Beyond the gym class career opportunities in physical health education
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Beyond the Gym Class: Career Opportunities in Physical & Health Education PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Beyond the Gym Class: Career Opportunities in Physical & Health Education. Chapter 21. Outline. Diversity of University PHE Programs Career Opportunities for University PHE Graduates Enhancing Your Career Possibilities. Diversity of University PHE Programs. 1940-1970. NOW. PURPOSE

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Beyond the Gym Class: Career Opportunities in Physical & Health Education

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Beyond the Gym Class: Career Opportunities in Physical & Health Education

Chapter 21

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  • Diversity of University PHE Programs

  • Career Opportunities for University PHE Graduates

  • Enhancing Your Career Possibilities

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Diversity of University PHE Programs

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  • All deal with human movement + specialization


  • Many different areas (discussed later)

  • NAME

  • Diversification

  • To reflect diversification and fragmentation in PHE field

  • Does not always reflect specialization


  • Linked to science- or health-oriented programs, or alone


  • To train teachers


  • Elementary and secondary school Phys.Ed. Teacher

  • NAME

  • Physical Education


  • Linked to athletics

  • Evolution in diversity of knowledge and its application to PHE

  • Developments in related areas: exercise physiology, sports psychology, sports sociology, motor learning, etc.

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PHE Name Diversification


38 PHE-related programs

  • 45% Other Name:

  • Kinesiology

  • Human Kinetics

  • Kinathropology

  • Exercise Sciences

  • Human Biology

55% PHE

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Career Opportunities for University PHE Graduates

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Teaching Careers

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  • Teacher certification (Ontario):

    • Undergraduate degree (B.A., B.P.H.E.)

    • Followed by a Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.)

  • 1980’s

    • 50% PHE graduates

  • 1990’s

    • 10-20% PHE graduates

      • Competition

      • Reduced hiring

  • Present

    • Again reversed

      • More opportunities

      • Older teachers retiring

      • Rise in number of school age children

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Health and Science Related Careers

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  • Medical doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist, podiatrist, athletic therapist, etc.

  • Require further study after completion of PHE undergraduate program

  • PHE uniquely prepares graduates for these areas:

    • Opportunities in the curriculum

      • Anatomy, physiology, sports medicine, community health, etc.

    • Practical interpersonal and client/patient relationship skill-development opportunities

  • Currently expanding areas:

    • Health promotion and research organizations

    • Marketing of exercise and sports-related protective and corrective equipment

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Fitness Related Careers

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  • 1990’s career choice for increasing number of PHE graduates

  • Fitness assessment, instruction, and programming

    • Fitness clubs, community centres, YMCA’s, employee fitness facilities in large corporations

    • General population

    • Special populations

    • Masters athletes or executives

  • Fitness administration and sales

    • Sports equipment sales

    • Sports equipment manufacturing and distribution

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Sports and Recreation Administration Related Careers

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  • Amateur sport administration

  • Administration and marketing with professional and semi-professional and junior sports teams and organizations

  • Facilities management

  • Sports camp administration and intramural administration in universities and colleges

  • Recreation and leisure

    • Community recreation organizations

    • Non-traditional areas for recreation (e.g., outdoor adventure)

    • Hotel/tourist industry and local tourism, camping, and recreation promotion

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Coaching Related Careers

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  • Young and elite athletes

  • Particularly those sports with large club bases

    • Figure skating, swimming, gymnastics, track-and-field

    • Squash and tennis

  • In the education system

    • Full time physical education teachers

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Exercise Sciences Related Careers

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  • Masters and/or Doctoral (Ph.D.) post-graduate education

    • 2-6 years beyond undergraduate education

  • Employment opportunities:

    • University professors

    • Researchers or laboratory technicians

    • Community health promotion and research with private or public organizations or as independent consultants

    • Community college instructors

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Other Related Careers

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  • Although not directly related to PHE, still tend to attract PHE graduates

  • Require further training beyond PHE degree

  • PHE offers opportunities to develop physical and interpersonal skills required in these areas

    • Police officers, fire fighters, and ambulance attendants

    • Sales and marketing

      • Insurance, pharmaceutical, and textbook sales industry

    • Computer software design, law, translation, and various entrepreneurial endeavours

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Enhancing Your Career Possibilities

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  • Having an appropriate university degree is only one of many often necessary attributes

  • Need to gain as much work and practical experience as possible

    • Volunteer work, summer or part-time employment, university CO-OP experiences

    • Should be closely related to future career goal

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The Diversification of Physical Education Career Opportunities

  • Reflects:

    • Diversification of the physical and health education discipline

    • Changes in the physical patterns and needs of Canadians

      • Increased integration of fitness and leisure into business and private lifestyles

      • Increased awareness of fitness benefits

  • Expanding career opportunities for PHE students indicates a bright future for those pursuing PHE studies

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