Giant Pandas: The world s friendliest Bear

Giant Pandas: The world s friendliest Bear PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Giant Pandas: The world s friendliest Bear

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1. Megan Hughes, Roger Williams University, Science-Audet, [email protected] Giant Pandas: The world’s friendliest Bear!

2. Introduction Giant Pandas are loved by people everywhere. They are one of the most rarest members of the bear family. If you visit the mountains of China you will probably run into a Giant Panda, but if that’s too far of a trip try your local Zoo!

3. Internet Activities DIET What do Giant Panda’s Eat? What tree is most common in their diet? LINK LOCATION Where do Giant Panda’s come from? Where can you go to see a Panda for yourself? LINK CHARACTERISTICS What are the Giant Panda’s Physical (body) Characteristics? What color is their fur? How much does the average Giant Panda weigh? LINK

4. Conclusion/Extensions Now that you know a little information about our Panda friends, read the story Giant Panda’s By Gail Gibbons. Make sure to connect the information you just learned to the book. Answer the questions on the next slide.

5. What does extinction mean? Who was the first Giant Panda to be brought to the United states? What year was he brought here? Where do Giant Panda’s Live? What do they make their homes out of? What tree do Pandas eat?

6. My Giant Panda’s Name is: ______

7. For more information visit… The Wild Ones Wild Zoo Photo Album Animal Bytes History of the Giant Panda Bear All about Pandas!

8. Label the body parts of your Giant Panda Bear!

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10. Resources

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