difficulty adjusting to university and accessing university services

  • Question: Is it possible to provide a practical and effective orientation via videoconference?

Overview of study

Overview of Study

  • Purpose: To determine if a videoconference orientation program improves high school students’ knowledge of university programs, their career plan and themselves

  • Participants: Grade 12 students in two rural communities

  • Results: Increased self-reported knowledge of programs, improved career plans, but no change in general self-efficacy



  • Students’ self-reported knowledge of the topics presented and services described will increase as a result of the program

  • Motivation for academic and career planning will increase

  • Self reported knowledge of career plans will increase

  • Self-efficacy will improve

Outline of program

Outline of Program

  • Collaborative project involving 4 departments (Counselling, Career, Advising, Student Success)

  • Students were provided with information and experiences via distance technology to assist in their planning for university

  • Career planning activities

  • Academic planning activities

  • Orientation activities

Session 1 career planning

Session 1: Career Planning

  • Pre-session homework: learning/personality styles, values & interests

  • Videoconference: interpretation, career & counselling services description & video, questions

Career planning pre session homework sample

Career Planning: Pre-Session Homework Sample

Follow the directions to complete the Interest Checklist, in order to identify your preferred Holland interest themes.

1) Circle the activities that sound appealing to you whether you have done them or not. Do not consider your skill, only your interest in the activity.

2) Review the categories and identify your first, second, and third most appealing themes. This is your Holland Code

Session 2 academic planning

Session 2: Academic Planning

  • Pre-session homework: on-line career search, education needs assessment, choose

    Memorial program of study

  • Videoconference: homework review,

    service description & video, questions

Academic planning pre session homework sample

Academic Planning: Pre-Session Homework Sample

Step 1: Career Options

The Career Cruising website provides detailed information on an assortment of careers (e.g., job description, working conditions, earnings, education, career path, related jobs, and interviews with those in the field).

Go to (username: memorialuni/ password: stjohns).

Click on Explore Careers.

Explore career possibilities relevant to each of your top three Holland Codes or Themes.

Session 3 campus orientation

Session 3: Campus Orientation

  • Pre-session homework: Memorial website scavenger hunt, service needs assessment

  • Videoconference: homework review, service description & video, questions

Campus orientation pre session homework sample

Campus Orientation: Pre-Session Homework Sample

  • You can access ANSWERS, a division of Student Services, by going

  • to room UC- _____ in the University Centre or by going online to

  • __________.

  • To help level three students enhance their leadership skills and

  • become more familiar with MUN, ANSWERS offers a program called

  • __. E. __. __., which is an acronym for __________ __________

  • __________ __________.

Pilot project participants

Pilot Project Participants

  • Grade 12

  • N=27



Port aux Basques

St. John’s

Results career planning

Results – Career Planning

  • No significant difference in identification of a career plan, pre vs post

  • Reported motivation to engage in career planning increased significantly

Results academic planning

Results: Academic Planning

  • Reported knowledge of academic training required for careers of interest increased significantly

  • Motivation to engage in more academic planning increased significantly

Results career academic planning

Results – Career & Academic Planning

Knowledge of career plan (n.s.)

Knowledge of training required

Motivation for career planning

Motivation for academic planning

Results knowledge of student services

Results: Knowledge of Student Services

  • Reported knowledge of all student services increased significantly

Academic Advising


Centre for Career Development

Counselling Centre

Results self efficacy

Results: Self-Efficacy

  • No significant change in Self-Efficacy

Existing sites

Existing Sites



Port aux Basques

Potential future sites

Potential Future Sites

Goose Bay

St. Anthony


Bonne Bay




Harbour Breton

Port aux Basques

Relationship building with rural communities

Relationship building with rural communities

Rural Mental Health Interprofessional

Training Project (

  • All health professionals in 8 rural communities

  • Goal: facilitate team-building around mental health services

  • 26 hours of video-conference training over 3 months

Transition study limitations

Transition Study Limitations


  • Self-report measures

  • Follow-up incomplete


  • Satellite expensive

  • Less expensive web-based program may be more efficient



  • Students reported both satisfaction and increased knowledge of services and the processes of career and academic planning

  • No change in actual career plans or general self-efficacy

  • Need follow-up

  • Alternate technologies may be needed



  • M

    - Counselling Centre predoctoral interns

    2004-2007 (Karen Gilleta, Jackie

    Hesson, Kristin Newman, Susan Pardy,

    Denise Bernier, Beth Robinson)

    - Centre for Career Development staff

    - Answers staff

    - Academic Advising staff (Registrar’s


  • Rural school counsellors & students

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