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E LK A T Security Engineering Ltd. Poland Activity Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E LK A T Security Engineering Ltd. Poland Activity Plan. Avi Arbili Regional Sales Director – Europe Cell:+972-(0) 52 – 3910006 Tel: +972-(0)3-5604744 Fax: +972-(0)3-5604745 [email protected] Military Grade Encryption Systems. Secure Lock 3G BBM.

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ELKAT Security Engineering Ltd.

Poland Activity Plan

Avi Arbili

Regional Sales Director – Europe

Cell:+972-(0) 52 – 3910006

Tel: +972-(0)3-5604744

Fax: +972-(0)3-5604745

[email protected]

Military Grade Encryption Systems

Secure Lock 3G BBM

Full security suite to your BBM chat

BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM PIN-to-PIN )

  • Only possible between BlackBerry devices

  • If permitted by departmental policy, users who know the PINs ofother users' BlackBerry device can use the PINs to directlyexchange data messages with the other devices across thewireless network (outside the normal e-mail process), thusbypassing the internal departmental e-mail servers and securityfilters

  • Addressed to a "PIN" instead of an e-mail address .

  • A "PIN" is a hardware address, similar to a computer network.

  • adapter's MAC address, and is unique to every BlackBerry device.

  • A "PIN" is not an authentication password nor is it a user

  • identifier. It is the method by which the BlackBerry device is

  • identified to the RIM relay for the purpose of finding the devicewithin the global wireless service providers' networks.

Sending/Receiving PIN-to-PIN Messages

How it is works!

In this case, a PIN-to-PIN message sent from a BlackBerry device is

forwarded to the RIM relay by the user's wireless service provider as in thecase of e-mail. However, for a PIN-to-PIN message, instead of going backthrough departmental e-mail servers, the relay identifies the destinationBlackBerry device by its PIN and forwards the message directly to thedestination user's wireless service provider (which may or may not be thesame provider as the originating user) for direct delivery to the destinationdevice.

PIN-to-PIN main security concern !!!

PIN-to-PIN is not suitable for exchanging sensitive messages:

Although PIN-to-PIN messages are encrypted using Triple-DES,the key used is a global cryptographic "key" that is common toevery BlackBerry device all over the world .

This means any BlackBerry device can potentially decrypt all

PIN-to-PIN messages sent by any other BlackBerry device, if themessages can be intercepted and the destination PIN spoofed .

Further, unfriendly third parties who know the key could

potentially use it to decrypt messages captured over the air .

PIN Address Vulnerability

A BlackBerry device that has been used for PIN messaging

should not be recycled for re-use. The reason is that the hard-coded PIN cannot be erased or modified, and therefore the PINdoes not follow a user to a new device. Even after memorywiping and reloading, the BlackBerry device still has the samePIN identity and will continue to receive PIN messagesaddressed to that PIN. This can expose unsuspecting users ofBlackBerry devices to potential information compromise in thefollowing ways :

A new owner of the recycled BlackBerry device could view PIN messagessent from a colleague of the previous owner who is unaware that themessage is now going to the wrong recipient (recall that the PIN is adevice ID, and not a user ID .

A message sent by the BlackBerry device's new owner contains a knownPIN credential which might be mistakenly accepted as being from theprevious owner )impersonation)

Secure Lock 3G BBM & Emails Encryption !!

  • Developed a new BBM application that provides high encryption

  • solution that use the existing PIN mechanism !!

  • Based on thefollowing encryption standard:

  • Keys exchange : Elliptic Curve 384 Bits (approved as equivalent to RSA 7680 Bits by the NSA


  • 2. Encryption : AES 256 (approved for protection TOP SECRET information by the NSA


Key features

  • Compatible Networks : WI-FI, 3G, GPRS, UMTS

  • Full support for worldwide roaming

  • Peer to peer communication

  • Communication via PIN messaging infrastructure

  • Address Book/Presence

  • Import contacts from Blackberry BBM address bookTree-based buddy-list

  • Add/Delete contact

  • Add contact authorization

  • Contact/own status: Do Not Disturb, Busy etc...

  • Messaging: Text messaging, Offline text messaging, Messaging history

  • File transfer