Livestock equipment identification
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Livestock Equipment Identification. Categories of Use. Castration or Tail Docking. Burdizzo Emasculatome. Castration or Tail Docking. Elastrator. Castration or Tail Docking. Emasculator. Breeding, Reproduction, Birthing. French Straw Gun. Breeding, Reproduction, Birthing.

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Presentation Transcript

Castration or tail docking l.jpg
Castration or Tail Docking

Burdizzo Emasculatome

Breeding reproduction birthing6 l.jpg
Breeding, Reproduction, Birthing

Hog Breeding Spirette

Medication preventive health care l.jpg
Medication & Preventive Health Care

Balling Gun

Medication preventive health care10 l.jpg
Medication & Preventive Health Care

Cow Magnet

Medication preventive health care11 l.jpg
Medication & Preventive Health Care

Disposable Syringe

Medication preventive health care12 l.jpg
Medication & Preventive Health Care

Drench Gun

Medication preventive health care13 l.jpg
Medication & Preventive Health Care

Esophageal Feeder

Medication preventive health care14 l.jpg
Medication & Preventive Health Care

Ewe Prolapse Retainer

Medication preventive health care15 l.jpg
Medication & Preventive Health Care

Artery Forceps (Hemostat)

Medication preventive health care16 l.jpg
Medication & Preventive Health Care

Lamb Tube Feeder

Medication preventive health care17 l.jpg
Medication & Preventive Health Care

Multidose Syringe

Medication preventive health care18 l.jpg
Medication & Preventive Health Care

Needle Teeth Nippers

Medication preventive health care19 l.jpg
Medication & Preventive Health Care

Tooth Float

Animal identification l.jpg
Animal Identification

Branding Iron

Animal identification22 l.jpg
Animal Identification

Ear Tag Applicator

Animal identification24 l.jpg
Animal Identification

Slap Tattooer

Animal identification25 l.jpg
Animal Identification

Tattoo Pliers

Foot care l.jpg
Foot Care

Foot Trimming Shears

Foot care27 l.jpg
Foot Care

Hoof Knife

Foot care28 l.jpg
Foot Care

Hoof Pick

Dehorning l.jpg

Barnes Dehorner

Grooming l.jpg

Sweat Scrape

Grooming31 l.jpg

Wool Card

Animal restraint l.jpg
Animal Restraint

Hog Snare

Animal restraint33 l.jpg
Animal Restraint

Nose Lead

Animal restraint34 l.jpg
Animal Restraint

Pig Hurdle

Farm management l.jpg
Farm Management

Fence Pliers

Farm management37 l.jpg
Farm Management

Implant Gun