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SWMP Case Study New Library Construction Project Adrian Davis Environmental Manager - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SWMP Case Study New Library Construction Project Adrian Davis Environmental Manager Estates Department. Contents. Background to project Sustainability credentials The Contractor’s Approach Awareness training Checklists Reporting The ‘gaps’ Conclusion. The Brief.

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Presentation Transcript

SWMP Case Study

New Library Construction Project

Adrian Davis

Environmental Manager

Estates Department


  • Background to project

  • Sustainability credentials

  • The Contractor’s Approach

    • Awareness training

    • Checklists

    • Reporting

  • The ‘gaps’

  • Conclusion

The brief
The Brief

Estates Department

Project headline infomation
Project ‘Headline’ Infomation

Total cost £43M

  • Library 17,600 m2

  • Mathematics Building 2,200 m2

  • Total Gross Internal Area 19,800m2


  • Submission of Planning Application Late July 04

  • Development of Detailed Design September 04 – March 05

  • Project start August 05

  • Project completion February 09

Estates Department

Site plan pre project
Site Plan Pre Project

Estates Department

Project completion
Project completion

Estates Department

New library

Estates Department

Project environmental credentials
Project Environmental Credentials

  • Project registered with Considerate Constructors Scheme

  • Main Contractor, O’Hare & McGovern (OHMG), ISO14001 Certified

  • Sustainable Construction Considerations included in design brief

  • BREEAM Assessment completed (Design)

    • Very Good

Estates Department

Why a swmp in this project
Why a SWMP in this project?

  • Within tender specification, requirement placed on the contractor to develop an effective system for waste management. Specifically asked to

    • Provide a monthly waste report

    • Provide copies of all licences for disposal sites/ MRFs/ Transfer Stations

    • Provide copies of carriers licences for all waste contractors

    • Consider recycling of waste materials

      Contractor proposed a Site Waste Management Plan in its tender submission

Estates Department

Swmp process within ohmg
SWMP process within OHMG

  • Relatively new initiative within the company

  • Fully supported and driven ‘from the top’

  • Emphasis on training of all levels of direct staff and sub contractors

  • Contracts Managers are tasked with drafting and maintaining SWMP for their projects (Site Champions)

  • Project Engineers are set waste reduction targets (i.e. encouraged to only ‘order what they need’).

    • Achievement of targets forms element of appraisal

Estates Department

Swmp process within ohmg cont d
SWMP process within OHMG (cont’d)

  • SWMPs undergo progress reviews by Q&E Manager

    • Reviews attended by Contract Manager, Site Engineer(s), Site Foreman

    • Opportunities to improve/ lessons learnt forms one of the main discussion points

  • SWMPs also reviewed through ISO14001Internal Audit process e.g. where site inspections identify over ordering of materials, Site Engineer questioned

Estates Department

The contractor s approach awareness training
The Contractor’s Approach- Awareness Training

  • Delivered by Main Contractor’s Environmental and Quality Manager

    • SWMP training for Contracts Managers and Site Agents

    • General environmental awareness and waste management training for Managerial & Supervisory staff

    • Environmental awareness training for OHMG Site Operatives

    • Environmental awareness and waste management induction training for all subcontractors

Estates Department

Pre contract checklists
Pre contract checklists

Three main checklists produced for use in developing SWMPs for projects

  • Checklist 1- to make the Contract Manager think about the types of waste generated throughout the stages of the contract

  • Checklist 2- to allow the Contact Manager to come up with estimated volumes

  • Checklist 3- to record arrangements to manage the waste

Estates Department

Checklist1 types of waste
Checklist1-Types of waste

Estates Department

Monthly waste plan
Monthly waste plan

A monthly waste plan is produced throughout the project and sent through for review

Each plan contains the following sections

  • Description of the development

  • Staff with specific SWMP responsibilities

  • Waste movements for the month

    • Segregated waste

    • Mixed waste

  • Description of skip positioning

  • Waste contractor and disposal/ recycling site details

  • Monthly waste summary

Estates Department

1 description of development
1. Description of Development

Four Storey Library and Computer Centre approx 18,000m2

Mathematics Building approx 2,100 m2

Estates Department

2 staff responsibilities
2. Staff responsibilities

Estates Department

3 waste movements wood
3. Waste movements- Wood

Estates Department

4 description of skip positioning
4. Description of skip positioning

Skip Area

Estates Department


Estates Department

Material storage
Material Storage

Estates Department

The gaps
The ‘gaps’

  • Large scale project, time pressures

  • Availability of adequate resource to manage

  • Space restrictions

  • Quality of waste data received for inclusion in reports (GIGO)

    • Tonnage vs cubic yard

    • Accuracy of reported weights/ volumes

    • Split of recycled/ landfilled for waste lifted by Ace Bates

Estates Department


  • A good start

  • Contractor must be commended for undertaking this time consuming but worthwhile exercise

  • Contractor will be competent when the regulations are introduced within NI, reducing potential for legal exposure

  • It has demonstrated the huge volumes/ tonnage of waste generated during construction projects at the University and the associated environmental impact, which has resulted in Senior Management within the Department becoming more aware of the issue

Estates Department


Estates Department