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Fire drills
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Fire Drills . Stephanie Perry SPPA 680.

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Fire Drills

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Fire drills

Fire Drills

Stephanie Perry

SPPA 680

Fire drills

This social story was developed for Danny. Danny is a 5th grade student with cognitive functioning within normal limits and he is fully included in a mainstream classroom. He is able to communicate using verbal language. He is able to read very well and enjoys reading. Danny struggles with unexpected changes in his schedule and becomes easily disregulated and upset when the schedule is interrupted. Fire drills have always been a challenge for him. When the bell rings and the teacher instructs the students to line up, Danny usual drops and begins to tantrum.

Danny loves Spongebob!

Fire drills

Spongebob’s Fire Drill Safety

Fire drills

During a fire drill, we practice safe ways to exit the building in case of a fire.

Fire drills are surprise practice and it is ok if it is not on our schedule.

Fire drills are important to keep us safe if there is a fire.

Fire drills

When we have fire drills, the fire alarm will ring to let us know we need to safely and quietly leave the building with our teacher.

The alarm may be loud. It is important that the alarm is loud so we can all ______ it.

Fire drills

There is no fire in the building.

We are only practicing in case there is a real fire and we need to leave the building quickly.

Fire drills

When we hear the fire alarm, the teacher will tell us to line up at the door.

We have to line up quickly and safely. It is okay if you do not like your place in line but it is important to stay in your place in line.

Fire drills

After we line up, we will walk through the hallway quickly and safely.

There may be many other children and adults in the hallway. This is okay. We need to stay with our teacher.

Fire drills

We will walk outside with the teacher. When we are outside it is important to ____ with the teacher.

The teacher will say each student’s name to make sure they are out of the building. When the teacher says my name I will say “here”.

Fire drills

Some students may not like to be outside with so many people. This is okay. When the fire drill is over, we will follow the teacher back to the classroom.

When we walk to the classroom we need to stay with the teacher and walk quietly.

Fire drills

When we get to the classroom, we sit in our seat and wait for the teacher.

The fire drill is finished.

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