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Wake County Public School System Academically Gifted Program PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wake County Public School System Academically Gifted Program. Beginning the Middle School Journey. The Academically Gifted Program seeks to:. Inspire the love of learning Foster high achievement capabilities Support individual interests of gifted learners

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Wake County Public School System Academically Gifted Program

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Wake County

Public School System

Academically Gifted Program

Beginning the

Middle School Journey

The Academically Gifted Programseeks to:

  • Inspire the love of learning

  • Foster high achievement capabilities

  • Support individual interests of gifted learners

  • Nurture highly able learners from all populations

Middle School is a time of change.

  • Students

  • Parents

  • School Experience

  • Academically Gifted Services

Middle School is a time of change

for students:

  • Physically

  • Emotionally

  • Intellectually

  • Socially

Middle School is a time of change

for parents:

  • Developing their evolving relationships with their adolescent

  • Supporting their child’s growing independence and responsibility

  • Interacting with a team of teachers

Middle School is a time of change

for thestudents’ school experience:

  • Subject area focus with core teachers

  • Class changes

  • Interaction with a larger number of highly-able students

  • Evolving special talents

  • Preparation for high school honors and AP courses

Middle School is a time of change

for Academically Gifted services:

Delivered through grouping and differentiation strategies within the regular education classroom

During the middle years, students change in the ways and degrees in which they express their academic abilities.

Grouping strategies within the regular classroom allow teachers to meet the changing needs of students.

Academically Gifted Services in the Middle School

In middle school, Academically Gifted students are served in their area(s) of identification according to the AG Plan 2007-2010 and as outlined on our school plan.

Service Delivery Options May Include

  • Appropriate classroom grouping strategies (English/Language Arts)

  • Grade-level course offerings (Mathematics)

  • Content differentiation

Content Differentiation May Include

  • Curriculum compacting

  • Differentiated instructional units/centers

  • Technology applications

  • Additional strategies

“The goal for gifted education is to nurture the fullest development of each learner’s personal, social-emotional, and academic potentials.”

WCPSS Academically Gifted Program Plan, 2007-2010

The Role of the MS AG Resource Teacher

  • Assist in the planning and implementation of differentiated curricula and instruction

  • Provide appropriate instructional materials

  • Facilitate school-level professional development in differentiation

  • Maintain and monitor AG Program confidential records and data

  • Consult with and support AG students as needed

  • Communicate with parents

The Academically Gifted teacher is also available to individual students, by appointment, to support their academic efforts.

In the fall of each year, parents of Academically Gifted students receive Differentiated Education Plans (DEPs) and Differentiated Course Plans (DCPs).

The Differentiated Education Plan DEP

  • Indicates level of need in identified area(s)

  • Reflects appropriate service delivery options

  • Documents the results of the annual review process assessing student performance

The Differentiated Course Plan DCP

  • Outlines annual instructional goals

  • Describes program content

  • Describes methods and procedures for determining that goals have been met

Monitoring Education and Course Plans

  • The three-year progression of service for each student is shown on a single DEP with multiple copies.

  • In the spring of each year, the School-Based Committee for Gifted Education evaluates the current performance of each student and adjusts the DEP as needed.

  • Parents will receive notice of any changes.

  • Parents will receive an updated copy of the DEP during the fall of each academic year.

Teachers use the information on the DEP and DCP(s) to plan for differentiated curricula and instructional practices for academically gifted students.

Effective strategies at the middle school level may include

  • Tiered activities and assignments

  • Varied questioning

  • Varied texts and materials

  • On-going formative assessments

  • Increased complexity and challenge

  • Projects and investigations

  • Technology applications

Classroom teachers may enhance instructional strategies through

  • Professional development opportunities, which include the Cruise to Excellence Differentiation series

  • Consultation and collaboration with the Academically Gifted Resource Teacher

We can all support the growth of students by:

  • Listening non-judgmentally and with empathy

  • Communicating clear expectations

  • Setting dependable, consistent limits with encouragement and support

  • Appreciating, acknowledging, and accepting different ways of thinking and doing

  • Providing opportunities to explore and utilize students’ differing gifts

  • Keeping a strong sense of humor!

The Team for

Student Success

AG Resource Teacher


Classroom Teachers


School Counselors and other professional staff

Central Services Academically Gifted staff


Additional Information is Available From

  • The AG Resource Teacher

  • School websites and newsletters

  • AG Parent Guide

  • WCPSS website

  • The AG Program Plan 2007-2010

Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Visit

  • Ask Questions

  • Partner with your child

  • Enjoy the journey

What is a middle schooler?

I was asked one day

I knew what he was,

But what should I say?

He is noise and confusion.

He is silence that is deep.

He is sunshine and laughter,

Or a cloud that will weep.

He is swift as an arrow.

He is a waster of time.

He wants to be rich,

But cannot save a dime.

He is rude and nasty.

He is polite as can be.

He wants parental guidance,

But fights to be free.

He is aggressive and bossy.

He is timid and shy.

He knows all the answers.

But still will ask “why”.

He is awkward and clumsy.

He is graceful and poised.

He is ever changing,

But do not be annoyed.

What is a middle schooler?

I was asked one day.

He is the future unfolding,

So do not stand in the way.

(By: An eighth grade middle school student)


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