Home appliance maintenance guide
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Regular Home Appliance Maintenance Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Make your home appliance to work better condition regularly by following these simple steps

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Regular Home Appliance Maintenance Tips

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Home appliance maintenance guide

Home Appliance Maintenance Guide

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Appliances that require most attention

Appliances That Require Most Attention

Following are the appliances that require maximum attention:

  • Refrigerator

  • Washing machine

  • Dishwasher

  • Oven/ Range

  • Clothes Dryer

    Let’s see how the above appliances can be maintained in good working condition!



  • Clean the whole unit, especially the condenser coils once in every 6 months

  • Never place the unit in direct sunlight

  • Ensure that the doors seal properly

  • Interior temperature of the unit should be set to 400 F

  • Any ice build-up within the unit must be removed immediately

Washing machine

Washing Machine

  • Filters must be changed after every load

  • Regularly monitor the hoses and screens for any build-up

  • Avoid overloading the washing machine as it strains it’s mechanical parts

  • Avoid underloading the machine as it leads to off-balance cycles



  • Set the water heater to 1200F as it is the ideal temperature for the unit

  • Use the “overnight dry” option whenever possible

  • Periodically check the doors to see if they seal properly

  • While loading dishes, take care to see that the racks are not damaged

Oven range

Oven/ Range

  • Clean the unit every week

  • The oven and the area around it must be kept dry at all times

  • Self cleaning ovens use up a lot of energy, switch to gas ovens for reduced power consumption

  • Always follow the instructions mentioned in the user’s manual properly

Clothes dryer

Clothes Dryer

  • Avoid overloading to reduce strain on mechanical parts

  • Keeping the lint filter and areas below it clean will ensure proper ventilation

  • Filters must be changed after each load

  • Once a month, use detergents to remove chemical residues

  • Keep the exhaust dryer duct clear of debris

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