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LA Commons Upgrade of Website. ARB Team 01. Team Member. Remote Team Member. Herman Steiniger. Team Strength and Weakness. Operational View Strength – Client is engaged in project and being informed design ideas Weakness – Uncontrolled changes in scope causing rework in artifacts

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LA Commons Upgrade of Website

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La commons upgrade of website

  • LA Commons Upgrade of Website


Team 01

La commons upgrade of website

Team Member

Remote team member

Remote Team Member

Herman Steiniger

Team strength and weakness

Team Strength and Weakness

  • Operational View

    • Strength – Client is engaged in project and being informed design ideas

    • Weakness – Uncontrolled changes in scope causing rework in artifacts

  • Technical View

    • Strength – Became knowledgeable in using Wordpress and its plugins

    • Weakness – System design lacks in covering outlier cases

Overall project evaluation

Overall Project Evaluation

  • System design meets current Win Conditions

  • Majority of system has been prototyped

  • Some instability with constant the changes in win conditions

  • Need to start looking into how to train client in maintaining site

Acceptance test plan and cases

Acceptance Test Plan and Cases

Operational concept description huaiqi wang

Operational Concept DescriptionHuaiqi Wang

System objectives

System objectives

  • Create culture connections among neighbors in Los Angeles through the sharing of stories and creating temporary works of public arts

C onstraints


  • Staff working at LA Commons have limited knowledge about computer technology.

  • The website is written using WordPress.

Current processes

Current processes

System capabilities

System capabilities

  • Interactive Map: The map is used to integrate all neighborhoods in a map and is able to provide the users with a better navigation to browse all neighborhoods’ information on the website.

  • Community Arts Project Page: The page is aimed to provide information about past Community Arts’ projects. In addition, in the Community Arts Page, add additional links to direct this page to the related Community Arts’ project pages to make them connected.

  • Neighborhood Page Upgrade: Add a small gallery of community arts ’ arts work on the bottom-right page. Images from this small gallery direct users to the related neighborhood’s project page.

  • Social Network Share Function: Visitors can share upcoming events, art works and information of posted projects on their social network page.

  • Gallery of Art Works: Add a gallery tab on the main page’s navigation bar. Visitors can see the most wonderful photos selected from all Community Arts’ projects on this gallery page.

Level of services

Level of services

  • Scalability: System shall be able to expand as new documentations of future art programs will be added to the website. (About 10 art programs per year, 15-20 pictures per art program)

  • Downtime: Consistent and no more than four hours per month.




Requirement priority

WC_2697:Neighborhood Page

WC_2700: Interactive Map

WC_2699: Layout of Website

WC_2561: Community Arts Project Page

WC_2557: Gallery of Art Works

WC_2817: Community Arts Project Page


WC_2563: Social network sharing

Requirement Priority

Risk resolving

User Interface Mismatch/ Requirement Mismatch

Requirement Changes

Risk Resolving

Neighborhood page

Neighborhood Page

Interactive map

Interactive Map

Community arts project page

Community Arts Project Page

Gallery of art works

Gallery of Art Works

Community arts page upgrade

Community Arts Page Upgrade

Better layout of website

Better layout of website

System architecture

System Architecture

Yueheng Li

System context diagram

System Context Diagram

Artifacts information

Artifacts & Information



Deployment diagram

Deployment Diagram

Life cycle plan

Life Cycle Plan

Qihua Wu



Modification on estimations

Implementation After last ARB

Plans for 577b Construction, Transition, & Support (CTS)

Foundation Phase Rebaselining

Core CapabilityIteration

Full CapabilityIteration

Transition Iteration

M odification on estimations

Modification on estimations

There are little modification on estimations:

Code base estimation was largely correct

Modules remain unchanged even though implementation details were changed after several more Winwin negotiation sessions and client meetings.

Team members for 577B

La commons upgrade of website

Implementation After last ARB


La commons upgrade of website

Construction Interations Plan


Key documents for construction

As-built Operational Concept Description (OCD)

As-built System and Software Requirements Definition (SSRD)

As-built System and Software Architecture Description (SSAD)

As-built Rose Model Files (MDL)

As-built Feasibility Rationale Description (FRD)

Updated Risk Management Plans

Key Documents for Construction

La commons upgrade of website

Detailed Transition Iteration Plan


Key documents for transition

Transition Plan (including some Training planning)

User Manual

Transition readiness assessment

Key Documents for Transition

Key documents for support

Support Plan

Training materials (including tutorials and sample data)

Key Documents for Support

Feasibility evidence

Feasibility Evidence


Assessment approach

Assessment Approach

  • Research and select our NDI options

    • Website solution

    • Hosting solution

    • Gallery solution

    • Interactive map solution

    • Social media sharing solution

  • Setup Evaluation Criteria according to Win_Conditions

    • NDI/NCS Attributes

    • NDI/NCS Features

  • Use Evaluation Results Screen Matrix to do evaluation by 4 members in our team

  • Give Evaluation Summary for our evaluation on NDI

    • Which NDI we should pick to do implementation

Ndi ncs alternatives

NDI/NCS Alternatives

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation Criteria

NDI /NCS Attributes

NDI /NCS Features

Evaluation results screen matrix for ndi a ttributes example

Evaluation Results Screen Matrix for NDI Attributes (Example)

Ndi ncs evaluation analysis results

NDI/NCS evaluation & analysis results

  • After calculation and our analysis on positive and negative side of each NDI, we decide to use

    • BlueHost

    • WordPress

    • WOW Slider

    • NextGen Gallery

    • Leaflet Maps Marker

    • Add This

Business case

Business Case

  • Cost Analysis

    • Personnel effort

      • During CSCI 577a – 68H

      • During CSCI 577b – 111H

      • During operational phase (maintenance) – 78H / year

    • Hardware and software cost

      • Bluehost – $120 / year

      • Domain – $16.4 / year

  • Benefit Analysis (Time saved)

    • Search time of documents – 120 hrs / year

    • Maintenance time for uploading documents: 24 hrs / year

    • Marketing Time – 80 hrs / year

  • Return on Investment Analysis

    • LA Commons staff salary is $15/hr from mid 2013.

    • Assume 10% increase in salary in middle of each following year.

    • ROI = (Cumulative Benefit – Cumulative Cost) / Cumulative Cost

    • Result is shown in next page.

Roi analysis result

ROI Analysis Result



C1: As the evaluation and analysis of the NDI item. WordPress is selected as the main solution for the whole website. It is what the client currently uses, and therefore should be inherited. But the built-in functions for wordpress are limited.

R1: We can use WordPress plugins, such as “WOW Slider”, “NextGen Gallery”, “Leaflet Maps Marker” and “Add This” to solve the limitation.

C2: “WOW Slider” is currently our best solution for gallery to be shown in Community Arts Programming page. And “Leaflet Maps Marker” is the best solution for the interactive map. However we are still not sure whether to go with the free version or upgrade to the pro version of these two NCS.

R1: Keep Prototype with the gallery functions. Look deeper about what is added in the pro version. Talk to the client to see if they are willing to pay the subscription fee these two pro versions may need.

Transition plan

Transition Plan

Taizhi Li

Hw sw site preparation

HW/SW/Site Preparation

  • Hardware Preparation

    Client’s existing laptop is sufficient, and it can be a Apple Macintosh machine or a Windows machine.

  • Software Preparation

  • WordPress installed on laptop devices

  • WordPress plugins installation

    WOW Slider and NextGen Gallery installation on the WordPress

    MapPressEasy Google Maps and Leaflet Maps Marker installation on the WordPress

  • Add this and Share this installation on the WordPress

  • Site Preparation

  • Computer rooms for training

  • Computers with WordPress which contains required plugins

  • Backup computer for testing the website

Support environment

Support Environment

  • Noextrarequirementforthewebsite,

  • Justmentionedinpreparation

  • OperatingsystemcanbeMacintosh/Windows

Release strategy

Release Strategy

  • Perform unit test in a testing environment that hosts a version of the upgraded LA Commons website.

  • Set up the development environment on client environment to enable the scope for further development

  • Install required plugins on WordPress

  • Perform the testing on the client environment containing the final upgraded website

  • Test the website on different browsers

  • Provide the training to the client

Quality focal point

Quality Focal Point

Herman Steiniger

Traceability matrix

Traceability Matrix

Defects metrics

Defects Metrics

Defects per Phase

Component Breakdown

Technical debt

Technical Debt

  • Solved

  • Prototyped majority of win conditions

  • Remaining

  • Have not looked into maintainability of design

  • Not tested with actual complete set data

  • WordPress constrains future customization of system

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