State and national issues
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State and National Issues. Presented to 59 th FAPT Conference West Palm Beach June 27, 2006. Here we go … (in no particular order). Legislation, 2005 and 2006 Security Issues Head Start Regs Federal Physical Standards Ag Trucks. Here we go … (in no particular order).

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State and National Issues

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Presentation Transcript

State and National Issues

Presented to 59th FAPT Conference

West Palm Beach

June 27, 2006

Here we go…(in no particular order)

  • Legislation, 2005 and 2006

  • Security Issues

  • Head Start Regs

  • Federal Physical Standards

  • Ag Trucks

59th FAPT Conference

Here we go…(in no particular order)

  • FAPT-recommended State Board Rules

  • SESPTC and Scholarship

  • S-endorsement and DHSMV Records

  • STMS Customer Survey

  • School Bus Bid Renewal and New Bid

  • OTETA Contract Reprocurement

59th FAPT Conference

Here we go…(in no particular order)

  • Review of Crashes and Reporting

  • Videos and Confidentiality

  • FAPT Website- Surveys, Dates…

  • Reporting of Student Data for Funding

  • Funding and Growth Trends

  • Monitoring Process (incl. ESE)

59th FAPT Conference

Here we go…(in no particular order)

  • Hazardous Walking Reporting

  • School Bus Quality and Delivery

  • O2, CSRSs, and Kelsey Ryan Act

  • New curriculum (could it be?)

59th FAPT Conference

Here we go…(in no particular order)

  • Bus Specs Updates

  • Hybrids, ULSD, Bio-diesel

  • Online Testing of Bus Inspectors

  • NCST Wrap-up

  • Others???

59th FAPT Conference

Legislation 2005

  • Only two significant bills:

    • Implementing legislation for S-endorsement

    • Appropriations: $451,431,961

  • Significant FAPT input into two failed bills to remove lap belts requirement

  • FAPT Position on safety restraints

59th FAPT Conference

Proposed Legislation 2006

  • 99 and 622- Diana Kautz Safety Sponsors Act (failed)

  • 91 and others- Proximity of sexual offenders to bus stops (failed)

  • 359 and 1050- Driver cost-of-living increase (failed)

59th FAPT Conference

Passed Legislation 2006

  • Transportation FEFP- increased 10% to $496,575,157 (for fuel and other costs)

  • A++ (HB 7087)- Improvements to MS and HS learning; school opens no earlier than 14 days before Labor Day

  • HB 1465- Enhanced Speed Limit Penalty Zones; multi-agency traffic safety study

  • SB 428- Increases mileage to $.445

59th FAPT Conference

Passed Legislation 2006

  • SB 772- Relating to schools:

    • Was endorsed by FAPT to limit exceptions to use of buses

    • Clarifies that charter schools and districts may only use certain vehicles (NOT full size vans) for incidental transportation

    • Adds some agricultural education trips to limited circumstances when cars, trucks, or MPVs may be used

    • Students must be belted, may not drive on public right of way; may drive on private property if no other students

    • Drivers must comply with safe driver plan; driving records must be reviewed

    • Must have policy for liability and stating buses are to be used whenever practical

59th FAPT Conference

Security Issues

  • School Bus Watch (SBW) program introduced in Osceola County, Lake Yale

  • New School Transportation Security Awareness (STSA) DVD available now

  • TSA has on-site security assessment program

  • NSTA, NAPT, NASDPTS coordinating SBW

59th FAPT Conference

Head Start Regs

  • Deadline for requirement to transport in school buses or AAVs extended to 6/30/06

  • Waivers may be granted from CSRSs and required attendants if “significant disruption (in program) and in best interests of children involved.”

  • NPRM published 5/30/06 would allow annual waivers of CSRS and attendant requirements

59th FAPT Conference

Federal Physical Standards

  • Implemented in Florida by s.1012.45

  • Recent changes by FMCSA lower blood pressure thresholds

  • New Florida physical July 1, 2006, conforms to the federal physical

  • SAFETEA-LU required expanded exemption program for diabetes for interstate drivers

59th FAPT Conference

FAPT-recommended SBERs

  • Reviewed by FDOE management

  • Requires notice to parents about student safety responsibilities

  • Cleans up bus purchase rules

  • Requires local policies prohibiting cell phone use while actively driving and reducing idling

  • Requires pre-trip briefing for evacuation of students on field/activity trips

  • DOE will brief districts before implementation

59th FAPT Conference

SESPTC Scholarship Opportunity for 2007

  • SE States Conference offering $1,000 scholarship to each state

  • To support higher ed expenses

  • Max. income limit of $60K

  • Parent or guardian employed in public school transportation for five years

59th FAPT Conference

S-endorsement and Driver Records

  • All districts have verified compliance with S-endorsement

  • Congratulations!

  • Districts have begun reviewing driver records systems and deleting obsolete or incorrectly coded entries

  • DOE encouraging continued review

59th FAPT Conference

STMS Customer Survey

  • 58 responses to date (of 400)

  • 21 of these from trans. directors

  • High interest in state bids for video systems, parts, tires, fuel

  • Service delivery: strong on phone, email, conferences; weak on web apps, onsite visits, individual in-service

59th FAPT Conference

School Bus Bids

  • 2005-06 bid was renewed with Thomas, IC at same pricing

  • About 2,400 buses (record number)

  • New bid released by September

  • New bid will be for post-emissions buses with upgraded specs; most estimates are min. $5K increase

59th FAPT Conference

OTETA Reprocurement

  • Current contract with FirstLab expires Sept. 30, 2006

  • DOE and district advisors working with FDOT on new procurement

  • FDOT will issue RFP and award new contract

59th FAPT Conference

Crashes and Safety

  • 2005-06 to date: 11 fatalities in “other vehicle”; one pedestrian

  • Includes 7 children in tragic Union County truck-car crash; three serious injuries to bus riders and also to driver

  • 2004-05: 1 fatality on-board bus; 2 in other vehicle; 1 pedestrian hit by other vehicle; 2 peds by bus in load. zone; 1 ped by bus not in load. zone; others not classified as school bus related

59th FAPT Conference

Crashes and Safety

  • Nationally, 20 deaths in loading zone in 2004-05, incl. 14 by own bus.

  • FDOE implementing greater accountability measures for crash reporting

  • School buses remain far safer than other modes

59th FAPT Conference

Videos and Confidentiality

  • FL law classifies videos on bus as student records

  • May be shown if personally identifiable information is redacted

  • FL Supreme Court refused appeal of ruling that districts do not have to release

  • Most videos in media come from law enforcement sources; districts advised to notify agencies of student records law

59th FAPT Conference

Funding Reporting

  • All districts now using new student database reporting system

  • Requires collaboration of MIS, Finance, and Transportation

  • Districts with over 5% change being contacted and providing explanations and/or correcting data

59th FAPT Conference

Funding and Cost Trends

  • Between 1995 and 2004:

    • State funding $$$ increased 21%

    • Trans. cost increased 50%

    • % reimbursement decreased from 66% to 53% (steady decline)

    • # of eligible transported students increased 13%

    • # of miles traveled increased 20%

59th FAPT Conference

New Funding Initiative

  • Commissioner and State Board have initiated a new process for developing Legislative Budget Requests for state aid to districts and schools

  • Districts will be formally involved and will advise the Dept. and the Legislature

  • DOE wants trans. to be an active participant

59th FAPT Conference

Monitoring Changes

  • Fewer districts require on-site visits (prior compliance taken into account)

  • When on-site visit occurs, limited advance notice

  • District compliance generally improving

  • ESE component being considered

  • Process reviewed annually with districts

59th FAPT Conference

59th FAPT Conference

14th NCST

  • Thanks to Karen Strickland, Mike Connors, Jerry Klein, Linda Fultz, Bill Schroyer (your esteemed FL delegation)

  • Thanks to Chuck Stevenson, Jean Zimmerman, Mike Connors, Bill Schroyer for service on writing committees

  • 2005 NSTSP now in print for sale; also free download at

59th FAPT Conference

ULSD, Hybrids, Biodiesel

  • Sulfur in fuel reduced from 500 ppm to 15 ppm max (ULSD)

  • Fuel must be in place by October 15th

  • Engines built January 1st and up must meet new emissions specs using ULSD

  • National hybrid bus contract

  • Biodiesel being used in some districts

59th FAPT Conference


  • Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Trans. Equity Act- a Legacy for Users

  • Signed into law August 10, 2005

  • First federal law prohibiting use of new full size vans for student transportation

  • Extends longstanding Florida prohibition for public schools to prohibit van use by private schools and private providers

59th FAPT Conference

Air Conditioning and Specs

  • Comprehensive upgrade to A/C specs for 2006

  • Will allow ordering either roof-mounted or more traditional A/C systems

  • Other 2006 specs include high-back seats in all buses, three-point belts in Type A

59th FAPT Conference

Bus Quality Initiatives

  • FAPT has established ad hoc Quality Control committee to develop action plan for improving ready-to-use condition of newly delivered buses

  • FAPT Purchasing Committee continues to work on bus bid incentives for accountability of specs compliance and bus quality

59th FAPT Conference

Bus Operators and Techs- Our Lifeblood

  • MCICAB will again recognize School Bus Operator of the Year

  • FDOE participating in Florida Public School Bus Drivers Association conference

  • Kudos to all participants in Florida and International School Transportation Safety Skills Competitions

59th FAPT Conference

Hazardous Walking

  • Web reporting system updated on June 16th

  • “Attestation to accuracy” now electronic

  • DOE seeking input from district advisors on improvements to reporting and record keeping

  • Considering a “sunset” provision requiring locations be reviewed each five years

  • DOE will review reports after each survey

59th FAPT Conference

New Operator Curriculum

  • Has received first step management approval; ready for State Board

  • Completely revamps the existing curriculum

  • Special emphasis on standard student crossing and RR crossing procedures

  • And more from Kay tomorrow!

59th FAPT Conference

On-line Inspection Testing

  • Inspector recertification written test (required every 5 years) now being performed via internet application

  • Initial certification written test (100 question test) internet app now in pilot test phase

59th FAPT Conference

Kelsey Ryan Act (2005)

  • Amended s. 1002.20, F.S.

  • Gives students right to carry and self-administer epinephrine on school property

  • DOE guidelines published May 2006 cover student safety, identifying roles of parties, EMS role, nursing standards

59th FAPT Conference

Upcoming events:

  • 56th SESPTC, July 16-19, 2006, Hampton, VA

  • 24th FPSBDA, July 19-22, 2006, Sarasota

  • Int’l Safety Skills, July 23-24, 2006, Reno

  • 3rd Tech-Inspect Competition, August 3-4, 2006, Ft. Valley, GA

  • Nat’l School Bus Safety Week, Oct. 15-21, 2006

  • NASDPTS/32nd NAPT, Nov. 3-9, 2006, KC

  • 16th TSD, March 9-14, 2007, Louisville, KY

59th FAPT Conference

Recent TANs

  • Quality Link, Trans. Profiles

  • Safety Week

  • Transporting Oxygen

  • Biodiesel Fuel

  • Bus Inventory

  • Inspector Test Schedule

  • Driver Physical Form

  • ULSD Fuel

59th FAPT Conference

Record Keeping for Audits

  • Upcoming TAN providing guidelines for maintaining records needed to survive FEFP audits by Auditor General:

    • Ridership and driver worksheets

    • Student addresses archived

    • Membership categories, distance eligibility

    • IEP weighted funding

    • HazWalk

    • Summer school and SAI

    • Vehicles used

59th FAPT Conference


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    • Other staff: [email protected]

    • (850) 245-9795

59th FAPT Conference

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