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OPERA bricks development
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OPERA bricks development @ LNGS. G.Rosa, C.Sirignano. Emulsion Workshop, 7-9 December 2006. Development facility commissioning. Last October and November several activities took place at LNGS, every week at least 5 people (Bari, Bologna, Roma and Salerno) were

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OPERA bricks development @ LNGS

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Opera bricks development lngs

OPERA bricks development @ LNGS

G.Rosa, C.Sirignano

Emulsion Workshop, 7-9 December 2006

Opera bricks development lngs

Development facility commissioning

Last October and November several activities took place at LNGS,

every week at least 5 people (Bari, Bologna, Roma and Salerno) were

on shift in order to be ready to handle real bricks.

  • Dark room set up (safe lights)

  • Climatization tuning

  • Develop tanks tests and cleaning (water + chemicals)

  • Automatic disposal of chemicals

  • Gridding machine installation

Opera bricks development lngs



Opera bricks development lngs

2 chains ready since November 3rd to be used in manual mode

  • Chemical preparation - Manual

  • Development - Manual

  • Chemical disposal - Automatic

First development done using the first chain (Oct 25 th)

1 chain commissioned November 2nd (10 bricks successfully developed)

Opera bricks development lngs

Development quality

  • 10 bricks from BAM (wrong piling or incorrect wrapping)

  • (1 developed in CS facility as reference)

  • OPERA like procedure (transportation, labeling)

  • Standard develop procedure and solution refresh rate

  • Emulsion quality monitoring (trasparency and fog count)

Opera bricks development lngs

Film transparency is good and no degradation observed up to now

(yellowing or abnormal thickness).

Two more months at least are needed to be sure that films will not turn

to yellow, anyway no dramatic effects detected.

Films having hole (first shipment)

Opera bricks development lngs


Transfer of chemicals from preparation tanks

Fresh water in

250 l

250 l

250 l

750 l

500 l

250 l

750 l










30 l

30 l

30 l

30 l

45 l

45 l

45 l

300 l



Waste 2

Waste 3

Waste 1

Opera bricks development lngs

14 bricks were developed using the standard procedure

9 bricks were used for cosmic test

5 bricks extracted from the detector

OPERA bricks development (Nov 2006)

We used for cosmic test some bricks that BAM tagged as “out of spec”

because of wrong Z dimension; that means they had double lead layers

or double emulsion layers.

CS were developed in the underground facility and ECC films + VETO films

added during the cosmic exposure were developed outside.

Opera bricks development lngs

CS films measurements

We carried on a single development

for all CS films and related FD are the


FD same as TTCS sample developed in August

TTCS same sample ???

Opera bricks development lngs

In order to study more in details fog-up problem on double refreshed films

a new exposure at BTF (Frascati) is planned fro the next week and films will

be developed at LNGS starting from Dec 20th.

Opera bricks development lngs

ECC films measurements

We carried on a single development

for ECC and VETO films:

VETO films FD is 7.5 + 0.5 .

First shipment + hole

Opera bricks development lngs


2nd shipment


1st shipment

Opera bricks development lngs

Develop order

Cosmic test bricks

Opera bricks development lngs

Extracted bricks

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