technical and business communication
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Technical and Business Communication

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Technical and Business Communication - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technical and Business Communication. EEE – Modules 1-6 English for Master Studies.

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technical and business communication

Technical and Business Communication

EEE – Modules 1-6

English for Master Studies

Professional technical/business communication is essential to the success of any corporation/company dealing with electrical engineering. This could include writing memos, reports, or proposals. Any corporation, even small businesses, can benefit from professional and technical communication.
  • There are many aspects and different forms of technical and business communication. Every document must be reviewed for legal implications, because any and all written documents in a business environment can be used in court. For all documents, use professional language and tone. When writing any document, it is important to pay attention to your audience and consider their background when writing. Two criteria for solid communication involves the ability to persuade and to be usable in business writing.
  • When writing specific documents such as memos, reports, or workplace e-mails, it is important to consider these points. Efficiency in the technical and business setting is of extreme importance and it all begins with communication. Wasting time in communicating is ultimately wasting money in today\'s society.
  • The accuracy of any work is extremely important, especially if it is something that is intended to be truthful or obtain a position of interest; like a resume. If an employer or anyone associated with the employer (audience) finds out that you lied or exaggerated on anything you severely risk not obtaining or even losing your job. It is in everyone’s best interest to be completely truthful when compiling any form of business document.
audience intended vs unintended
Audience: Intended vs. Unintended
  • Every document that is created is normally crafted to someone specifically. This someone would be your intended audience, for your writing style, and content will be tailored to their appeal. In many situations, however, an unintended audience could come into play. This could be anyone that you never expected to see your document, such as a boss or co-worker. For example, if you send an email to a co-worker talking about the company that you work for, or even your peers, the co-worker is your intended audience. Although, if your boss were to come across this document, he or she would be the unintended audience and there could be severe repercussions if the email was not crafted with other people in mind.
All aspects of your business documents should take into consideration everyone that could potentially read it. By ensuring this, you will save yourself and even possibly save your job. The worst case scenario could be that your document\'s unitended audience is the people in a court of law.
Overall, one must always consider who will be reading or witnessing their documents. With the business world becoming more and more global, it is increasingly important to understand how to communicate with a foreign audience as well. Something that might not be offensive to you, could easily be offensive to someone from another culture. No one will make decisions in your favor if they feel that you deliberately offended them. This could all be caused because your communication was lacking, and you weren\'t properly considering your audience.
different types of business communication
Different Types of Business Communication
  • Communication in business varies from task to task. Here is a list of just some of the different documents that can come up in the business setting:
  • -Proposals
  • -Reports
  • -Feasibility studies
  • -E-mail
  • -Résumés
  • -Cover letters
  • Memos (Memorandums)