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PA Gifted Education Update. Intermediate Unit 1 Gifted Teacher Consortium October 28, 2009. Pennsylvania Department of Education Gifted Resources Coming Soon. A Gifted IEP Model is coming soon .

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PA Gifted Education Update

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PA Gifted Education Update

Intermediate Unit 1 Gifted Teacher Consortium

October 28, 2009

Pennsylvania Department of Education Gifted Resources Coming Soon

  • A Gifted IEP Model is coming soon.

    • Has been revised and is currently in legal review at the PA Department of Education

    • “Needs” and “Strengths” may be added to the forms

    • “Support Services” – need a collaboration between gifted support services and regular education

  • An Annotated GIEP will be available soon.

    • Is currently in legal review.

  • Pennsylvania Department of Education Gifted Resources Coming Soon

    • Compliance Monitoring Manual

      Currently being revised - then must go through legal review process

    • Gifted Guidelines

      Have been approved by legal – expect it soon

    • New Parent Guide

      In the process of being revised

    Pennsylvania Department of Education Gifted Resources Coming Soon

    • Inservice Training

      • Webinar being scheduled for January, 2010

        Will focus on writing annual goals and objectives

        Will be conducted by the Bureau of Teaching & Learning

    Some Major Points Shared….

    • “Needs” are only in terms of gifted education

      only (ex. acceleration in a higher course,

      exposure to the debating process). Should not

      be to remediate a deficit. This requires a 504 or

      indicate need for evaluation on a Chapter 14 IEP.

    • Progress Monitoring? Not the same as special education, but there must be accountability for

      gifted. Short-term learning objectives must have

      criteria and be measurable as to what the student

      has learned. Progress must be monitored.

    Some Major Points Shared….

    • Students must be identified using multi-pronged criteria and must require SDI.

    • Regular education teachers should have a copy of the full GIEP, locked cabinet.

      (Collaboration and support strongly suggested)

    • PLEPs should not look the same from year to year – must be updated yearly to identify needs.

    PLEP Items You’ve Questioned

    Ability & Assessment Test Scores:

    4Sight Reading-Math Benchmarks, Study Island,

    GMADE, GRADE, Burns/Row Reading Inventory

    Group & Individual Achievement Scores:

    Terra Nova, IOWA, Weschler Individual Achievement Test, Woodcock-Johnson


    Report Cards (Indicate mastery of enrolled grade level work–student’s true mastery level?) Projects

    Progress on Goals:

    GIEP – Progress(data) on previous GIEP’s Goals and Short-term Outcomes

    PLEP Items You’ve Questioned

    Instructional Levels:

    Curriculum-Based Assessment-98% on Algebra II Program, Reading on a 4th to 6th grade level, Scoring 4’s on a four point rubic in district’s

    Writing Prompts Program, Spelling words

    successfully on an individual spelling list made

    from the National Spelling Bee Level2 list (Try

    to compare functioning levels to district curr.)

    Aptitudes, Interests, Specialized Skills

    Student/Parent Input, Current Events, Chess,

    Problem Solving Competitions, Reads-writes-

    loves science fiction, 3-digit mental math

    Student One

    Present Level

    Student One writes descriptively, including the use of above grade level vocabulary, syntax, and semantic skills. She has won several creative writing contests. PSSA scores at the advanced proficiency level in writing. Consistently earns a 5 on the district’s Writing Prompts Program five-point rubric.


    Student One will write in a variety of genres.


    Student One will use prose and poetic models to write essays, narratives, and poems.

    Student Two

    Present Level of Performance

    Student Two can mentally add and subtract 3 digit numbers with accuracy. She knows all addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts through 12. She is currently working on mastery of division facts with quick success. Current curriculum-based assessment scores in the 95% to 100% range.


    Student Two will be accelerated one grade level for mathematics instruction.


    Student Two will complete all classwork, homework, quizzes, and tests in the 4th grade mathematics curriculum.

    Student Three

    Present Level of Performance

    Student Three has a strong interest and exceptional ability in math and science. He was an outstanding student in AP Biology and scored a 4 on the AP Biology Exam. He wishes to pursue a career in the medical field.


    Student Three will investigate career choices in the medical and science field.


    Student Three will complete 2 job shadowing experiences of his choice in the medical and science areas.


    Absences for job shadowing experiences will be considered excused at the school.





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