Tx class am580
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TX Class: AM580. Purchasing Rules and Regulations www.utsa.edu/purchasing. Purchasing and Distribution Services Department. Purchasing Buyers Paul Duke, ext. 4064 Julie Gohlke, ext. 5076 Amanda Alvarado, ext. 4598 Patty Burrier, ext. 4062 Sandra Calderon, ext. 8680

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TX Class: AM580

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Tx class am580

TX Class: AM580

Purchasing Rules and Regulations


Purchasing and distribution services department

Purchasing and Distribution Services Department

  • Purchasing Buyers

    • Paul Duke, ext. 4064

    • Julie Gohlke, ext. 5076

    • Amanda Alvarado, ext. 4598

    • Patty Burrier, ext. 4062

    • Sandra Calderon, ext. 8680

    • Mariano Alaniz, ext. 5077

  • Director

    • Robert Dickens

  • Assistant Director of Purchasing

    • Lane Brinson

  • Contracts

    • Richard Wollney, ext. 4069

    • Nancy Wood, ext. 4899

    • Anthony Sanchez, ext. 4680

    • Frank Grijalva, ext. 4975

  • Purchasing Business Analyst

    • Yvette Medina, ext. 4974

Organizational chart

Organizational Chart

Course objectives


  • Discuss and evaluate Purchasing Rules

    • Examine compliance in relation to Purchasing

    • Outline HUB requirements from the state and university

    • Evaluate Ethics in regards to self and working with vendors

    • Review Spending Thresholds for procurement

  • Breakdown and demonstrate various Procurement Methods

  • Differentiate and discuss Small vs. Highdollar procurement

  • Demonstrate the uses of the UTSA Supplier Mall and Purchasing website

Purchasing terms

Purchasing Terms

  • Requisition – A request to purchase goods or services

  • Quotation – Obtaining a price for a good or service

  • Purchase Order – A formal agreement to purchase based on an offer to sell

  • Informal Bid – Low value, low risk procurement conducted through informal methods

  • Formal Bid – High value, high risk procurement conducted utilizing formal purchasing methods

  • Receiving Report – A report informing appropriate parties of goods received by the University

  • Invoice – A request for payment for goods or services which were delivered

  • Category Code - A code describing a commodity or a group of commodities pertaining to goods classification.

    • UNSPSC 8 digit codes

Purchas ing rules

Purchasing rules

Compliance state and utsa purchasing

Compliance (State and UTSA Purchasing)

  • Section 51.9335, Education Code definition of “Best Value“

  • The Board of Regents' Rules and Regulations

  • UTSA's HUB (Historically Underutilized Businesses) policies

  • To Standards of Ethical Conduct

  • All Applicable Laws, Rules, and Regulations

Historically underutilized business hub program

Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program

  • What is the purpose of the HUB Program?

  • What classifies a HUB?

  • Why are HUB’s Important to UTSA?

  • HUB Program Events

    • Quarterly Newsletter

    • HUB Awards Ceremony (November)

    • Vendor Fair (March/April)

Historically underutilized business hub

Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)

UTSA HUB Program Contact:

Cynthia Davis

Email: cynthia.davis@utsa.edu

Phone: 458-6551

Website: www.utsa.edu/hub

Procurement ethics

Procurement ETHICS

  • Ethics of self and university

    • Tax Payer

    • Impropriety

  • Ethics with vendors

    • No Special Consideration

    • Equal Opportunity

  • Further information of U.T. System Ethics Policies and Guidelines is available on UT systems web site.

Procurement spending thresholds

Procurement Spending Thresholds

Mini quiz

Mini Quiz

  • UTSA employees should avoid acts that are _______ or give the ______ of impropriety.

    • A. improper, appearance

    • B. good, idea

  • For orders over $5,000.00, how many HUBs should be given an opportunity to bid?

    • A. 2

    • B. 3

  • Name an objective of this course.

  • Name a Buyer in the Purchasing office.

Procurement methods

Procurement methods

Procurement methods1

Procurement Methods

  • Best Value

  • Competitive Bid

  • Request for Proposal (RFP)

  • Group Purchases

  • Sole Source

  • Emergency Purchase

  • Exempt Purchases

Best value procurement


  • Best value- optimum combination of economy and quality through specifications of its end user and the University.

  • House Bill 1545

  • The university uses an evaluation criteria other than price alone to determine Best Value.

Competitive bidding


  • What is competitive bidding?

  • Why compete goods and services?

  • Restrictions to Competitive Bidding:

    • Set Specifications

    • Limited Ability to Negotiate

Request for proposal rfp


  • What is a RFP?

  • When do I need a RFP?

  • What is the process of a RFP procurement?

Group purchases


  • What is a group purchase?

  • Types of Group Purchases

    • Group Cooperatives

    • State Contracts

  • Link to Group Purchasing Organizations

    • www.utsa.edu/purchasing/suppmall/index.cfm

Mini quiz1

Mini Quiz

  • What is a benefit of using a Group Purchasing Cooperative?

    • A. Deeper Discount

    • B. No bidding required

    • C. All of the above

  • What is the definition of Best Value?

  • Name two Group Purchasing Organizations.

  • When is a RFP required?

Sole source


  • A Sole Source is defined as having availability from ONLY one source.

  • Sole Source can only be used when:

    • Sole Manufacturer – NO distributors or retailers

    • Sole Brand – to avoid warranty issues

Emergency purchases

Emergency Purchases

  • Purchase of good(s) or service(s) so badly needed that UTSA will suffer financial or operational damage unless secured immediately

  • Require written justification approved by Purchasing with Signature Authority

    • The reason for the emergency

    • The  financial or operational damage/risk possible to the University

    • Why standard procedures could not be used to obtain the products/services

    • The reason and process used for selecting the vendor

Exempt purchases

Exempt Purchases

  • Exemption is given to specific commodities and services

  • Exempt purchases do not require a competitive procurement process

  • Exempt purchases do not need a sole source justification

  • For a full listing of Exempt commodities and services, visit the Purchasing website.

Mini quiz2

Mini Quiz

  • When do you use a Sole Source?

  • When is an Emergency Purchase necessary?

  • Name a method to purchase by.

  • Which of the following is not an example of an Exempt Purchase?

    • A. Purchase of hotel rooms

    • B. Purchase of a microscope

    • C. all are exempt

Purchase requisition peoplesoft requisition

Purchase RequisitionPeopleSoft Requisition

Small dollar requisition

Small Dollar Requisition

  • “Small Dollar” or Low Risk / Low Value

  • Department authorized and approved

  • Informal purchasing process

  • Requires quote(s) from vendor(s)

  • HUB participation is strongly encouraged

  • Utilization of Sustainability Vendors and Products

  • Orders under or equal to $5000 may be processed by the department and should not be sent to purchasing.

Small dollar requisition process

Small Dollar Requisition Process

  • Requisitions will be generated in UTShare PeopleSoft

  • Interim Approval process beginning May 13th

    • UTShare SharePoint Requisition Request form

  • UTShare PeopleSoft Workflow will sequenced in between Oct. and December of 2014.

    • Electronic routing of documents for approval.

Small dollar exceptions

Small Dollar – EXCEPTIONS

  • Orders containing the following commodities should be submitted to purchasing for processing:

  • Processing small dollar exceptions using UTShare PeopleSoft

    • Follow the instructions listed on Purchasing with UTShare PeopleSoft (www.utsa.edu/purchasing/PS_Purch_Forms.cfm).

High large dollar requisition

High/Large Dollar Requisition

  • Initiates the Purchasing Process

  • Representative of High Risk or High Value Purchases

  • Can range in cost from $0.01 to $???

  • Routes to Purchasing

High dollar requisition process

High Dollar Requisition process

Orders over $25,000

  • Purchasing involvement required

  • Requires solicitation of HUB vendors

  • Pricing obtained by formal procurement

Orders $5,000 - $25,000

  • Purchasing involvement required

  • Requires solicitation of HUB vendors

  • Pricing obtained by informal procurement

Purchasing website and additional purchasing information

Purchasing Websiteand Additional Purchasing Information

Utsa supplier mall

UTSA Supplier Mall

  • Purchasing Resource

  • Contracts with volume discounted pricing

  • Efficient ordering method

  • Emphases on HUB presence

  • Purchases can be made by Purchase Order or Procard (as applicable).

What s in the utsa supplier mall

What's in the UTSA Supplier Mall??

  • Find contract information for Preferred Suppliers in the following commodities:

    • Office Supplies

    • Printer Purchases (HP, Dell, Lexmark)

    • Cylinder Gas

    • Moving/Relocation Services

    • Scientific Supplies

    • Technology Supplies

    • And more!!

  • Visit: www.utsa.edu/suppliermall for further information or contact your departmental buyer.

  • Utshare peoplesoft purchasing resources

    UTShare PeopleSoft purchasing resources

    • Interim Processes

      • Requisition Approvals

    • New Procurement Procedures

      • Purchase Order Corrections

      • Radio Active Orders

      • Return to Vendor Process

    • PeopleSoft Training Information

    • User Productivity Kits (UPK’s)

    Additional purchasing information

    Additional Purchasing Information


    • NEVER sign contracts or agreements

      • Only the President can delegate authority to sign contracts

    • OGC (Office of General Counsel) provides sample contracts

    • Departments should submit all purchasing contracts to the Purchasing Department

      Construction, Renovations & Facilities

    • Any proposed construction and/or renovations are to be routed through UTSA Facility Services via a work order

    • Facility Services will determine the best way to procure the renovations

      Information Technology

    • Any request for hardware or software should be coordinated through Information Technology. Visit the OIT website for Computer Standards.

    Mini quiz3

    Mini Quiz

    • Name a type of “commodity” that should be submitted to Purchasing, regardless of the dollar value.

    • Who are the ONLY delegated authorized signers of university contracts?

    • In the UTSA Supplier Mall, which of the following are preferred contracts?

      • A. Printer Purchases

      • B. Office Supplier

      • C. Temporary Employment Services

      • D. All of the above

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