EUMEDIS Focal Points Meeting
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EUMEDIS Focal Points Meeting Brussels, 20-21 January 2000 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EUMEDIS Focal Points Meeting Brussels, 20-21 January 2000 Pilot projects for Euro-Mediteranean Electronic Commerce Dr. Paul Desruelle - European Commission DG Information Society Unit C3 “ Electronic Commerce” [email protected] Contents:. IST Key Action II

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EUMEDIS Focal Points Meeting Brussels, 20-21 January 2000

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EUMEDIS Focal Points Meeting

Brussels, 20-21 January 2000

Pilot projects for Euro-MediteraneanElectronic Commerce

Dr. Paul Desruelle - European Commission DG Information Society Unit C3 “Electronic [email protected]


  • IST Key Action II

  • EUMEDIS Pilot Projects in Euro- Mediterranean Electronic Commerce

  • For more information

The Global Information Society

A World in Transition

Powerful processing

- Moore’s law continues

- 1 billion transistors chips

Intelligent software

- distributed

- learning

- self-organising

- multimedia

New and enhanced

- products

- services

- organisations

- work







Universal networked infrastructure

- open (internet-based)

- powerful (broadband)

- ubiquitous

- pluralistic (cable, satellite, mobile)

- integrated

- evolving

New ways to work, play,

do business, govern



& infrastructures

convergence to the

“Single Digital Space”:

commodity computing

value & wealth

for people &


IST Key Action IINew Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce

Research networking

0.161 BEURO

KA1: Systems and services for the citizen

0.646 BEURO

KA2: New methods of work and electronic commerce

0.547 BEURO

KA3: Multimedia content and tools

0.564 BEURO

KA4: Essential technologies and infrastructures

1.363 BEURO

Future and emerging technologies

0.319 BEURO

Key Action II

New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce


To develop Information Society technologies and policy to enable European workers and organisations to increase their competitiveness in the Global Information Society, whilst at the same time improving the quality of the individuals’ working life, and consumer confidence

Build on European Strengths

  • Mobile communications

  • Smart cards

  • Electronic payments

  • Digital television

  • Enterprise software

  • Digital local access

  • Multicultural and multilingual society

  • SME networks

  • World class education system

  • World leader in international trade

  • World leader in key user industries

  • (automotive, pharmaceutical, aeronautics, …)

Information Society

New Economic Perspectives



  • Complex organisation/simple jobs

  • Assets: tangible

  • Vision:‘efficient organisations’

  • Setting:

    • certainty, little change

    • tangible resources

    • the law of scarcity

    • mass markets

    • simple products &


  • Complex jobs/simple organisation

  • Assets: tangible + intangible

  • Vision:‘learning organisations’

  • Setting:

    • uncertainty, highly dynamic

    • intangible resources

    • the law of abundancy

    • customer focus

    • value-added products

      & processes


The Information SocietyNew Terminology








smart products




portfolio careers

dynamic processes

& markets




e-business communities, economic webs, value networks

Virtual Organisation

Internetworked Organisations


Smart Organisations

The inter-organisational view

Business environment in which clusters of internetworked organisations collaborate around a particular technology and make use of a common architecture to deliver independent elements of value that grows with the number of participating organisations






- new organisational forms

- competitive business

- customer integration

-collaborating organisations: business interactions perspective

- technological building blocks

(e-commerce technologies)

- infrastructures

- interoperability

- holistic product view

- product life-cycle

- value-network integration

-commercial collaborations: mediation & brokerage

the product



the individuals



- skills

- workspaces

- roles: worker, consumer, citizen

- collaborating individuals

The Digital EconomyPerspectives

the technology perspective


IST WorkprogrammeComplementary Activities





Take up

Concerted Actions

IST Key Action II

New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce

Focus of Work

New Ways of WorkingUnit C1-a society of skilled individualsPeter Johnston

The Smart OrganisationUnit C2-competing in the digital economyRosalie Zobel

Electronic CommerceUnit C3-enhanced products, services & market Bror Salmelin


Trust and ConfidenceUnit C4-the enabling technological buildingMichel Royblocks and infrastructure

Unit C1: New Methods of Work

The individual's perspective: to increase individual and team effectiveness, the quality of working life and the range of work/employment opportunities for all social groups in all regions through development of user-friendly IS technologies and new methods to organise work, and promotion of best practice in their use. The unit will also support consumer and citizen rights in work and electronic commerce

  • New work methods for individuals and teams

  • Innovative workplaces

  • Integration of roles of worker, consumer, citizen

  • Employable, skilled and creative people

  • Close links to related policy

Builds on work in ACTS Teleworking & Esprit TBP and IiM

Unit C3: Electronic Commerce

To keep Europe at the forefront of the global digital economy via facilitating innovation, creating value in the electronic market place and co-operation with leading edge organisations.

  • New paradigms in value networks and dynamic markets

  • Radically new systems approach for electronic business

  • New forms of mediation & brokerage

  • Digitally enhanced products and services

  • People-oriented electronic business

  • Close links to related policy

Builds on work in Esprit IiM, MMS, TBP, ACTS, & e-commerce

Projects should be test solutions which are likely to leverage

- the creation of joint ventures or economic partnerships between companies and/or,

- the development of a Euro-Mediterranean electronic market of both products and services.

- the specific local economic resources of the Mediterranean regions in view of matching local offer with the demand of a larger Euro-Mediterranean market.


Projects may also include pilot outsourcing solutions (based on telework systems)

Pilot Projects inEuro-Mediterranean Electronic-commerce (1/3)

Pilot projects should help prepare & facilitate:

- Direct marketing

- Distribution

- Business-to-business relations

in various sectors (e.g. chemicals, tourism, textile, food, etc.)

Involvement of major economic actors and market intermediaries of the region is expected (e.g. Custom authorities, Industry federations, Bank Federations, Chambers of Commerce, Investment promotion agencies, etc.)

Pilot Projects inEuro-Mediterranean Electronic-commerce (2/3)

Pilot projects should ensure e-commerce intermediaries the usage of open and interoperable systems.

Projects should ensure sustainability with specific reference to transport and logistics

Specific attention to be given to the visibility and user-friendliness of proposed solutions

Pilot Projects inEuro-Mediterranean Electronic-commerce (3/3)

IST Key Action II

New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce

  • EUMEDIS Contact Persons*

  • IST Key Action II: Teresa de-Martino

  • E-commerce Pilot Projects: Paul Desruelle & Teresa de Martino

  • Technologies for Industries Pilot Projects: Jesus Villasante and Michel Roy

  • * e-mail address: first name.last [email protected]

Innovation in technologies and business models: participate to pilot and R&D projects of the Information Society Technologies Programme


European Commission and Electronic Commerce: legislation, business information, projects, background, etc.



 Email: [email protected]

350 projects (2nd edition - March 1999)

Book on Accelerating Electronic Commerce in Europe

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