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A Seminar On Virtual Keyboard. www.powerpointpresentationon.blogspot.com. Introduction. VKB has no physical support Virtual Keyboard for traditional sized keyboards Used when our Normal Keyboards fails VKB also used for finger tracking VKB also known as ZERO FORM FACTOR INTERFACE.

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Virtual Keyboard



  • VKB has no physical support

  • Virtual Keyboard for traditional sized keyboards

  • Used when our Normal Keyboards fails

  • VKB also used for finger tracking


An On-screen Keyboard

  • Powerful tool

  • Type right away

  • Use different Templates

  • Used to send messages to windows

  • Float on desktop

  • Used for urgent texts

Virtual Keyboard v/s Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard v/s Virtual Keyboard

  • Different Layouts

  • Mobility

  • Red Laser Diode v/s IR Diode

  • Different size and shape


  • Easy-to-use

  • Novel interaction metaphors

  • Combination instead of exclusion

  • Formal Evaluation

  • Combination with real objects


  • Virtual Laser Keyboard

    • Uses infrared and Laser Technology

    • On any flat surface

  • Bluetooth VKB

    • Stand-alone accessory

    • Can be connected through Bluetooth

    • Full Connectivity

Virtual Laser Keyboard

Virtual Laser Keyboard

  • It uses the power of Laser

  • Detection at receiver

  • Provides QWERTY Keyboard

  • Convenient to use

  • No mechanical movements

  • Self-contained rechageable Battery

  • Internal Power supply

Virtual Laser Keyboard Features

  • Easily typing e-mails and messages

  • Can be used with PDA’s , and other devices

  • It studies the finger movements

  • Uses Flash Laser diodes

  • In size of a small cellular phone(90*34*24mm)

  • Disappears completely when not in use

Bluetooth VKB

Bluetooth VKB internally

Bluetooth VKB

  • Before using your virtual Keyboard

    • Ensure that you remove all protection materials including protection sheet or laser windows

    • It needs charging for 2 hrs

Switching On

General Handling Instruction

  • Micro-switch

  • The device is equipped with a micro-switch which disables the Virtual Keyboard lasers when the device is picked up. This is a safety measure.

  • Do not attempt to override this micro-switch.

General Maintenance

  • Avoid touching the keyboard sensing receiver window.

  • Never touch the keyboard projection element.

  • Avoid exposing the keyboard to moisture or extreme temperatures.

  • Do not disassemble or try to touch the inside of the device.

  • Do not attempt to charge the device with a different charger than the one provided by VKB.

  • If the windows become dirty, clean only with a soft, lint free dry cloth.

  • Do not use any solvents or cleaners.

Where Can we use It?!

  • · Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's)

  • · Cellular Telephones

  • · Laptops (MAC compatible)

  • · Tablet PCs

  • · Space saving Computers

  • · Clean Rooms

  • · Industrial Environments

  • · Test Equipment

  • · Medical Environments


  • Problem

    My keyboard is connected, but

    little or no keys are being


  • Possible cause

    The detection sensitivity is too low.

  • Corrective action

    Raise the detection sensitivity setting and try again.

  • Problem

    When typing, multiple and/or

    erroneous keys are displayed in

    addition to those I have pressed.

  • Possible cause

    The detection sensitivity setting is too high.

  • Corrective action

    Lower the detection sensitivity setting and try again.

  • Problem

    My computer doesn’t accept the authentication of my keyboard

    while pairing

  • Possible cause

    Device is not entering matched passkey to

    request authentication check

  • Corrective action

    Re-start pair device to re-enter the matched passkey.

  • Problem

    My keyboard is turned on but no

    image appears.

    Possible cause

    Device is not charged

    Corrective action

    Charge device

    Possible cause

    Device is overheated

    Corrective action

    Move device to a cooler location and wait a few minutes

  • Problem

    After first connection keyboard

    does not re-connect.

    Possible cause

    Your PC is not setup to accept incoming


  • Problem

    “Bluetooth” does not appear as

    option in Connections list

  • Possible cause

    Your Windows PC does not have Bluetooth or

    it has not been activated.

  • Corrective action

    Install or turn on Bluetooth on your PC



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